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Pros and cons of federalism



The Story of the Filipino: Filipino Aspirations
Published on Jul 18, 2018

The recent Pulse Asia survey listed down the top concerns of Filipinos which include poverty reduction, job creation, and fighting criminality.

A week before the President’s State of the Nation Address, we listen to ordinary Filipinos who share their aspirations - longing for a more comfortable life and a better nation.

DOCUMENT: Final version of Consultative Committee draft constitution
The Consultative Committee released the final version of its draft constitution on Tuesday, July 17.
The major changes are the transitory provisions in Article 22 which now includes a section that explicitly prohibits the incumbent president, Duterte, from running in the May 2022 elections, the first regular elections under the new constitution if it is ratified.
It also calls for the election of a Transition President and Vice President, another change in the draft constitution that Duterte wanted.

Look also

What's in Consultative Committee's new transitory provisions
by Pia Ranada July 17, 2018
The Con-Com's modified transitory provisions ban President Rodrigo Duterte from reelection, call for the election of a new Transitory President, and expand the membership of the powerful Transition Commission.

Deleted articles? Official Gazette says entire website down
July 13, 2018

The Official Gazette denies it ever deleted content posted by previous administrations, saying articles are not accessible because the entire website remains down.
Netizens have taken to Facebook to claim that Official Gazette entries about a speech of the late president Corazon Aquino and articles about the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos have been deleted.

Also we, AboutPhilippines says very often Official Gazette website is not accessible for important old articles

The new normal
by Jayeel Cornelio January 23, 2018

Silence is the desire of a dictatorial state that pretends to be democratic. It hides behind the tyranny of opinion, the popularity of a charismatic figure, and the spirit of unyielding legalism.

"AboutPhilippines" recommend to read this article, because so it is in our beloved country now!

Is China our new America?
LIST: No to corruption? Duterte's controversial reappointees
by Pia Ranada June 11, 2018

Zero tolerance for corruption? Rappler finds that President Duterte has reappointed, promoted, or retained in a different capacity 16 government officials accused of corruption or misuse of public funds.

Coming together
by Vergel O. Santos April 07, 2018

Why the divisions between us when one fight clearly overtops all others? Is there any doubt our nation has begun its descent into authoritarianism?

"AboutPhilippines" recommend to read this article, because so it is in our beloved country now!

Support Free and Fearless Journalism

When Power insists, “you’re either with us or against us,” the space for a diversity of voices and ideas shrinks.
When hate and anger are weaponized, it creates a spiral of silence.
When critical questions are simplistically equated with an anti-government agenda, it requires courage to hold decision-makers accountable.


Defend press freedom

The SEC’s kill order revoking Rappler’s license to operate is the first of its kind in history – both for the Commission and for Philippine media.


SEC closure order vs Rappler a move toward dictatorship - activists
by Raisa Serafica January 16, 2018

'Closing down Rappler means one less independent media through which environmental advocates can stand up to the oligarchs and corporations that seem to run the Duterte government’s agenda nowadays', a group says.


A dangerous place
by Vergel O. Santos December 23, 2017

The Philippines is actually one of the world's most dangerous places not just for journalists but for its very own people.
The international organization Reporters Without Borders has rated the Philippines as the most dangerous place for journalists in Asia and among:

the 5 most dangerous in the world

Look also

Attacks against - Killings of:
Officials, Media journalists - reporters, Environmental activists - Etc.

Newsbreak Yearender2017: The year of declines
December 17, 2017

The year 2017 has been a period of decline in many ways – we saw the decline of peace, human rights and respect for human life, check and balance, democracy, independence and sovereignty.

Is the government prepared for Boracay's closure?
by Aika Rey April 08, 2018
The labor department says it can only hire 5,000 of the 17,000 workers to be affected by the closure

IMPORTANT read all links in the article about:

The Philippine tourism industry is scrambling to manage the fallout from the temporary shutdown of its world-famous Boracay island, which has thrown into chaos trips planned by hundreds of thousands of tourists.

Look MUCH MORE HERE and also

Boracay and the Duterte way
by Teddy Casiño May 01, 2018
The Boracay closure follows the familiar pattern of Duterte's approach to addressing complex crisis situations. The approach relies heavily on police and military action, and projects Duterte as a tough, no-nonsense leader.

Boracay: From pristine island to fragile paradise
by Sofia Tomacruz AM, April 26, 2018
Despite counting itself among the best islands of the world, Boracay has struggled to keep up with its fame. A look at its history shows warning signs at least a decade-old.

Duterte signs proclamation placing 3 barangays in Boracay under state of calamity
by Pia Ranada April 26, 2018
3. UPDATE Malacañang has yet to issue an Executive Order on the closure of Boracay, even after the island has been shut down to tourists

Despite no public written order, Boracay is now closed
by Aika Rey April 26, 2018 - with Video
This comes after President Rodrigo Duterte 'verbally' ordered the island's closure, saying Boracay has become a 'cesspool'

FACT CHECK: Old, unsourced photo used in Boracay cleanup story
April 25, 2018
A blog post on the current garbage situation in Boracay uses a stock photo taken in 2012 without putting a caption or naming the source

WATCH: No clear gov't plans 2 days ahead of Boracay closure
April 24, 2018 - with Video
How will business owners, big and small alike, deal with the tourist hotspot's closure?

Is the DOT’s media restriction in Boracay constitutional?
by Lian Buan April 16, 2018
Legal experts say there will be a solid case if media groups choose to challenge the restriction in court

LIST: New Boracay rules during 6-month closure
by Rambo Talabong April 12, 2018
DILG Assistant Secretary Densing III releases a rough list of rules that the government considers for residents, tourists, foreigners, and journalists

Philippines eyes limiting Boracay tourists after 6-month closure
by Paterno Esmaquel II April 11, 2018
Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo says tourists who would be bumped off by a daily cap can stay in nearby Caticlan while waiting for slots in Boracay

FACT CHECK: Is Duterte right that Boracay is agricultural land?
by Sofia Tomacruz April 10, 2018
A 2006 proclamation signed by then president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo classified Boracay Island as forestland and agricultural land

an the Video in the album "Boracay Island":

Boracay in chaos as shutdown looms

The Philippine Flag - Evolution - Flag days, National Symbols - Etc.

go to overview

How to sing PH national anthem, and display symbols in proposed flag code
by Mara Cepeda June 30, 2017

A House bill sets tougher penalties for improper singing of 'Lupang Hinirang,' as well as incorrect usage of the Philippine flag and other national symbols.


The Philippine Flag - Evolution - Flag days - Etc.

with e.g. these sub-albums and videos:

Evolution of the Philippine Flag

What Philippine Flag Days mean

Where to find Philippines' first flag

Look also the article HERE

The Flag Days: May 28 to June 12

On May 28, 1898, the Philippine flag was first unfurled after the Philippine Revolutionary Army defeated Spanish forces in the Battle at Alapan, Imus, Cavite. The national flag was yet to be formally announced on the day of that battle. It was formally presented to the people on June 12, 1898.

The History of the Philippine Flag

download - look the poster in full size

Look also The History of the Philippine Flag

The Evolution of the Philippine Flag

RA 8491, Flag and Heraldic Code of the Philippines

FAST FACTS: Philippine flag misconceptions and other trivia
by/Mary Gleefer Jalea June 11, 2016

May 28 to June 12 mark the Flag Days in the Philippines. How much do you know about the country's national flag?

All kind of Flags used of Government, Provinces, islands, towns etc.
National symbols of the Philippines National symbols of the Philippines
The National Historical Commission of the Philippines calls shoe brand out for using Philippine flag on sneakers
July 18, 2018

The red, blue, yellow and white sneaker doesn't only use elements of the flag. The shoe tongue is practically a replica of the flag.

Disrespect for the flag

PH flag used as shade from summer heat
by Mary Joy Quimpo May 27, 2017
This is not the first time an incident involving disrespect for the flag has gone viral.

For those who aren’t familiar with the law regarding the proper display of the flag, here’s a quick list of some of the do’s and don’ts.

Look also

Why should we respect the PH Flag?
by Jonnel Gozo May 28, 2017
According to the curator of the Aguinaldo Shrine, it's important to revisit the history of the flag and be reminded of how our heroes fought for our independence.

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Official Gazette

the official journal of the Republic of the Philippines.
Commonwealth Act No. 638, “An Act to provide for the uniform publication and distribution of the Official Gazette,” was passed by the Third Session of the Second National Assembly on May 22, 1941, and subsequently approved by President Manuel L. Quezon on June 10, 1941.

Look also

Presidential Communications Group or simply the Communications Group
a collective name for the newly formed offices within the Office of the President of the Philippines and refers to the following positions and offices: the Presidential Spokesman and the Presidential Communications Office (formerly the Office of the Press Secretary).

Malacañan Palace

Malacañang Palace, or officially, Malacañan Palace, is the official residence of the President of the Philippines

look MUCH more about the palace HERE

and look also about the official residence of the President of the Philippines in the Visayas HERE

Defend Speech & Press Freedom - Etc.!
Netizens terrified or trusting of martial law in Mindanao
by Rappler Social Media Team May 24, 2017
Social media erupts after the Philippine government announces that President Rodrigo Duterte has declared martial law in Mindanao.
Showbiz for ugly people? How Filipino politics is one big soap opera
By Staff Writers January 25, 2017

Ever wondered why politics in the Philippines is so melodramatic? Or how any Filipino who gets even remotely famous ends up in public office? Here Anna Cristina Pertierra of Western Sydney University discusses how the country proves the old adage that “politics is show business for ugly people”....


2016: Change is here
Dec 30, 2016

Watch Rappler's 2016 yearender video
Do you agree that ‘change is here?’
July 26, 2017
Change, the key promise of President Rodrigo Duterte in 2016, remains elusive to many, but others concede things have invariably been altered. For better, or for worse?


Intro about:

The Philippines

Geography, Politics, History, Culture, Economy, History, Colonial Influence

Remark this is an album in the album "Intro about & Impression of the Philippines"

The Roman Catholic Church in the Philippine Culture

Liturgy, Communions, Music - Songs – Hymns

Santo Niño de Cebú, Basilica del St. Niño and Sinulog St. Niño de Cebu, Filipino Saints, Patrons, Patronesses, Blesseds and Servants of God, Orders, Monasteries, Abbeys etc.

The Philippines Culture of The Philippines

history, people, clothing, traditions, women, beliefs, food, customs, family

"AboutPhilippines": this article is one of the best, we have seen - look also

The Philippines

by/Ronald E. Dolan, ed. Philippines: A Country Study.

