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Official Gazette

the official journal of the Republic of the Philippines.
Commonwealth Act No. 638, “An Act to provide for the uniform publication and distribution of the Official Gazette,” was passed by the Third Session of the Second National Assembly on May 22, 1941, and subsequently approved by President Manuel L. Quezon on June 10, 1941.

Look also

Presidential Communications Group or simply the Communications Group
a collective name for the newly formed offices within the Office of the President of the Philippines and refers to the following positions and offices: the Presidential Spokesman and the Presidential Communications Office (formerly the Office of the Press Secretary).

Malacañan Palace

Malacañang Palace, or officially, Malacañan Palace, is the official residence of the President of the Philippines

look MUCH more about the palace HERE

and look also about the official residence of the President of the Philippines in the Visayas HERE

Regions, Provinces, Administrative divisions, some Cities, Cebu Province "Special", Etc. in Luzviminda - LuzViMinda

(a portmanteau of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, the names of the three major island groups - look Logo-photo in full size)

Look also The Philippine Baseline Law and Know Your Boundaries

Duterte declares martial law in Mindanao
by Pia Ranada, May 23, 2017
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte makes the declaration while on an official visit to Russia, as Maute Group members attack Marawi City in Mindanao.

This is a developing story. Please refresh the link for updates.

Look also

Duterte proclamation declaring martial law in Mindanao
May 25, 2017
President Rodrigo Duterte's Proclamation No. 216 declaring martial law in Mindanao
The proclamation, signed on Tuesday, May 23, while Duterte was in Russia for an official visit, also suspended the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus in Mindanao.

Opposition lawmakers hit 'creeping authoritarianism' under Duterte
by Mara Cepeda May 29, 2017
Representatives Gary Alejano, Teddy Baguilat Jr, and Tom Villarin say President Rodrigo Duterte cannot ignore Congress and the Supreme Court over the martial law declaration in Mindanao

No joint session on martial law? Opposition lawmakers say its a cover-up
by Rambo Talabong May 29, 2017
The lawmakers said that it does not only undermine the Constitution, but it may also be hiding a plan to completely overturn it.

Duterte cannot ignore SC, Congress on martial law – senators
by Camille Elemia May 29, 2017
'The President swore to uphold and defend the Constitution, not willfully defile it and do only as he wants,' says minority Senator Francis Pangilinan.

Duterte will respect any SC ruling on martial law – Palace
by Pia Ranada May 29, 2017
Presidential Spokesman Ernesto Abella says Duterte's remarks on martial law are 'not meant to bypass the Supreme Court or the legislative'

Duterte: Only AFP, PNP can tell me to end martial law
May 28, 2017
President Rodrigo Duterte says Congress and the Supreme Court cannot tell him what to do because they are 'not the ones risking their lives' on the battlefield.
President Rodrigo Duterte seemingly dismissed provisions in the 1987 Constitution that allow Congress and the Supreme Court (SC) to assess any martial law declaration, saying he would only listen to the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Philippine National Police (PNP).

No joint session on martial law? Congress 'shields' Duterte
by Camille Elemia May 27, 2017
Unlike in 2009 when then president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo declared martial law in Maguindanao, Congress, now filled with Duterte allies, has no plans of convening to discuss his martial law declaration.

Congress receives Duterte's report on martial law proclamation
by Patty Pasion May 25, 2017
President Rodrigo Duterte submits his report to the Senate and the House of Representatives on Thursday evening, May 25.

Congress 'unlikely' to revoke martial law in Mindanao
by Camille Elemia May 25, 2017
'We have no intentions of revoking, therefore we (the Senate and the House of Representatives) need not meet jointly,' says Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto III.

Duterte eyes expanding martial law to whole PH
by Paterno Esmaquel II May 24, 2017 - with video
UPDATED President Rodrigo Duterte says he may expand martial law to Luzon and Visayas if the threat of ISIS persists.

Will martial law continue even after Marawi crisis?
by Paterno Esmaquel II May 24, 2017 - with video
Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana says 'it depends on Congress' whether martial law will continue even after the Marawi crisis has been resolved.