Various aspects of Philippine culture:
history, peoples, dances, myths and folktales, cuisine, politics, music, songs, heroes

Many good informations also about the culture, wedding, languages, dresses and the whole life in the Philippines

Familism and personalism

Familism and personalism

Like other social formations of traditional Asia and Europe, Filipino society has, in the post-Cold War era, moved from being a predominantly agricultural society to a modern one.

Human Rights in Philippines - Authorities, Organizations, Etc.

No to Sharia Law

Equality Rights for Man, Woman and Children

Death in 'El Dorado'
by Kyungmin Bae January 29, 2017

'It is hoped that the Philippine government takes Jee's murder case seriously and ensures security for other Koreans in the Philippines.

Important to read also for other nationalities!

Look also HERE


Transparency International-Philippines (TI-PH)

established in August 26, 1995
Our Mission: To prevent and counter corruption at all levels by promoting transparency, accountability and integrity across all sectors of society.

Remark this is an album in the album "Etc. Organizations working in the Philippines"

Look also "Corruption Perceptions Index 2014" HERE This year's index includes 175 countries and territories. Philippines is #85 (#1 very clean to #175 highly corrupt)

Understanding Persons of Philippine Origin
Philippines Anthem - Lupang Hinirang - Chosen Land

history, text, music-notes, videos in Tagalog, Cebuano, English and many more languages


Some of the best videos we have seen:

Impressions of the Philippines
Look the description of the video HERE
The Philippines - Asia's Rising Tiger
The Philippines Documentary Jul 18, 2014
Feb 24, 2017
Diverse in culture, in heritage, in history - and we are ONE. We are everything as we are everyone. We are this land's people as we are the land itself. WE ARE THE PHILIPPINES.


Remark these are albums in the album "A paradise of 7107 islands"

Only in the Philippines

These sceneries, food, people, events, can only be found in the Philippines
And again - One more of the best videos we have seen:

The Philippines : Islands Of Mystery>

The Philippines : Islands Of Mystery is dedicated to all casualties and victims of typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) that hit the central Philippines on 8th Nov 2013. Nov 16, 2013

Remark: the real start about the Philippines is 1.43 minutes after the videos starts
Fun Facts about the Philippines


Philippine/Pinoy Food Tourism advertisement

Remark this is an album in the in the album "DOT - More fun in the Philippines"

Look MUCH more HERE

Social Weather Stations - SWS

is a public opinion polling body in the Philippines. It is a private, independent, non-partisan, non-profit scientific institute in the Philippines which conducts social surveys and does survey-based social science research and other educational activities.

Look also HERE and SWS: PH hunger rate drops

The Philippine Center for Population and Development
Commission on Population

look also HERE

The Philippines Illustrated

A Visitors Guide & Fact Book, by Graham Winter


Do you need a greater understanding of who the Filipino is?

Get Real Philippines Book 1 is one such guide.

PIA Information Services

(Can be slowly to load and sometimes down)

The problem with our tax system and how it affects us
by JC Punongbayan January 21, 2017

Not only do our taxes disproportionately burden the poor and benefit the rich, but they also yield too little revenue given the distortions they create. Needless to say, both problems need to be resolved soon....

Tax after death
by Edward G. Gialogo November 04, 2017

Usually, the heirs realize the need to pay the estate tax after years or even decades have passed from a person's death.
Among the taxes in the Philippines, estate tax is probably the most ignored.

Family planning & Birth Control Policy in the Philippines
Turn a Child-Sex Tourist Into an Ex-Tourist

If you see anything that makes you uneasy or raises your suspicions you must call the authorities. They will carefully investigate the situation and act if a crime is being committed.

CALL (+632) 911

Remark The 911 emergency number have replaced 117

Look Turn a Child-Sex Tourist Into an Ex-Tourist HERE

Look advices HERE


PROTECTION against & STOP: Human Trafficking, Sex tourism, Prostitution & Pornography in Philippines

LIST: 2017 Philippine Holidays

Malacañang has released the list of holidays for 2017.
It was released for public dissemination on Thursday, August 18.

Look also

Proclamation No. 50, s. 2016
Signed on August 16, 2016

Info Philippines with good links
FAST FACTS: The Philippines' role in the United Nations
by/Gerard Lim October 24, 2015

October 24 is United Nations Day. Take a look at the country's participation in this prestigious organization.

Citizenship - Residence permission - Visa - Passport

IMPORTANT: Look also the above 2 Links

go to overview

Visas, Permits Immigration for Foreigners in the Philippines
If you will not be relocating to the Philippines and wish to stay in the Philippines longer than 21 days you will most likely be required to obtain a non-immigrant (temporary) visa. Generally non-immigrant visas are issued for travel to the Philippines for a specific purpose and for a set duration. Aliens entering the Philippines may qualify for the following visa categories:

Aliens admitted as nonimmigrants cannot remain in the Philippines permanently. To obtain permanent admission, a nonimmigrant alien must depart voluntarily to some foreign country and procure from the appropriate Philippine consul the proper visa and thereafter undergo examination by the officers of the Bureau of Immigration at a Philippine port of entry for determination of his admissibility in accordance with the requirements.

Tourist Visa Extension Philippines

Treaty Investor Philippines

Provisional Permit to Work Philippines

Employment Working Visa (9G) Philippines

Alien Employment Permit (AEP) Philippines

Retirement Visa (SRRV) Philippines

Special Visas for Foreigners allowing 100% Condo Ownership Philippines

Non Quota Visa - 13A Philippines

Special Visa for Employment Generation (SVEG) Philippines
Guidelines and Requirements for Applying for Filipino Citizenship Reacquisition Under Republic Act 9225
Philippine Citizenship

Look also Dual Citizenship
It´s possible for Filipino to hold dual citizenship or more than one citizenship at the same time.

A Primer on the Citizenship Retention and Re-acquisition Act of 2003 - 3rd edition

Crossing The Edge Of Allegiance
Joel P. Salud discusses what one risks in dual citizenship

Re-Entry Permit, Special Return and Emigration Clearance Certificates

Under R.A. 6768, a former Filipino citizen and his/her spouse and children traveling with him/her are entitled to visa-free entry to the Philippines for a period of one (1) year.


Bureau of Immigration of Philippines - BI

also with important informations for tourists

Look also the Videos

Know about the program and services of Bureau of Immigration in the Philippines, from processing to legal matters with BI Commissioner Ricardo David and BI-Spokeperson & Intelligence Chief Atty. Ma. Antonette Mangrobang


Look also:

District and Field Offices - Visa Fees and Taxes

also with important informations for tourists

Emigration Clearance Certificate, ECC
The passport had a stamp saying visitors whose total stay in the country is more than 6 months are required to get an ECC.


Immigration Administrative Circular No. SBM-2013-007


The public shall be denied access to the bureau if they fail to observe the Dress Code Policy


Both articles are in 1 pdf file



The 13(A) Visa applies to the spouse or the unmarried child under 21 years of age of a Philippine citizen, if accompanying or following to join such citizen.

The 13(G) Visa applies to a former Filipino who is returning to the Philippines for permanent residence, including his/her foreign spouse and minor children.

Remark this is an album in the album "Official Personal Papers e.g. Passport, Cerfiticates, Etc"

IMPORTANT: look much more information HERE and HERE


Ultimate Visa Corporation

Offices in Cebu City, Makati City and Angeles City. Fast & Reliable Visa assistance services at REASONABLE rates for: Tourist Visa, Fiancee Visa, Spousal Visa, Student Visa, Immigration Visa. To most countries in the World.

Remark this is in the album "Visa" in the album "Official Personal Papers e.g. Passport, Cerfiticates, Etc"


and many more informations about retirement in the Philippines

Scalabrini Migration Center (SMC)
4, 13th Street, New Manila

1112 Quezon City

Manila Economic and Cultural Office

Visa & Consular services


Moving to the Philippines

Sorry, but we don´t have all the links mentioned in the video. If you have a link to that homepage please send it in a MAIL

Remark this is an album in the album "Official Personal Papers e.g. Passport, Cerfiticates, Etc"

Look also the below section About "Have a "Stay" or "Live & Retire"

Department of Foreign Affairs of Philippines (DFA)

Look also HERE

Important - read also HERE about

How to Get a Philippine Passport in the Philippines



Philippine Passport & Philippine ePassport

Passport Application Process
Mar 24, 2018

E-passport, may bagong disenyo, 20 July 2015

E-passport gets new look, more security features,
Jul 20, 2015

Philippine ePassport Application Procedures

Live Demonstration of ePassport, 20 July 2015

Philippine ePassport step x step

Ten Practical Tips... for your ePassport

Remark this is an album in the album "Official Personal Papers e.g. Passport, Cerfiticates, Etc"

PH to issue new 'high-security' passports at 'faster' pace
August 14, 2016

Palace Communications Secretary Martin Andanar says the new printing system for Philippine passports increases production speed by 35%.
Starting August 15, is set to issue new passports with added security features HIGH SECURITY. Added security features have been placed, such as the upgraded security feature of the microchip to capture the personal data of the applicant.

Look also

the Video - Remark this is an album in the above album in the album "Official Personal Papers e.g. Passport, Cerfiticates, Etc"


Since July 2007, the Philippine Passport is a MRP - Machine Readable Passport.


look also HERE and Philippines passport requirements

First-time issuance of passport for children born abroad to Filipino parent/s
Renewal of expired passport
Amendment of passport
Replacement for tampered or damaged passport
Replacement for lost passport

Passport requirements for children


The Department of Foreign Affairs Officer of Consular Affairs (DFA-OCA) launched the PASSPORT TRACKING SERVICE (PTS) to provide updates to the public on the status of their passport applications.

After typing and encoding the information required, applicants will receive a response to their PTS queries through SMS message or e-mail within two working days upon receipt of such online request.

To prevent child trafficking, Republic Act 7610:


Look the Video Against Child trafficking - Republic Act 7610

The DFA Express Passport Delivery service
Philippine Telephone Passport Express

(We have no experience with that, if you have, please tell us)


How to find out if you have a damaged passport
Mar 18, 2014

MANILA - How do you know if you have a damaged passport? According to Foreign Affairs Assistant Secretary Fred Santos, a damaged passport would include one that has a ripped cover, detached pages or has gone through a washing machine.

Remark this is an album in the sub-album "Official Personal Papers e.g. Passport, Cerfiticates, Etc"

Embassies - Consulates etc. in and for the Philippines

Affidavit of Support/Letter of Invitation

go to overview

Official link is missing. If you know an official link, please SEND a MAIL

Embassy of the Holy See (Apostolic Nunciature) in the Philippines

H. E. Archbishop Antonio Franco
Apostolic Nuncio
2140 Taft Avenue
Manila City 1004 Philippines
Tel. No.: (2) 521 0307
Fax No.: (2) 521 1235

Look "Apostolic Nunciature in PH" by/Reynaldo Santos Jr. Jan 15, 2015
The Apostolic Nunciature is home to Vatican City's representative – or nuncio
Most countries establish embassies in other countries for diplomatic purposes. But the Vatican City, for its part, installs an apostolic nunciature in select countries.

Look also HERE

Visa Information System (VIS)

allows Schengen States to exchange visa data. It consists of a central IT system and of a communication infrastructure that links this central system to national systems. VIS connects consulates in non-EU countries and all external border crossing points of Schengen States.

Look also

EU VIS and biometrics factsheet

Visa application guide: Getting a Schengen visa from the Italian embassy in PH
by Ligaya Solera February 05, 2017
Dreaming of a trip to Europe? Start planning it now – starting with your Schengen visa application

Embassy WorldWide
Schengen Visa

The Schengen Agreement is a treaty signed between states in Europe. Visa to one of the states is valid to all members of Schengen Agreement

Look also Schengen Information System - Terms about Schengen with links and advices

British Embassy Manila

Look also the article and video A UK visa is just five steps away
by/Rappler.com September 28, 2015
UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) launched a new video aimed at first time visitors to the UK.
The video is a further example of the improvements to the visa service to make it quicker and easier for Filipino visitors to apply for a UK visa




by contact - information and help about:

Possibilities for foreign nationals to reside in Denmark (visa)
How to apply for family reunification in Denmark
Family reunification for spouses e.g.
Family reunification for children
Family reunification with other family members


Don´t date a DANE, because here in 2017 it´s nearly impossible to get a foreign spouse comming from outside DENMARK to live with a DANE in DENMARK!

Look also: Registration of danes in Philippines recommended for tourists


Det Filippinske Konsulat, Copenhagen, Denmark
Visum ansøgningsvejledning Requirements for visa application
Visa applicationform/Ansøgningsskema
Authentication legalization services

Look also "Philippine Consulate in Copenhagen, Denmark" HERE (English)

Look also "Consulate of The Philippines in Aarhus, Denmark" HERE (English)

Embassy of Norway in the Philippines

Netherlands Embassy in Manila
The Austrian Representations

Cebu, Davao and Manila

Embassy of the United States in Manila
I was denied a U.S. visa, and it's very personal
by Lian Buan April 14, 2018

The embassy officer told me I could reapply if and when my 'circumstances change.' What circumstance has to change before we beat colonial presumptions and call ourselves worthy to travel this world freely?

AboutPhilippines says: IMPORTANT to read

U.S. could ask visa applicants for social media passwords
by Agence France-Presse February 08, 2017

US homeland security wants tougher visa screening procedures including the right to look into an applicant's social media account.

Embassy of Canada in the Philippines
Australian Embassy, Manila
Embassy of Japan Embassy of Japan in the Philippines
Embassy of the Republic of Singapore
The official Representative of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in the Philippines

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in the Philippines

Philippine Embassy in Vatican, the Holy See Vatican City
Mercedes Arrastia Tuason, Ambassador
Via Paolo VI, 29
00193 Rome
Holy See (Vatican City)

Look more on page 148 in the document

Philippine Embassy, Norway

Jurisdiction for: Sweden, Norway, Denmark & Iceland

Look also Facebook

Philippine Embassy, Madrid, Spain
Philippine Embassy, The Hague, The Netherlands
Philippine Embassy Berne, Switzerland

also for Liechtenstein

Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines

Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines

Vienna, Austria

Philippine Embassy - Canberra, Australia

Look all the consular offices in Australia HERE

Embassy of the Philippines, Washington DC, USA
1600 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington, DC 20036
Philippine Embassy - Tokyo, Japan
The official Philippine representative in Taiwan

The MECO, exercising delegated functions.

Embassy of the Philippines in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Philippine Embassy - Kuwait


The Philippine Embassy in Amman, Jordan


Nessecary for visits of Philippine citizens in many countries e.g. Schengen - The host has to fill up and send such to the invited person

Look the form as doc HERE or as document template file (dot) HERE

Paperwork - Registrations - Certificates - Licenses - Etc.

IMPORTANT: Look also about nessecary certificates, requirements - etc.:


Wedding, Marriage, Divorce, Annulment of marriage in Philippines and - or to a Filipino - Filipina

Health - etc.


Remark most of the videos in this section are albums in the album "Official Personal Papers e.g. Passport, Cerfiticates, Etc"

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Lawmakers push for national ID system to reduce red tape
by Mara Cepeda July 18, 2016

The Philippines is one of the few countries in the world without a national identification system, says a proponent

Look also HERE and

Nothing to be afraid of? Other countries use their national IDs in countless ways
by Loreben Tuquero June 15, 2018
While proponents of a national ID system in the Philippines argue it will improve government services, examples from other countries show the many uses of a national ID beyond government functions.

NCCP opposes National ID system: No More IDs, please
by Samantha Bagayas June 08, 2018
The National Council of Churches in the Philippines urges lawmakers to ‘be more attuned to responding to the people’s needs'

Past attempts at a national ID system: A battleground of privacy, executive power
by Cesar Garcia June 07, 2018
The national ID system has gone through a lot of growing pains on its way to the desk of President Rodrigo Duterte.

What you need to know about the proposed national ID system
by Jodesz Gavilan June 07, 2018

Proponents say the Philippine Identification System (PhilSys) can help improve the delivery of government services but experts worry about its implications on privacy.

'Record history' puts cloud of doubt on proposed national ID system

Privacy experts warn that maintaining a record history in what could otherwise be a beneficial identification system
may pave the way for 'dataveillance'

Need documents from gov’t? Post office ‘Zip Lane’ is waiting
December 09, 2017

The ‘Zip Lane,’ based in Philippine Postal Corporation stations, can accept requests for and print NBI, SSS, PhilHealth, POEA documents in less than an hour.

How to Apply for UMID Card (Unified Multi-Purpose ID Card)
March 25, 2015

UMID stands for the Unified Multi-Purpose ID card that will serve as the single ID card of all SSS, GSIS, PhilHealth and Pag-IBIG members.

Look also HERE and the Videos

Confused about PH gov't services? There's now an app for that
by Shaira Panela August 30, 2016

Out of confusion and frustration over the basics of government services, a 21-year-old political science graduate develops a mobile app that aims to help people access these services

Look also the Video

Notary Public

How to Get a Document Notarized in the Philippines

Look also Notary Public

and the Video


You can now apply for NBI clearance online
Mar 30, 2015

The registration and appointment system for the NBI clearance will all be done online nationwide. Applicants may accomplish the application form at www.doj.gov.ph/nbi

Look also the Video

"NBI clearances - payment kiosk system"

MANDALUYONG CITY, Owie Haplasca, executive officer of the EDP division of the National Bureau of Investigation, explains how applications for the NBI clearance will become fully automated. NBI clearances are required for individuals seeking employment locally or abroad.

Philippine Center on Transnational Crime - PCTC

The PCTC address the requirement of putting strong and intensified focus against transnational organized crime in the course of the government’s anti-crime campaign.
The Executive Director, PCTC; the Chief, PNP; and the heads of other concerned government agencies shall undertake close coordination and cooperation to insure synergy in the over-all anti-transnational crime campaign.


Professional Regulation Commission (PRC)

"How to Change Your PRC Registered Name after Marriage"

by/Zero MD - Jan 22, 2014

For Filipino Female Professionals registered at the Professional Regulation Commission changing their registered name after getting married can be a chore. Find out how you can have a hassle-free time at the PRC. The Professional Regulation Commission is the Philippine governing body for certifying individuals as professionals in the various working groups. Renewal of PRC licenses can be done at SM Malls nowadays which makes it easy. However for women who recently got married, changing the status and registered name is a big hassle.

Look the full description of the video HERE

Top 28 Valid ID's Required in the Philippines

Are you familiar with "NO ID, NO ENTRY' signs? Did you experience refusal from a Money Changer or from a "Kwarta Padala" institutions when you want to receive money from someone but you have no valid ID. Whether your a student, an employee, or an average Pinoy, a valid ID - Identification Card is always required when transacting business, accessing public/private institutions or opening bank accounts. So here's a list of the Top 28 Valid ID's required in the Philippines

Philippines BIR Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) card
Having a Philippines BIR Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) card can be advantageous when dealing with Filipino government officials and most financial institutions. A TIN card is handy, even if you do not pay taxes in the Philippines

Important: Look more informations HERE



"Former" National Statistics Office (NSO) now PSA

Look about the possibility to get help from NSO

Look also HERE


NSO Birth Certificate Delivery - Remark videos both in English and Tagalog in the album

Have your NSO Certificates in just 2-4 days. Call NSO Birth Certificate Delivery (02) 737-1111 now! Available 24/7. Nationwide coverage.

Visit the facebook http://www.facebook.com/citizenservices


Civil registry: Update blank entries in birth certificate

The Manila Civil Registry reminds everyone to be alert in fixing their documents such as birth certificates.

Aug 31, 2014

Citizen Services

Need a Birth Certificate? Want a Passport - Seaman's Book - Visa or ??? Citizen Services allows for convenient access to various government services from the DFA, NSO and POEA

Many good informations and more links

MasterCitizen's Blog

A blogsite where the common citizen can find facts and guides.

Barangay Clearance or Certificate of Residency

one the Philippine government issued identification documents needed for many important business, job, or personal transactions. You might need it for the following reasons:

Barangay Clearance is required when you apply a job/employment.
It's one of the documents required when you apply or open a bank account.
It's required for business establishment.
It's required for other business or financial transactions such as lending, loan or financing.
It's required mainly to certify that you are living or residing in a certain barangay.
And it's required for any other important transactions...


Driver License

New designs for driver's license cards out in August 2015
Ipinasilip ng LTO ang bagong disenyo ng drivers license card na i-isyu simula sa Agosto. Inaasahan ng ahensya na mapupunan ng bagong supplier ang higit sa kalahating milyong hindi pa nabibigyan ng bagong lisensya. Jul 8, 2015

Look also:

LTO rolls out drivers' licenses valid for 5 years
by Aika Rey August 29, 2017
The entire application process for the new driver's license cards takes about 5 minutes, the transportation secretary says.