League of provinces supports martial law in Mindanao
by Rambo Talabong May 25, 2017
The league, which is composed of governors, the local chief executives of the country's provinces, commit to be vigilant especially on security matters in their respective areas.

Mindanao lawmakers justify martial law declaration
by Mara Cepeda May 24, 2017
Martial rule will help address Mindanao's peace and order problems, say lawmakers from the region.

Robredo: 'Trust the AFP' in martial law implementation
May 24, 2017
Vice President Leni Robredo says the best thing to do now is to support the government as it fights terrorists in Marawi City.

Marawi mayor to gov’t: Uphold human rights of ‘innocent civilians’
May 24, 2017
Marawi City Mayor Majul Usman Gandamra says the declaration of martial law in Mindanao is 'timely' but the government must ensure respect for human rights while it is in effect.

Duterte says his martial law to be similar to Marcos time
by Pia Ranada May 24, 2017 - with video
'It will not be any different from what the President Marcos did. I'd be harsh,' says the Philippine President before flying to Manila

TIMELINE: Marawi clashes prompt Martial Law in all of Mindanao
by Carmela Fonbuena May 24, 2017
Clashes erupt in Marawi City Tuesday afternoon, May 23. At the end of the day, President Rodrigo Duterte declares Martial Law in all of Mindanao.


Martial Law 101: Things you should know
by Jodesz Gavilan May 24, 2017
UPDATED Under the 1987 Philippine Constitution, a declaration of Martial Law can be revoked or extended by Congress and reviewed by the Supreme Court

Look also

What happens to local government units during martial law?
by Rambo Talabong May 24, 2017
Local chief executives would have to surrender powers over their units to the national government, but to what extent?

Senate 'can't outvote' House in martial law vote – Lacson
by Camille Elemia May 24, 2017
Senator Panfilo Lacson says the Senate has only 22 members while the House of Representatives – dominated by administration allies – has 292 members

Groups call for donations for crisis-hit Marawi
May 24, 2017
Here's how you can help residents of Marawi City, amid clashes between the Philippine military and local terrorists.
This page will be updated with information on how the public can help, as details come in.
In Marawi, the exodus continues
May 25, 2017 - with video CARMELA FONBUENA, REPORTING:
We are coming to you from Marawi City. It's the 3rd day of clashes between security forces and local terrorist groups.
The exodus continues. Coming here from Iligan City, we saw long lines of vehicles fleeing the city.
There is a feeling that this is not going to be over soon.

Look also

Marawi residents flee clashes on Day 1 of Martial Law
May 25, 2017 - with video
President Rodrigo Duterte is already threatening to expand his Martial Law declaration to cover the entire country. If there's anything we learned, he doesn't make empty threats about martial law.

Thousands flee Marawi to escape clashes
by Bobby Lagsa May 24, 2017
People are packed in private and public vehicles with whatever possessions they can bring with them, some toting livestock and pets.

Netizens terrified or trusting of martial law in Mindanao
by Rappler Social Media Team May 24, 2017
Social media erupts after the Philippine government announces that President Rodrigo Duterte has declared martial law in Mindanao.
Showbiz for ugly people? How Filipino politics is one big soap opera
By Staff Writers January 25, 2017

Ever wondered why politics in the Philippines is so melodramatic? Or how any Filipino who gets even remotely famous ends up in public office? Here Anna Cristina Pertierra of Western Sydney University discusses how the country proves the old adage that “politics is show business for ugly people”....


2016: Change is here
Dec 30, 2016

Watch Rappler's 2016 yearender video
Do you agree that ‘change is here?’
July 26, 2017
Change, the key promise of President Rodrigo Duterte in 2016, remains elusive to many, but others concede things have invariably been altered. For better, or for worse?


Intro about:

The Philippines

Geography, Politics, History, Culture, Economy, History, Colonial Influence

Remark this is an album in the album "Intro about & Impression of the Philippines"

The Roman Catholic Church in the Philippine Culture

Liturgy, Communions, Music - Songs – Hymns

Santo Niño de Cebú, Basilica del St. Niño and Sinulog St. Niño de Cebu, Filipino Saints, Patrons, Patronesses, Blesseds and Servants of God, Orders, Monasteries, Abbeys etc.

The Philippines Culture of The Philippines

history, people, clothing, traditions, women, beliefs, food, customs, family

AboutPhilippines.ph: this article is one of the best, we have seen - look also

The Philippines

by/Ronald E. Dolan, ed. Philippines: A Country Study.

Various aspects of Philippine culture:
history, peoples, dances, myths and folktales, cuisine, politics, music, songs, heroes

Many good informations also about the culture, wedding, languages, dresses and the whole life in the Philippines

Familism and personalism

Familism and personalism

Like other social formations of traditional Asia and Europe, Filipino society has, in the post-Cold War era, moved from being a predominantly agricultural society to a modern one.

Human Rights in Philippines - Authorities, Organizations, Etc.

No to Sharia Law

Equality Rights for Man, Woman and Children

PH drops in peace index ranking

by/Angela Casauay, Aug 24, 2014

The Philippines is ranking 134 out of 162 countries – a drop of 5 places from 2012 in the 2014 Global Peace Index.

Look MUCH more on the above link

Death in 'El Dorado'
by Kyungmin Bae January 29, 2017

'It is hoped that the Philippine government takes Jee's murder case seriously and ensures security for other Koreans in the Philippines.

Important to read also for other nationalities!

Look also HERE


Transparency International-Philippines (TI-PH)

established in August 26, 1995
Our Mission: To prevent and counter corruption at all levels by promoting transparency, accountability and integrity across all sectors of society.

Remark this is an album in the album "Etc. Organizations working in the Philippines"

Look also "Corruption Perceptions Index 2014" HERE This year's index includes 175 countries and territories. Philippines is #85 (#1 very clean to #175 highly corrupt)

Understanding Persons of Philippine Origin
Philippines Anthem - Lupang Hinirang - Chosen Land

history, text, music-notes, videos in Tagalog, Cebuano, English and many more languages


Some of the best videos we have seen:

Impressions of the Philippines
Look the description of the video HERE
The Philippines - Asia's Rising Tiger
The Philippines Documentary Jul 18, 2014
Feb 24, 2017
Diverse in culture, in heritage, in history - and we are ONE. We are everything as we are everyone. We are this land's people as we are the land itself. WE ARE THE PHILIPPINES.


Remark these are albums in the album "A paradise of 7107 islands"

Only in the Philippines

These sceneries, food, people, events, can only be found in the Philippines
And again - One more of the best videos we have seen:

The Philippines : Islands Of Mystery>

The Philippines : Islands Of Mystery is dedicated to all casualties and victims of typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) that hit the central Philippines on 8th Nov 2013. Nov 16, 2013

Remark: the real start about the Philippines is 1.43 minutes after the videos starts
Fun Facts about the Philippines


Philippine/Pinoy Food Tourism advertisement

Remark this is an album in the in the album "DOT - More fun in the Philippines"

Look MUCH more HERE

Social Weather Stations - SWS

is a public opinion polling body in the Philippines. It is a private, independent, non-partisan, non-profit scientific institute in the Philippines which conducts social surveys and does survey-based social science research and other educational activities.

Look also HERE and SWS: PH hunger rate drops

The Philippine Center for Population and Development
Commission on Population

look also HERE

The Philippines Illustrated

A Visitors Guide & Fact Book, by Graham Winter


Do you need a greater understanding of who the Filipino is?

Get Real Philippines Book 1 is one such guide.

PIA Information Services

(Can be slowly to load and sometimes down)

The problem with our tax system and how it affects us
by JC Punongbayan January 21, 2017

Not only do our taxes disproportionately burden the poor and benefit the rich, but they also yield too little revenue given the distortions they create. Needless to say, both problems need to be resolved soon....

Family planning & Birth Control Policy in the Philippines
Turn a Child-Sex Tourist Into an Ex-Tourist

If you see anything that makes you uneasy or raises your suspicions you must call the authorities. They will carefully investigate the situation and act if a crime is being committed.