Duterte signs laws extending passport, driver's license validity
by Pia Ranada August 02, 2017
The law extending driver's license validity also imposes stricter measures on the issuance of licenses to ensure only deserving applicants get them. Look RA 10930


example of the old design front - rear

LTO Driver's License and NBI Clearance Renewal

article and examples about renewal of driver´s license for Filipino citizens abroad read HERE and HERE

Remark: Foreigners may drive for 120 days with an International Driving License, IDL or a valid license from countries reciprocating with the Philippines. After which a Philippine Drivers License is required and may be obtained at the Land Transportation office, LTO. ALSO important informations for non US citizens, who stay more than 90 days in Philippine. look ref. HERE

LTO Driver's License and NBI Clearance Renewal
Look the article and examples as pdf HERE

Look also above HERE

Do you know how to apply for a driver's license?
by Aika Rey August 21, 2016
Here's how to properly apply for a driver's license in the Philippines and avoid 'fixers' that help breed corruption

Look also

A disappointing story about getting a PH driver's license
by Janessa Villamera July 30, 2017
Much has been said but has LTO really done anything about these?

Automation in licensing can help screen responsible drivers
April 21, 2017
Former LTO spokesperson Jason Salvador says removing the discretionary factor among employees screening applicants can help ensure that only those fit to drive are issued licenses.


Recovering a confiscated driver's license
February 08, 2018

Be careful what you wish for
Road safety advocate Vincent Lazatin finds himself on the receiving end of traffic enforcement – his driver's license gets confiscated!
Join Vincent as he takes us through the steps he took to retrieve his license from the Mandaluyong City Hall.

What to expect in LTO's practical driving exam
by Kimiko Sy August 24, 2017

To get a driver's license, applicants must pass both the written examination and the practical driving exam. The exam seeks to filter and guarantee responsible drivers on the road. Are the practical exams effective enough?
Applying for a license can take more or less one whole day. Applicants start with taking the written examination.


The Chancery Department of the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Manila is the Secretariat of the diocese. One of its functions is to receive documents and authorize changes and corrections in the registers of baptism, confirmation and marriage.

Philippine Legal Forms is the site to find the basic formats of standard and frequently used legal forms, contracts and agreements

All Philippine legal forms and contracts on this website are free for site visitors to copy and revise for single use.

International Organization for Migration  -  Philippines

Live - Retire in the Philippines

General - nessecary to know

IMPORTANT: Look also the above section Citizenship - Residence permission - Visa


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The Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA) & Bureau of Immigration (in the album Authorities)

on Expat Insights into how to come and make Philippines your home for life with the General Manager of the Philippines Retirement Authority, Mr. Vernie Atienza.

Look also HERE and

Special Resident Retiree's Visa

How Duterte endangers your retirement
by JC Punongbayan May 24, 2018

All in all, the yawning gaps of the country’s social pension system require bold, comprehensive, and forward-thinking solutions like universal social pension – not simplistic, superficial, and short-sighted ones like Duterte’s pension hike.

PhilHealth benefits for foreign retirees in PH starting July
June 16, 2017

This expansion of coverage is based on a memorandum of understanding signed by PhilHealth and the Philippine Retirement Authority in 2015 that aims to 'promote the country as a retirement haven for qualified foreigners'

Kevin Sanders is a pastor, blogger, husband, and caffeine addict. He spent 11 years as a missionary in the Philippines before returning to America with Mare Cris, his wife. This includes videos on the Philippines with advice for e.g expats and other topics. Look more HERE

Aboutphilippines.ph recommend to look all the good advices for expats

Department of Foreign Affairs of Philippines (DFA)


Planning for the big R: Retirement
by/Rienzie P. Biolena, RFP October 04, 2015

A financial expert explains the essentials of retirement planning and how inflation can make a big difference.

Making a New Life in The Philippines
by Angela Cato

The Philippines is a perfect location for anyone in search of a new home where the climate is great year-round and where people are friendly everywhere you go. The Filipinos living in the islands are a friendly group of people who are family oriented and very nice to newcomers.



Why did Jerry & Family from Hawaii, choose to retire in Cebu?
Jun 3, 2017
Retiring in PH: Pros and cons

For those who are planning their financial future after retirement, one of the important things to determine is where to live. May 30, 2015
How to prepare for retirement in PH

Registered financial planner Randell Tiongson shared effective ways to plan for retirement in the Philippines on ANC's On the Money with Edric Mendoza. Sep 22, 2015
Monthly costs of living in Cebu City

May 6, 2016 by/Christopher Lane
Monthly costs of living for April 2016 for a family of 3 living in Cebu City
Remark these are albums in the album "Daily life, shopping, work, retirement - Etc."

Clark Green City eyed as ‘retirement haven’ for foreigners
Rappler.com July 17, 2015
Urban planners are looking at an elevated portion of the land within the Clark Special Economic Zone as a place to develop a retirement village for foreigners.
An eco-friendly retirement community for foreigners will be one of main features of Clark Green City, the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) said in a statement.
Why Retiring in the Philippines is Your Best Choice
Senior Citizen Benefits and Person With Disability Privileges in the Philippines

Look the Benefits and Privileges as pdf

Filipino Elderly Week: How to take good care of the elderly



Look also Elderly Care - etc. in Philippines

The Foreign Service of the Philippines

Tax exemption privileges of filipinos who are permanent residents abroad and returning to the Philippines for good and former filipino citizens who have acquired citizenships of other countries and are returning to the Philippines to settle permanently.

Look also

Continue to Philippine Immigrant Visa Non Quota 13(G) or 13(A)

Returning Resident, Balikbayan Shipment

Understanding Filipino Body Language
Philippines - An Expatriate Guide
goILOILO.com Reality Check: the Philippines – a tropical paradise for the retiree?
How local can a Foreigner become How local can a Foreigner become in the Philippines?
Dress codes for foreigners A Discussion about Dress codes for foreigners living in the Philippines

Living and Working in the Philippines

Remark these are albums in the sub-album "Daily life, shopping, work, retirement - Etc."


Philippines Life

People in the Philippines going about their daily activities.



by/Global Coach Center


Living and Working in the Philippines

Chris Ducker wrote: I get asked what it like to live and work in the Philippines, all the time...! So I thought I'd shoot this quick clip to give you a bit of an insight. Hope you enjoy it.


Philippines Expat Survival Guide - www.expat-survival-guide.info


F.A.C. - Foreign Assistance Center Philippines

is the first in the Philippines of its sort. The F.A.C. provide all legal residing Foreigners, Retirees, Guests and Investors with their given Rights under the Philippine Laws specifically Immigration Law

Look more about F.A.C. HERE


Typical Philippines

Life in Province

The Pros and Cons of Retiring in the Philippines

By emievil

Living, Retiring, Traveling and Doing Business in the Philippines

is a non-profit, non-stock and tax-exempt non-government organization in the Philippines established in 1991. VF works for the welfare of marginalized migrants, especially those working in the invisible and informal sectors, like domestic workers, and trafficked women and children.

Look also the Video

Remark this is an album in the album "Etc. Organizations working in the Philippines"

The do's and don’ts of practical living
by/Adrianna Mejia October 07, 2015

Make practical choices everyday

goILOILO.com Crime against foreigners in the Philippines

many other good informations too about daily life in the Philippines in link on the site




Inheritance law of property - land - also about foreigners inheritance tax and law The Global Property Guide looks at inheritance from two angles: taxation, and what inheritance laws apply to foreigners leaving property in Philippines: what restrictions there are and whether making a will is advisable

Look also Landlord and Tenant

Philippine law is generally PRO-LANDLORD in the luxury segment but it is NEUTRAL as between landlord and tenant for the rest of the market.

Water supply and sanitation in the Philippines
National Transmission Corporation (TransCo)

is a Philippine government corporation created in 2001 by the Electric Power Industry Reform Act currently operating the nation's power grid. It assumed all of Napocor's substation and transmission assets.

The National Power Corporation

also known as the NPC or Napocor, is a state-owned company that serves as the largest provider and generator of electricity in the Philippines. It is also the principal power provider for Manila Electric, the only power distributor in the Metro Manila area.

The National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP)

is a private corporation that maintains and operates the power transmission network of the Philippines.

National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) have taken on a crucial mandate of bringing light to every Filipino home, energizing industries, and turning the country’s wheels of progress.

Cebeco II - Cebu II Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Meralco since 1903 has fueled the growth of the Philippines and its people. As a premier electric service distributor

Read also about Pay your Meralco bill online, Introduting the e-meralco bill

Philippine Standard Time, PST, also known as Philippine Time (PHT) and informally Juan Time, is the official name for the time in the Philippines.

Look also HERE and Republic Act No. 10535 , The Philippine Standard Time (PST) Act of 2013

Look also Filipino Time

Time Zone Converter - Time & Time Zone Conversion
World Time Zones

look list of time zones HERE

Climate - Weather - Climate change

this section can't stand alone, so look also

Met-forecast for the Philippines

Philippine typhoon & Weather watch

When are classes cancelled or suspended?

#ClimateActionPH - Energy sources - Etc.

Vulnerability to Nature, Environmental Disasters and Disaster preparedness

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Climate Justice

Aug 25, 2016 - Aired: April 2, 2016 - English subtitles
This video entitled ‘Climate Justice’ features ‘the fight of the Climate Justice activists to experience the real Climate Change.’

Climate change: Why PH should care
Aug 23, 2016

El Niño and La Niña will be made harder by the effects of climate change. Filipinos should understand that while they bear the brunt of the effects of climate change, they can also do something to mitigate it.

Look also Why it’s time to act on climate change
February 09, 2017

You can make a difference in the fight against climate change. Be informed and take a stand.
Climate change is here.