CALL (+632) 911

Remark The 911 emergency number have replaced 117

Look Turn a Child-Sex Tourist Into an Ex-Tourist HERE

Look advices HERE


PROTECTION against & STOP: Human Trafficking, Sex tourism, Prostitution & Pornography in Philippines

LIST: 2017 Philippine Holidays

Malacañang has released the list of holidays for 2017.
It was released for public dissemination on Thursday, August 18.

Look also

Proclamation No. 50, s. 2016
Signed on August 16, 2016

Palace issues list of holidays for 2017
August 18, 2016 By Ruth Abbey Gita
MALACAÑANG on Thursday has issued Proclamation 50 listing the regular holidays and special non-working days for 2017.

Info Philippines with good links
FAST FACTS: The Philippines' role in the United Nations
by/Gerard Lim October 24, 2015

October 24 is United Nations Day. Take a look at the country's participation in this prestigious organization.

Maps of: Philippines, islands, Cities - Municipalities, Barangays - Distance-calculator, etc.

go to overview

The album with

Maps of Philippines, islands, Cities - Municipalities & Barangays - Etc.

There are more than 400 maps in different size, age and details


Special Maps about

Airports, Ethnic groups, Languages, Railways, Roads, Protected areas, Mining, Vulnerability to Nature & Environmental Disasters - Etc.&

Maps of Philippines - Historical from 1700 to 1965

Remark this is an album "Maps of Philippines" in the album "A paradise of 7107 islands"

Look also Philippines Map - Mobile applications (App)

The DENR-MGB Geohazard Mapping and Assessment Programme

You can also look it as pdf HERE or video HERE

Look much more about the hazards and hazardmaps HERE

National Mapping and Resource Information Authority NAMRIA

also Cadastral authority

Look also Cadastral System

Philippine Mapping Reference System 1992
Distance Calculator Philippines

An online tool to calculate the Distance between any two cities, villages, towns or airports in Philippines

Citizenship - Residence permission - Visa - Passport

IMPORTANT: Look also the above 2 Links

go to overview

Visas, Permits Immigration for Foreigners in the Philippines
If you will not be relocating to the Philippines and wish to stay in the Philippines longer than 21 days you will most likely be required to obtain a non-immigrant (temporary) visa. Generally non-immigrant visas are issued for travel to the Philippines for a specific purpose and for a set duration. Aliens entering the Philippines may qualify for the following visa categories:

Aliens admitted as nonimmigrants cannot remain in the Philippines permanently. To obtain permanent admission, a nonimmigrant alien must depart voluntarily to some foreign country and procure from the appropriate Philippine consul the proper visa and thereafter undergo examination by the officers of the Bureau of Immigration at a Philippine port of entry for determination of his admissibility in accordance with the requirements.

Tourist Visa Extension Philippines

Treaty Investor Philippines

Provisional Permit to Work Philippines

Employment Working Visa (9G) Philippines

Alien Employment Permit (AEP) Philippines

Retirement Visa (SRRV) Philippines

Special Visas for Foreigners allowing 100% Condo Ownership Philippines

Non Quota Visa - 13A Philippines

Special Visa for Employment Generation (SVEG) Philippines
Guidelines and Requirements for Applying for Filipino Citizenship Reacquisition Under Republic Act 9225
Philippine Citizenship

Look also Dual Citizenship
It´s possible for Filipino to hold dual citizenship or more than one citizenship at the same time.

A Primer on the Citizenship Retention and Re-acquisition Act of 2003 - 3rd edition

Crossing The Edge Of Allegiance
Joel P. Salud discusses what one risks in dual citizenship

Re-Entry Permit, Special Return and Emigration Clearance Certificates

Under R.A. 6768, a former Filipino citizen and his/her spouse and children traveling with him/her are entitled to visa-free entry to the Philippines for a period of one (1) year.


Bureau of Immigration of Philippines - BI

also with important informations for tourists

Look also the Videos

Know about the program and services of Bureau of Immigration in the Philippines, from processing to legal matters with BI Commissioner Ricardo David and BI-Spokeperson & Intelligence Chief Atty. Ma. Antonette Mangrobang


Look also:

District and Field Offices - Visa Fees and Taxes

also with important informations for tourists

Emigration Clearance Certificate, ECC
The passport had a stamp saying visitors whose total stay in the country is more than 6 months are required to get an ECC.


Immigration Administrative Circular No. SBM-2013-007


The public shall be denied access to the bureau if they fail to observe the Dress Code Policy


Both articles are in 1 pdf file



  The 13(A) Visa applies to the spouse or the unmarried child under 21 years of age of a Philippine citizen, if accompanying or following to join such citizen.

The 13(G) Visa applies to a former Filipino who is returning to the Philippines for permanent residence, including his/her foreign spouse and minor children.

Remark this is an album in the album "Official Personal Papers e.g. Passport, Cerfiticates, Etc"

IMPORTANT: look much more information HERE, HERE and HERE


Ultimate Visa Corporation

Offices in Cebu City, Makati City and Angeles City. Fast & Reliable Visa assistance services at REASONABLE rates for: Tourist Visa, Fiancee Visa, Spousal Visa, Student Visa, Immigration Visa. To most countries in the World.

Remark this is in the album "Visa" in the album "Official Personal Papers e.g. Passport, Cerfiticates, Etc"


and many more informations about retirement in the Philippines

Scalabrini Migration Center (SMC)
4, 13th Street, New Manila

1112 Quezon City

Manila Economic and Cultural Office

Visa & Consular services


Moving to the Philippines

Sorry, but we don´t have all the links mentioned in the video. If you have a link to that homepage please send it in a MAIL

Remark this is an album in the album "Official Personal Papers e.g. Passport, Cerfiticates, Etc"

Look also the below section About "Have a "Stay" or "Live & Retire"

Department of Foreign Affairs of Philippines (DFA)

Look also HERE

Important - read also HERE about

How to Get a Philippine Passport in the Philippines


Renewal of Passport etc. for filipinos abroad

Philippine Passport & Philippine ePassport

E-passport, may bagong disenyo, 20 July 2015

E-passport gets new look, more security features,
Jul 20, 2015

Philippine ePassport Application Procedures

Live Demonstration of ePassport, 20 July 2015

Philippine ePassport step x step

Ten Practical Tips... for your ePassport

Remark this is an album in the album "Official Personal Papers e.g. Passport, Cerfiticates, Etc"

PH to issue new 'high-security' passports at 'faster' pace
August 14, 2016

Palace Communications Secretary Martin Andanar says the new printing system for Philippine passports increases production speed by 35%.
Starting August 15, is set to issue new passports with added security features HIGH SECURITY. Added security features have been placed, such as the upgraded security feature of the microchip to capture the personal data of the applicant.

Look also

the Video - Remark this is an album in the above album in the album "Official Personal Papers e.g. Passport, Cerfiticates, Etc"


Since July 2007, the Philippine Passport is a MRP - Machine Readable Passport.


look also HERE and Philippines passport requirements

First-time issuance of passport for children born abroad to Filipino parent/s
Renewal of expired passport
Amendment of passport
Replacement for tampered or damaged passport
Replacement for lost passport

Passport requirements for children


The Department of Foreign Affairs Officer of Consular Affairs (DFA-OCA) launched the PASSPORT TRACKING SERVICE (PTS) to provide updates to the public on the status of their passport applications.

After typing and encoding the information required, applicants will receive a response to their PTS queries through SMS message or e-mail within two working days upon receipt of such online request.

To prevent child trafficking, Republic Act 7610:


Look the Video Against Child trafficking - Republic Act 7610

The DFA Express Passport Delivery service
Philippine Telephone Passport Express

(We have no experience with that, if you have, please tell us)


How to find out if you have a damaged passport
Mar 18, 2014

MANILA - How do you know if you have a damaged passport? According to Foreign Affairs Assistant Secretary Fred Santos, a damaged passport would include one that has a ripped cover, detached pages or has gone through a washing machine.