There are bigger battles outside the Paris Agreement
by Leon Dulce November 04, 2016

There are the bigger battles outside the Paris Agreement that need to be fought, as these are the ones winning the struggle against the global system that perpetuates climate injustice. Let these stories of struggles in the frontlines be at the core of the climate talks

WATCH: Advocates urge PH Senate to ratify Paris climate deal after Duterte nod
by Voltaire Tupaz November 07, 2016

Nearly 100 countries ratify or accept the landmark agreement that seeks to curb global warming, but the Philippines is not among them

COP 21 - Paris Agreement on climate change

The historic deal is signed on December 12 2015 in Paris

Philippine statement on adoption of Paris climate deal
by/Philippine Delegation to the UN climate change conference December 13, 2015
'Despite diversity and divergence, we have found common ground. The Paris Agreement is a monumental feat of humanity,' says head of Philippine delegation Emmanuel de Guzman

Look also

PH welcomes historic Paris Agreement – Palace
The Philippines also pledges to bring Filipinos together and engage them in building disaster-resilient communities, Communications Secretary Coloma says

Look the full text COP 21 - Paris Agreement on climate change
Duterte: Addressing global warming is top priority
by Jee Y. Geronimo UPDATED July 26, 2016
President Rodrigo Duterte says the fight against climate change 'must not stymie our industrialization'
Duterte, don’t get caught in the fog of global warming
by Rolly Calalang July 31, 2016
Duterte won't honor int'l pacts on carbon emissions
by Pia Ranada July 18, 2016
The Philippine president says he wants to kick an ambassador for asking if the Philippine government would honor its commitments to reduce greenhouse gases
"You are trying to stifle us in an agreement na ganito lang kayo (that you will stay this way)...That’s stupid. I will not honor that. Sabi niya (He said), you signed. That was not my signature," said the Philippine president
and the Videos

Duterte says 'no' to climate change pact

Senate won’t ratify Paris climate pact

Energy Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi defends Duterte's stand on Climate Change pact and vows to lower power rates.
8 reasons why PH should honor UN climate commitments
by Renee Juliene Karunungan July 19, 2016
'The whole world has started to recognize that environment and development go hand in hand. Why can't we?'
Environmental groups, advocates to Duterte: ‘Let us talk’
Raisa Serafica July 19, 2016
Environmental groups and advocates urge the president to look at the vital role the Philippines plays in the global climate pact

and the Video PH delegation on signing of historic COP21 deal. Dec 12, 2015 in the album COP 21


Vernice Victorio on Duterte's approach to climate change

What convinced Duterte to sign Paris climate pact REVISED:
Climate Change Vice-Chairperson Vernice Victorio explains what convinced President Rodrigo Duterte to sign the Paris climate pact

Look also the articles

Senate concurs in Paris climate deal ratification
by Camille Elemia March 14, 2017
UPDATED Voting 22-0, senators seal the Philippines' ratification of the landmark international agreement on climate change

Senate to OK Paris climate deal before March 18
by Camille Elemia
Senator Loren Legarda, who is set to sponsor the measure, is confident they have the numbers to concur with the ratification of the Paris climate deal.

Duterte signs Paris climate deal
by Pia Ranada
UPDATED The Office of the President submits the signed 'Instrument of Accession' to the Senate for concurrence on March 1


Philippines signed the Paris deal. What’s next?
July 13, 2016

Watch our interview with Christian Monsod.
A few months after the Philippines signed a global pact to mitigate climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, how is it making good on its promise?


Paris climate deal takes effect in PH, now what?
April 22, 2017

On Earth Day, April 22, 2017 we discussed what Filipinos can do beyond the ratification of the agreement that seeks to curb global warming.

Look the FULL description on the video

The power of truth: The U.S., Philippines, and the Paris Agreement
by Tony La Viña and Hannah Tablan August 15, 2017

Climate change is too big an issue for us to allow one country to hold the global community hostage and paralyzed in inaction.

Climate Change Commission - CCC

The Philippine Climate Change Commission is an independent and autonomous body that has the same status as a national agency and is attached to the Office of the President.

Look also the Videos

Philippine's Climate Change Commission, CCC Video - Teaser

CCC Commercial

Children and Youth Workshop on Climate Change - Pinoy + Youth + Power in a Changing Climate

4-Greeneration Challenge - Call for Youth-led Climate Change Initiatives

Remark this is an album in the album "Government Authorities - etc."

How reducing your waste can mitigate climate change
June 04, 2016

Your trash contributes to climate change. It’s time to clean up!
Think about all the items you dispose of every day: that styrofoam coffee cup, the leftover of the meal you had for lunch, the pile of used paper on your desk, and the plastic packaging or cardboard box that came with your newest gadget.

Look also How you can reduce your carbon footprint
by Krista Garcia July 23, 2016
Small but conscious changes in the way we eat, live, and work can help reduce our carbon emissions

How does food production contribute to climate change?
June 10, 2016

The agriculture sector accounts for the second biggest share of the country's greenhouse gas emissions, according to latest data. But addressing the problem is easier said than done

Poverty pushes young Filipino to fight for the environment
by/Fatima Reyes June 11, 2016

Arnel Alipao believes that more than being vulnerable in times of disasters, children are capable of helping society minimize the effects of climate change

Batanes: Facing the new normal of climate change
with video
March 01, 2017
For remote communities in Batanes, weathering typhoons is nothing new, but climate change threatens to uproot their homes and destroy their livelihoods. Watch this 360 video on how communities in Itbayat are facing their new normal.

Look also Beyond the postcards: Batanes and climate change
by Airah Cadiogan March 01, 2017
'We need to view Batanes in a different light: less glossy than in travel magazines yet less desperate than in weather reports; a real place where people affected by climate change live'


Philippines and Climate Change

A Climate Change Documentary by Senator Loren Legarda & Direk Brillante Mendoza

Climate-related disasters rising in PH: ADB
Typhoon "Yolanda", "Glenda", and even Habagat. All of these caused great effect in the country. According to the study made by Asian Development Bank, the climate-related disaster in the country continues to rise in number. Sep 2, 2014

ADAPTAYO - Our Nation's Call for Climate Change Adaptation
ADAPTAYO promotes courage, flexibility, strength, and resiliency among Filipinos amid the perils, dangers, and impact of climate change: droughts, typhoon, flooding, and extreme weather conditions

Look full description about ADAPTAYO

Pagasa - Mactan Chief Oscar Tabada on Climate Change
Pagasa-Mactan Chief Oscar Tabada discussed about hydro-meteorological hazards in the Philippines, weather forecasting, and facts about climate change with Sun.Star employees. Jai Sandoval/Sunnex Dec 20, 2013

National Publication of Lessons Learned on Climate Change Adaptation in Demonstration Projects

Sea level rise
Sea level rise and possibly cause extreme flood and storm surge. Apr 9, 2014

Look also the articles:

Global heat, sea level hit record highs in 2015
by afp August 02, 2016 y
The record heat that the planet experienced last year is driven partially by global warming, and is exacerbated by the ocean heating trend known as El Nino

1991 Pinatubo explosion slowed down sea level rise
by KD Suarez August 23, 2016
Sea level rise temporarily slowed down because of the massive 1991 explosion, but it is again speeding up, scientists say
The 1991 explosion of Mount Pinatubo in Zambales slowed down the gradual rise in sea levels due to global warming – and its effects are now waning, scientists said in a study. Look also HERE

Is the Philippines sinking?

"Waterworld", a documentary by Jay Taruc
A recent study commissioned by the government shows that up to 80% of the country will be underwater in 80 years. Are we prepared to live in a waterworld? Date aired: Oct. 18, 2014

Why rich countries need to talk about the Philippines
by/Renee Juliene Karunungan and Andreas Sieber, May 25, 2015

Will other G7 countries follow Germany's commitment to double climate finance for adaptation?

Look also Nature doesn't negotiate: Climate catastrophe is with us now
by/Kumi Naidoo Dec 17, 2014

'Understand that climate change is not a future threat to be negotiated but a clear and present danger that requires urgent action now'

Women and climate change: Vulnerable, but not helpless
by/ Kathryn Leuch March 13, 2016

Women's voices 'are indispensable in arriving at strategies and policies regarding adapting and mitigating impacts of climate change'


on Climate Change in the Philippines

Current Status of Climate Change
Mitigation and Adaptation
by/Philippines, Climate Change Commission

Look also Climate Change in the Philippines

A Contribution to the Country Environmental Analysis

Climate change in the Philippines

Climate Projections in 2020 and 2050 in provinces

How the climate change scenarios were developed
How were the downscaling techniques applied using the PRECIS model simulations or run?
How were uncertainties in the modeling simulations dealt with?
What is the level of confidence in the climate projections?
What are the possible applications of these model-generated climate scenarios?

Climates of the Philippines
The Manila Observatory

a non-profit research institute housed in the campus of the Ateneo de Manila University in Quezon City, Philippines.

Look also HERE

El Niño

How can Filipinos better understand it?
by/Gwen de la Cruz Mar 14, 2015

Summer is fast approaching and it is expected to be hotter than usual.

With El Niño causing a dry spell in the country, farmers, who may find scientific terms difficult to understand, are expected to be most affected by this phenomenon.

How is government preparing for El Niño?

Look also

How vulnerable is Mindanao to El Niño?
by/Gwen de la Cruz April 03, 2016

Because of its proximity to the equator, Mindanao is the region most vulnerable to El Niño

and the Videos

PAGASA: El Niño is here
Mar 9, 2015

We are now experiencing a mild El Niño. This is what the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration, PAGASA confirmed earlier. The dry season may extend because of this phenomenon.

Pagasa: Expect below normal rainfall due to El Niño
Mar 11, 2015

NewsLife: Pagasa: Expect below normal rainfall due to El Niño Reported by Christine Santos

Reforma – Cebu:

A Community based Resource Management

Initiative and Climate Change

by Huberto  C. Zanoria

Weather-forecast from

PAGASA - The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration

Look also the article:

After 150 years, time to upgrade PAGASA
We want a modern PAGASA that can warn us about typhoons and weather disturbances coming our way and which has a working environment which prevents forecasters from leaving the Philippine area of responsibility, Senate President Pro Tempore Ralph Recto said March 28 2015

Look also

Weather-forecast from PAGASA Mobile App

This application provides the daily weather forecast, satellite image, severe weather bulletin and forecast track of typhoon in the Philippines. Offers free quick access to the latest weather bulletin and storm warning issued by PAGASA. It shows the current satellite image and path of typhoon including its forecast track. You can see your distance from the storm's location relative to your position. Also available in iPhone and iPad as a web application.

PAGASA unveils improved smartphone app
by Adrian Jimenea June 16, 2016
The app provides users key information on weather, flooding, and hazard which can help them during times of disasters and typhoons

and HERE and the Video PAGASA mobile app. Remark this is an album in the album "Government, Authorities - Etc."

How's the weather today? Check it in your smart phones!
by/Rappler.com August 03, 2015
WeatherPhilippines app is now available for Android and iOS
Tropical storm vs super typhoon

This infographic shows the difference between 4 types of tropical cyclones

Look also the article Weather 101: Tropical storm vs super typhoon Dec 03, 2014

Organizations and Networks

Organizations and Networks - general

Nature and Environment organizations, etc.

Animals Organizations, Etc.

Sports Organizations - Etc.

Boy and Girl Scouts

Labor Unions Etc.

More about Non-Government Organizations - NGO

Filipino Organizations and Forums - Worldwide

Volunteer - Organization

Expats organizations and forums, etc.

Motor, Automobile Association, Motorbike clubs, Etc.

Lodges - etc.

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Organizations and Networks - general

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United Nations

Look also

the Video UN - United Nations in the Philippines. What did the UN do for PH? The UN celebrates its 70th Anniversary

and the article

What did the UN do for PH? Disaster response, health programs, and more
by Jodesz Gavilan August 23, 2016
The Philippines has been a beneficiary of different United Nations programs for many years, especially after Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda)


An album in the album "Etc. Organizations working in the Philippines"
NGOs REGISTERED AND LICENSED NGOs REGISTERED AND LICENSED to operate by the Department of Social Welfare and Development as of February 25, 2010
NGOs ACCREDITED of DSWD Directory of NGOs ACCREDITED to operate by the Department of Social Welfare and Development
Association of Foundations
The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom - WILPF Philippines

129-A Matahimik St - U.P. Village, Diliman, Quzon City 1101

is an international Non Governmental Organization (NGO) with national sections, who are united in working for peace by non-violent means, promoting political, economic and social justice for all.


We are Dakila (nobility) – Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism, a group of artists, students, and individuals committed to working together to creatively spark social consciousness formation towards social change.

JCI (Junior Chamber International) Philippines

Look also HERE and HERE

Look JCI Videos

Remark this is an album in the album "Etc. Organizations working in the Philippines"

Candon Youth Movement

is a grasroots - based and non-partisan organization that aspires for the advancement of the needs of the Candonians and its brgys.

The People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP)

is a strictly professional, non-stock, not-for-profit organization of over 1,800 member companies and individual management executives engaged or interested in human resource management (HRM) and industrial relations (IR) work.

Look also

Junior People Management Association of the Philippines (JPMAP)

Philippine Statistical Association, Inc.
Filipinas Copyright Licensing Society, Inc. (FILCOLS)

FILCOLS is the Philippines's reprographic collecting society for Authors and Publishers.

The Astronomical League of the Philippines, Inc (ALP)

was initiated on July 22, 2003 to cater the needs of dedicated astronomers in the Philippines. On Sept 8, 2003, the ALP, Inc becomes an official non-stock, non profit SEC registered organization.

Nature and environment organizations - Etc.

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Partnerships in Environmental Management for the Seas of East Asia, PEMSEA
Jaime V. Ongpin Foundation, Inc., JVOFI

a non-government organization in Baguio City and Benguet province, organized by Benguet Corporation, the Philippines’ oldest mining company. Formerly known as BenguetCorp Foundation, Inc.

The Global Environment and Nature Ecosystems Society, Phil. Foundation, GENESYS, Inc.

a non-profit, non-government organization. Its primary purpose is to manage and implement environment restoration and prevention projects through the coordination and pooling of resources among various sectors, groups and individuals.

Philippines Ocean Heritage

created to address the dire need to protect and conserve the marine environment. Our mission is to share the wonders of the underwater world through this website and raise awareness of marine conservation issues.


The Cebu Outdoor Adventure Team, COAT

an organization dedicated to explore, preserve and enhance Cebu and its neighboring island natural resources.

Remark this is an album in the album "Etc. Organizations working in the Philippines"

Hortica Filipina

a non-profit, non-sectarian, environmental, non-government organization which has the following objectives:

To promote the culture of gardening and plant care;
To promote the use of Philippine native tree and plant species in gardening, landscaping and horticulture in the country;
To provide gardening, landscaping and horticulture services to communities, households, institutions and other interested parties;
To transfer gardening, landscaping, plant propagation, and horticultural competencies to interested sectors.

Katala Foundation, Inc.

a non-profit, non-stock, non-governmental organization, has been active in protecting and conserving wildlife, particularly the Philippine cockatoo and other threatened endemic wildlife in Palawan.


The organization, and the individuals it trained and nurtured were instrumental in the formation of other environmental organizations in the country.

The Center for Environmental Concerns–Philippines, CEC-Phils

a non-government organization founded of organizations representing fisherfolk, farmers, indigenous peoples, women, urban poor, and professional sectors

Foundation for the Philippine Environment
The Philippine National Oil Company

mandated to explore, develop and accelerate the utilization and commercialization of alternative fuels.


Our name reflects this dual purpose:
The Global Anti-Incinerator Alliance: Mobilizing grassroots action against the spread of incinerators and other polluting, end-of-pipe waste technologies.
The Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives: Building the movement for environmental justice, local green economies, and creative zero waste solutions.

EcoWaste Coalition

a public interest network of community, church, school, environmental and health groups pursuing sustainable solutions to waste, climate change and chemical issues facing the Philippines and the world.

Greenpeace, Philippines
Philippine Nurses Environmental Organization Inc., PNEO

Look also HERE

The Crop Science Society of the Philippines Inc., CSSP
Asian NGO Coalition for Agrarian Reform and Rural Development, ANGOC

Quezon City

Animals organizations, Etc.

Look also around in the section and sub-sections HERE

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The Philippine Animal Welfare Society, PAWS

a non-government institution situated in the Philippines. Its advocacies focus on the different issues concerning animal rights and welfare.

Look also HERE

Look PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center, PARC HERE and the Videos

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Animal Kingdom Foundation

AKF's mission is to support, protect and promote welfare and the rights of animals ; ... A non-stock, non-profit animal welfare organization

Look also HERE

Animal Welfare Coalition

Registered Non-Profit, Non-Government Organization

World Wildlife Fund  WWF
Philippine Animal Lovers Society, PALS

a community of Filipino Animal Lovers worldwide.

Sports Organizations - Etc.

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Central Visayas Regional Athletic Association - CVIRAA
Manila Boat Club
The National Golf Association of the Philippines (NGAP)
Philippine Badminton Association on Facebook
Badminton Clubs & Venues in Philippines

Philippine Cheerleading Alliance

Look also HERE

Philippine Basketball Association

Look also HERE and the Video

Kapisanang Mandirigma

A federation of warriors from different disciplines of the Warrior Arts of the Philippines.


Philippine Forum on Sports, Culture, Sexuality and Human Rights Inc.

Philippine Homing Pigeon Association, Inc.

Look also Philippine Homing Pigeon Sports

List of pigeon clubs HERE


Philippines e-Sports Organization - PeSO

Electronic Sports, better known as e-Sports, is a growing global culture and worldwide phenomenon. It is an athletic competition that showcases skill and talent without being limited to height, weight or age.


On and off the court:

Basketball in the hearts of the Filipino people

Coach Tim Cone on the current Purefoods line-up and why Filipinos are enamored by basketball.

Jan 5, 2015

Read also the article HERE and HERE

Filipino Anglers Organization of the Philippines

Pinoyanglers Club, Inc.

Pinoyanglers Club, Inc. fishing trip compilations

Remark this is an album in the album "Etc. Organizations working in the Philippines"

Boy and Girl Scouts of the Philippines

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Boy Scouts of the Philippines
Mga Batang Lalaking Iskawt ng Pilipinas

Look also

House panel mulls declaring Boy Scouts of the Philippines as NGO
April 14, 2018
A technical working group will consolidate 4 bills recognizing the Boy Scouts of the Philippines as an independent, voluntary, and autonomous organization

Girl Scouts of the Philippines (GSP)

Labor Unions - Organizations etc.

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The OSJEMPC is a duly recognized cooperative by the Cooperative Development Authority established in DOJ since 1989, an association that would negotiate with management for benefits they needed, organized under the DOJ Employees Association (DOJEA).

The Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP)

is the largest national trade union center in the Philippines

Associated Labor Union or ALU
Alliance of Progressive Labor

Advancing social movement unionism towards social transformation

More about Non-Government Organizations - NGO

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These links often down because of their Bandwidth Limit has Exceeded

The Philippine Council for NGO Certification or PCNC

Look the Certified list of NGOs in Philippines HERE

PCNC Guidebook on the Basics of NGO Governance
Habitat for Humanity Philippines (HFHP)

a non-profit organization that serves families and helps transform lives by building responsible, self-reliant communities and enable Filipino families in need through simple, decent and affordable homes.

Look also HERE

and the Videos

Remark this is an album in the album "Etc. Organizations working in the Philippines"

Asia Society Philippine Foundation, Inc - ASPF

ASPF is a non-profit foundation accredited by the Philippine Council for NGO Certification (PCNC)

Look also the Video

What is Asia Society Philippines?

Remark this is an album in the album "Etc. Organizations working in the Philippines"

The PHILIPPINE FOUNDATION CENTER (PFC) is a one stop resource and information center on non-government organizations (NGOs), foundations and the civil society sector in general.
World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (WANGO)

The Philippines’ NGO Sector
By Joanna Moshman

Filipino Organizations and Forums - Worldwide

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Pinoy Meetups around the world
The Filipino association of Denmark
The Filipina Mom in Denmark
Filipino Danish Center
Pinay Exclusive Denmark
Filipino expatriates in Denmark

is a registered organization in Copenhagen. There are two chapters, one in Copenhagen and Syddanmark. This group aim is to provide information to Filipino and Danish community in Denmark.

Filipino-Icelandic Association (FIA)

Established in 1990, is the first and largest group of Filipinos living in Iceland.

Finnish - Philippine Society
Philippine/British Information - Forum
OFW crisis Hotline
Foreigners in Denmark is an online community of people from all over the world who now live in Denmark. Many good links
Pinoy Meetups around the world
Bayanihan Foundation Worldwide

Filipinos Abroad Helping Filipinos at Home


We are a non-profit organization whose members are Filipinos of Visayan ancestry. Our group is small but united in our goal to contribute to the advancement and betterment of our Filipino communities both here in Hawaii and in the Philippines.


a Cebu Social Networking Site of individuals who interact through specific media, sharing of idea's, news update, potentially crossing geographical and political boundaries in order to pursue mutual interests or goals.

Filipino and Filipino American Community Organizations Associations

Many good links to International Filipino Community Associations and Filipinos in Australia, Austria, Belgium, UK, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Japan, Italy, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, Netherlands, Dubai, UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia HERE

Big Bend Filipino-American Association, Inc.

Look also HERE

Filipino American International Youth Development Foundation - FAIYDF

a non-profit organization that helps less fortunate children, youth and individuals in the Philippines in order to promote positive change. Our motto is that "Restoring Lives Fulfilling Dreams.

The Philippine Heritage Council of Manitoba (PHCM), Inc

is a non-profit, cultural group comprised of representatives from over 35 member organizations and individuals within the Filipino-Canadian community in Winnipeg.

Beterinaryo SG

is the association of graduates of Veterinary Medicine from the Philippines currently working in Singapore. Its membership comprises Filipino Veterinarians working in various fields.

Beterinaryo SG is an affiliate of the Philippine Veterinary Medical Association.

Filipinos in Thailand
Philippine Society of Safety Practitioners Middle East Region (PSSP-MER)

is an organization of 1600+ Filipino safety practitioners and advocates founded and currently based in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Pilipino Sa Kuwait (PSK)

Look also HERE

Filipino in United Arab Emirates

Look also HERE

Filipino Heritage Camp

The Filipino Heritage Camp is one of a handful of camps designed especially for families with children adopted from the Philippines/with Filipino heritage.

The World of Filipinas

A forum to bring together members of the Fil-west community and the men and women from around the world that are considering a relationship of this kind and want to learn more

Volunteer - Organizations - etc.

Remark most of the videos in this section are albums in the album "Volunteer Organizations" in the album "Etc. Organizations working in the Philippine

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There are so many NON-PROFIT organizations for volunteering in the Philippines in different way, so in this section it´s mostly about childcare and education, but you can find many other organizations asking for volunteers in e.g. times of emergencies and disasters, medical project etc. in the Index for our other pages, so please look around!
Bike Scouts PH, the unsung heroes during Yolanda
by Raisa Serafica August 17, 2017 - with Video

Bike Scouts Philippines is made up of volunteer bicycle messengers who respond to isolated areas in the aftermath of a disaster.

Look the Video in HD HERE

List: Places where you can volunteer and help children fight hunger
March 24, 2017

Want to make your weekends or summer break more meaningful? Try volunteering at these places around the Philippines.

Tapping youth volunteerism for public service
by David Lozada March 24, 2017 - with video

Candon Youth Movement engages Ilocos Sur youth for projects on public health, agriculture, and education

The Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC)

is a non-stock, non-profit non-government organization (NGO) which envisions a relatively crime-free and corruption-free Philippines.

Volunteerism: Changing the world one child at a time
by/Raisa Serafica Feb 08, 2015

On weekdays, Te Candano works at a bank processing remittances from seafarers. On weekends, she serves as a volunteer helping put a smile on kids' faces

Center for Volunteerism in the Philippines (CERV-Philippines)

offers volunteerism opportunities in Metropolitan Manila and the province of Romblon in the Philippines in the areas of health, education and the environment


is a national network of Volunteer Orgs (VOs) and Volunteer Service Programs (VSPs) in the Philippines.

Look also HERE and the Videos


"I VOLUNTEER" - Philippines

is movement or a campaign that promotes volunteerism at its essence and creates awareness on community rebuilding. This is a movement that envisions Philippines at its greatest being. This movement supports organizations that need volunteers in achieving a common goal; to help and support our fellow countrymen.

This movement will continue as a support group that consists of concerned citizens that are willing to help and serve unconditionally.

Volunteer for the Visayans (VFV)

is a registered non-profit, non-government organization located in Tacloban City, Philippines. It is registered with the local Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) to distribute planned and professional social welfare services to assist underprivileged and undeserved local communities.

Look also HERE

Volunteer in the Philippines

Meaningful Volunteer is a non-profit volunteer placement organization. We offer meaningful volunteer placements in the Philippines

Look also the Videos

Meaningful Volunteer

This is a series of videos detailing the projects being carried out on Tablas Island in Romblon Province.


Welcome to A Broader View Volunteers!

We offer international volunteer projects for the globally-minded individual searching for a unique travel experience. A Broader View is a 501 non-profit international volunteer organization offering short and long term volunteer programs.

Our projects are located in the Visayans, on the Leyte Island, supporting the education of orphan and rural children from the surrounding areas. The poverty experienced in this area is not just a lack of money but also the inability to access basic needs, such as health care and health facilities, as well as basic quality education for all of its children.<

Look more about "Abroaderview"
The Hands On Manila Foundation

is committed to creating a community where the spirit of volunteerism prevails and makes a difference. They aim to provide flexible volunteer opportunities for community service in Metro Manila and nearby provinces, and to recruit, coordinate and educate a broad base of volunteers for non-profit organizations.
Jesuit Volunteers Philippines

World Endeavors Volunteer in the Philippines

program is centered in Tacloban City, on the island of Leyte.

The United Nations Volunteers (UNV)

programme is the UN organization that promotes volunteerism to support peace and development worldwide through the promotion of volunteerism, including the mobilization of volunteers. It serves the causes of peace and development through enhancing opportunities for participation by all peoples.

Look also the Video

Global Volunteer Network (GVN) - Volunteering Projects in Philippines.

You have the opportunity to work in teaching, childcare, reading promotion, school building and maintenance projects, and cultural exchange, centred in Romblon province.

Performing Arts Abroad

As a volunteer in the Philippines with Performing Arts Abroad, you will have the chance to teach music, dance, and theater to local children. You will work with one or more of our project sites at a youth juvenile rehabilitation center.

Look also the Video

Expats organizations and forums, Etc.

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Forum for Expats Living In Cebu
The Scandinavian Golf Club of the Philippines (SGCP)

is a non-profit, non-stock membership organization (the Club). The purpose of the SGCP is to promote friendship and golfing activities among the Nordic countries and their associates and to provide members of the Club with the possibility of enjoying golfing.

InterNations - a Community & Guide for Expats in the Philippines
Alabang Ladies International Group (ALIG)

ALIG was formed over a decade ago by a group of expatriate women who met regularly for a coffee to share their Filipino experiences.
ALIG’s popularity continued to grow and now has a membership of over 200 women. These members come from all around the world, many with connections to global organizations

Philippines Expats Forum
Expatriate Groups in Manila Expatriate Groups in Manila

Link to and descriptions of so many groups - nationalities

Motor, Automobile Association, Motorbike clubs, Etc.

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Automobile Association of the Philippines (AAP),
Ford Club of the Philippines

Look also the Video

Remark this is a album in the album "Etc. Organizations working in the Philippines"


Look also the Video Vespa Club of the Philippines

took off to Cagayan de Oro and scooted to Davao via the Bukidnon - Davao Loop on February 24, 2011.

Remark this is a album in the album "Etc. Organizations working in the Philippines"

Lodges - etc.

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Brief History of Freemasonry in the Philippines

Masonic Order in the Philippines was banned by royal decree on January 19, 1812. Freemasonry began in Medieval Europe as a guild for stonemasons but lived on as a fraternity organization. Shrouded in secrecy, it had often been judged as a conspiracy of different Masonic groups and had long been banned by the Catholic Church at the time. Finally, in 1889, the Logia Revolucion was organized by Graciano Lopez-Jaena, linking the masonic structure to the Filipino ilustrados like Jose Rizal, and later on, to the Katipunan which launched the first nationalist revolution in Asia.

Look also HERE, HERE and HERE

and the Video: A tribute to famous filipino masons
Jun 11, 2013

Remark this is an album in the album "Free Masonry" in the album "Etc. Organizations working in the Philippines"

Grand Masonic Lodge of the Philippines

a constituent lodges of the Grand Lodge of the Philippines work form of the American Webb Ritual, closely aligned to Californian forms. Consequently, lodges open in the third degree, and conduct normal lodge business at separate meetings.

Independent Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the Philippine Islands

The foundation stones of Philippine Masonry were quarried in Spain and bore two Lodges in 1889 and 1890: Logia Revolución, in Barcelona and Logia Solidaridad, organized in Madrid. From these principal foundations was hewn, the cornerstone of true Filipino Masonry, brought to the Philippines in 1891. Philippine Masonry was therefore, born during the dawn of nationalism, when Filipino patriots were in the forefront of the search for a national identity.

Look also about "Philippine Center for Masonic Studies" HERE

Rotary Clubs Philippines


Look also HERE and the Video Rotary Clubs Philippines

Remark this is an album in the album "Rotary Clubs in the Philippines & projects" in the album "Etc. Organizations working in the Philippines"

The Inner Wheel Clubs of the Philippines, Inc.

is a service organization for the wives of the Rotarians founded by Trining Legarda which was established on March 1949. Its aim is to establish camaraderie among the wives of Rotarians and find ways to better support Rotary undertakings.

The Order of the Knights of Rizal

is a civic, patriotic, cultural, non-sectarian, non-partisan and non-racial organization founded for the purpose of studying the teachings of Dr. Jose Rizal and promoting them all over the world, among all classes of people, in order for them to emulate his example

Look also HERE

Veterinarians - Veterinary clinics - Study Veterinary Medicine - Etc.

Look also

Laws about Veterinary, Animals, Cockfighting

Animals Organizations, Etc.

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Philippine Veterinary Medical Association (PVMA)
Schools of veterinary medicine in the Philippines
Central Bicol State University of Agriculture

College - Institute of Veterinary Medicine

Look also HERE

Cebu Veterinary Doctors

Look also the Video

Facility Tour


Vet ng Bayan
Jan 29, 2017 - Aired: January 28, 2017

Kilalanin si Dr. Noel Manalo isang beterinaryong mas piniling mag-ikot maglibot sa mga pamayanan upang manggamot ng mga hayop imbes na manatili sa loob ng isang clinic. Sa paglilibot ni Doc Noel kasama si Howie Severino, alamin pa natin ang iba’t ibang kwento ng mga pet owners at anilang mga alaga.

Makati Dog and Cat Hospital - MDCH

opened in 1963. It is our commitment to provide quality veterinary care throughout the life of your pet. Makati Dog and Cat Hospital is one of the oldest veterinary clinic / hospital that caters to the veterinary needs of pets owners not only in Metro Manila but in the entire Philippines.

Philippine Animal Hospital Association, PAHA

Established in 1978 of December. Acknowledging the need for an association to coordinate the activities and represent the interest of veterinary institutions such as veterinary clinics, veterinary hospitals and veterinary diagnostic laboratories, a group of veterinarians formed the Philippine Animal Hospital Association.

Beterinaryo SG

the association of graduates of Veterinary Medicine from the Philippines currently working in Singapore. Its membership comprises Filipino Veterinarians working in various fields.

Beterinaryo SG is an affiliate of the Philippine Veterinary Medical Association.


How to make your dogs happy
September 21, 2017

Coco Alcuaz, a canine behavioral expert talks about what humans should do to keep dogs happy – making them man's best friend for life.

Look also

Sunday in the park with your dog
by Coco Alcuaz September 24, 2017
Amid a boom in pet ownership and pampering – as well as rescuing and neutering dogs and cats – a dog trainer organizes a regular, supervised off-leash dog park.

Dog parks (and dog-friendly parks) in Manila where you and your pup can hang out
by Maggie Adan June 08, 2018

Go on a doggie date


We are your #1 pet classified ad listing site. Be a free member of our Philippine Pet Finder website and start listing your classified ads within minutes

Transport of Living Animals, Etc.

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Pet Passport

The Pet Travel Scheme, PETS is a system which allows animals to travel easily between member countries without undergoing quarantine. A Pet Passport is a document that officially records information related to a specific animal, as part of that procedure.

Look also Philippines Pet Passport & Quarantine Information


Our worldwide door-to-door pet transportation services handle every detail involved in planning and implementing safe and compassionate pet shipping for our clients.

Your Pet Transportation Specialists

With over a decade of pet shipping experience, our pet relocation specialists know best how to support you.

Jetpets Animal Transport - The trusted Pet Travel Experts
Philippine Airlines - necessary to know.

PET policy for travel as checked baggage

Laws - codes & Rules - Veterinary, Animals, Cockfighting

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Look also: THE ANIMAL WELFARE LAW AS AMENDED (RA 8485 as amended by RA10631) or as pdf HERE




Lewis & Clark Law School


The Philippine Veterinary Medicine Act of 2004


Special Law on Counterfeit Drugs, Republic Act No. 8203

Look RA 8203 as pdf HERE

Look IRR RA 8203 HERE







Money - Peso Bills, Coins - Currency - Etc.

Look also HERE and Banks - bank business, SWIFT codes, Loan Sharks and etc. informations
with many more informations e.g. about:
ATM, Visa - MasterCard, American Express card - Credit cards - Mobile and digital payments

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Fake Money Changers
Published on Dec 16, 2017

BSP Integrated Supervision Department director Dindo Santos gives tips on how people can avoid being victimized by fake money changers.

BSP releases Philippine peso bills with 'enhanced design'
December 05, 2017

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas says the new banknotes are 'aimed at highlighting significant moments in the nation's history, as well as its world heritage sites and iconic natural wonders'
While the new banknotes are now in circulation, the existing NGC bills will still remain legal tender.

Philippine Money and Currency - PESO Bills and Coins

The peso (Filipino: piso) code: PHP is the currency of the Philippines

Look also HERE

BSP releases new P5-coin to honor Andres Bonifacio
November 29, 2017

The central bank will circulate the new 5-piso coin on December 1 to commemorate the 164th birth anniversary of the father of the Philippine Revolution while the rest of the newly designed coins will be circulated in January 2018

Look also

BSP defends design for new P5 coin, differentiates it from P1 coin
December 28, 2017
This statement comes after a senator's appeal to halt circulation of new P5 coins


Philippine Banknotes and Coins

Apr 3, 2014
How to spot fake money

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas warns the public because fake money is spreading again. BSP also gives reminders for you not to become a victim of receiving counterfeit money.

Look also the article HERE Feb 13, 2015
Tunay o Peke?
Jan 18, 2017
More and more are becoming a victim of fake money modus operandi nowadays. To prevent this from happening, learn more about our Philippine Peso.
BSP to change color of P100 bills starting 2016

Look also the article BSP to change P100 bill color in 2016
October 26, 2015
The new P100 will have a different shade - mauve from bluish gray – but will have the same design. January 2016, the P100 bill will come in a different color to easily distinguish it from the similarly colored P1,000 banknotes. The ‘New Design Series’ or the nearly 3-decade-old banknotes will no longer have any monetary value effective January 1, 2017
Remark these are albums in the album "Coins & Banknotes"

Look also

Peso bills with Duterte's signature out next week
Dec 14, 2016
The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas also reminds the public that it only has until the end of this month to replace old banknotes with the New Generation Currency (NGC) bills

BSP starts shift to ‘New Generation Currency’ bills Jan 1, 2015
9:00 PM, Dec 29, 2014

IMPORTANT: Look also:

How to Determine if Your New Philippine Peso Bills are Fake or Genuine?

How to Spot Fake New Philippine Peso Bills & How to Report Fake Philippine Peso Bills

BSP boosts fight vs fake Philippine peso bills
by Michael O. Ligalig August 06, 2017

BSP to release P100 bill with stronger violet color on Feb 1
January 29, 2016

The new bill will make it easier to distinguish from the P1,000 banknote in response to suggestions from the public.
The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) announced it will start circulating P100 bills with stronger mauve or violet color starting Monday, February 1, 2016.

Printing error caused 'faceless' P100 bills, BSP says
December 28, 2017

(UPDATED) Investigations have been launched to validate claim over some withdrawn 'faceless' and 'faded' P100 bills

Look also

BSP warns negative impact of sharing photos of 'faceless' bills
December 30, 2017
The country's central bank says posting photos of alleged misprinted banknotes on social media causes confusion, which may negatively affect commerce

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas will issue 3 new limited edition coins to honor the 150th year of Philippine hero Apolinario Mabini, overseas Filipino workers, and the Leyte landing beginning Monday, December 22.

Dec 20, 2014

Look also HERE

New Generation Philippine Banknotes 2011

Look also HERE

Know your Philippine Currency 2010

Currency - sell - buy in & bringing - transfer to and from Philippines

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About bringing in or taking out of the Philippines, Philippine and Foreign Currencies During Arrival in or Departure from the Philippines

look also HERE and HERE

PESO Sense launches new app for OFWs
by/Kimberly Go Aug 29, 2015

The mobile app will also allow overseas Filipinos to directly pay and monitor household expenses of their families in the Philippines

Global Pinoy Remittance and Services, Inc., GPRSExpress

Look the below video HERE

European Central Bank - Euro system - currency

look also HERE and HERE

Currency Converter - Mobile applications (App)
The CoinMill currency convertor

This currency convertor will convert between any two foreign currencies using up to date exchange rates

The need to #RemitSmarter
Ezra Ferraz by/ Mar 27, 2015

Overseas Filipinos have more choices than ever before, but only time will tell if they would adopt any of the newer remittance solutions

Western Union, WU

Send money to or from the Philippines with our Money-in-Minutes, Home Delivery, or Direct-to-Bank options

Look "How to do" posters HERE

Look also the below video HERE

You can send and receive money in the Philippines via our cash to cash service

Read in Tagalog HERE

Send money to friends and family quickly and securely

Look the below video HERE

With WorldRemit money transfer

you can send money to over 100 countries online. No need to visit an agent. Sending money just got so much easier

Look the below video HERE

Forex Cargo - USA

A pioneer in door-to-door delivery of remittance and balikbayan boxes. FOREX has become a household name in every Filipino home in the U.S.

Look the below video HERE


Money Transfer Agencies


Forex Cargo - USA
A pioneer in door-to-door delivery of remittance and balikbayan boxes.



Send Money to the Philippines for Rush Door-to-Door Delivery at No Additional Charge


Global Pinoy Remittance and Services, Inc., GPRSExpress


Western Union - WU

Send money to or from the Philippines with our Money-in-Minutes, Home Delivery, or Direct-to-Bank options


With WorldRemit money transfer

Forex Cargo Australia

A pioneer in door-to-door delivery of remittance and balikbayan boxes.

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Philippine Postal Corporation

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PhilPost issuing special Pope Francis stamps

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PAPAL VISIT | PhilPost issuing special Pope Francis stamps

The Philippine Postal Corporation will commemorate the Philippines – Vatican City 2014 Joint Issue featuring 2nd year of Pontification of Pope Francis.

PhilPost opens papal stamp exhibit
Bukas na sa publiko ang papal stamp exhibit ng PhilPost tampok ang mga selyo ng mga nakaraang santo papa na dumalaw sa bansa. May nanalo na ring disenyo para sa Pope Francis stamp. Nov 10, 2014

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Philpost releases Mama Sita commemorative stamp
January 18, 2018

In celebration of her birth centennial, Teresita 'Mama Sita' Reyes was honored with a commemorative stamp by the Philippine Postal Corporation.
In a statement, Postmaster General Joel Otarra said that they "are proud to be part of this important milestone in paying tribute to 'Mama Sita’s Birth Centenary' and her untiring effort and dedication to keeping the flavors of Filipino Food one of the world’s best.”

Independence Day historic landmarks featured in stamps
June 12, 2017

PHLPost has printed 102,400 copies of the stamps, to be sold at P12 each
IN OBSERVANCE of Philippine Independence Day on June 12, the Philippine Postal Corporation will release on Monday, four of the prominent and historic landmarks visited during Independence Day celebrations. These are the Jose Rizal National Monument in Rizal Park, Manila; Barasoain Church in Malolos, Bulacan; President Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine in Kawit, Cavite; and the Andres Bonifacio Monument in Caloocan City.

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PHLPost releases commemorative stamps to mark Philippine Independence Day
June 08, 2018
PRESS RELEASE: PHLPost has issued 50,000 copies of the single stamp design which can be bought at P12 each

Senate Centennial Commemorative Stamp

The Philippine Postal Corporation launches February 4, 2016 the Senate Centennial Commemorative Stamp to mark the 100 years 1916-2016 of the establishment of the Philippine Senate

PHLPost to issue Pia Wurtzbach stamps
April 10, 2016

Pia joins Manny Pacquiao, Gloria Diaz, Margie Moran, and Megan Young as the latest 'living legend' to have her own stamp

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PHLPost Stamps: Living Legends. Dec 2, 2015

Phlpost issues Ferdinand Marcos birth centennial stamps
by Agence France-Presse October 27, 2017

Netizens are outraged over a commemorative stamp showing a smiling Marcos with his signature and the words "Birth Centenary," which was issued to mark the centenary of his birth on September 11
It comes after President Rodrigo Duterte allowed the dictator's body to be buried in the national "Heroes' Cemetery" (Libingan ng Mga Bayani) in November despite his lengthy record of abuse and corruption.
Duterte, an ally of the Marcos family, has been accused of whitewashing the late dictator's career.

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