Remark this is an album in the sub-album "Official Personal Papers e.g. Passport, Cerfiticates, Etc"

Embassies - Consulates etc. in and for the Philippines

Affidavit of Support/Letter of Invitation

go to overview

Official link is missing. If you know an official link, please >SEND a MESSAGE

Embassy of the Holy See (Apostolic Nunciature) in the Philippines

H. E. Archbishop Antonio Franco
Apostolic Nuncio
2140 Taft Avenue
Manila City 1004 Philippines
Tel. No.: (2) 521 0307
Fax No.: (2) 521 1235

Look "Apostolic Nunciature in PH" by/Reynaldo Santos Jr. Jan 15, 2015
The Apostolic Nunciature is home to Vatican City's representative – or nuncio
Most countries establish embassies in other countries for diplomatic purposes. But the Vatican City, for its part, installs an apostolic nunciature in select countries.

Look also HERE

Visa Information System (VIS)

allows Schengen States to exchange visa data. It consists of a central IT system and of a communication infrastructure that links this central system to national systems. VIS connects consulates in non-EU countries and all external border crossing points of Schengen States.

Look also

EU VIS and biometrics factsheet

Visa application guide: Getting a Schengen visa from the Italian embassy in PH
by Ligaya Solera February 05, 2017
Dreaming of a trip to Europe? Start planning it now – starting with your Schengen visa application

Embassy WorldWide

Look also Foreign Embassies and Consulates in Philippines

Schengen Visa

The Schengen Agreement is a treaty signed between states in Europe. Visa to one of the states is valid to all members of Schengen Agreement

Look also Schengen Information System - Terms about Schengen with links and advices

British Embassy Manila

Look also the article and video A UK visa is just five steps away
by/Rappler.com September 28, 2015
UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) launched a new video aimed at first time visitors to the UK.
The video is a further example of the improvements to the visa service to make it quicker and easier for Filipino visitors to apply for a UK visa




by contact - information and help about:

Possibilities for foreign nationals to reside in Denmark (visa)
How to apply for family reunification in Denmark
Family reunification for spouses e.g.
Family reunification for children
Family reunification with other family members


Don´t date a DANE, because here in 2017 it´s nearly impossible to get a foreign spouse comming from outside DENMARK to live with a DANE in DENMARK!

Look also: Registration of danes in Philippines recommended for tourists


Det Filippinske Konsulat, Copenhagen, Denmark
Visum ansøgningsvejledning Requirements for visa application
Visa applicationform/Ansøgningsskema
Authentication legalization services

Look also "Philippine Consulate in Copenhagen, Denmark" HERE (English)

Look also "Consulate of The Philippines in Aarhus, Denmark" HERE (English)

Embassy of Norway in the Philippines

Honorary Consulate General of Sweden in Manila
Netherlands Embassy in Manila
The Austrian Embassy Manila &


Embassy of the United States in Manila
U.S. could ask visa applicants for social media passwords
by Agence France-Presse February 08, 2017

US homeland security wants tougher visa screening procedures including the right to look into an applicant's social media account.

Embassy of Canada in the Philippines
Australian Embassy, Manila
Embassy of Japan Embassy of Japan in the Philippines &

Japanese Consulate in Cebu

Embassy of the Republic of Singapore
The official Representative of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in the Philippines

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in the Philippines

Philippine Embassy in Vatican, the Holy See Vatican City
Mercedes Arrastia Tuason, Ambassador
Via Paolo VI, 29
00193 Rome
Holy See (Vatican City)

Look more on page 148 in the document

Philippine Embassy, Norway

Jurisdiction for: Sweden, Norway, Denmark & Iceland

Read about renew of passport HERE

Philippine Embassy, Madrid, Spain
Philippine Embassy, The Hague, The Netherlands
Philippine Embassy Berne, Switzerland

also for Liechtenstein

Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines

Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines

Vienna, Austria

Philippine Embassy - Canberra, Australia

Look all the consular offices in Australia HERE

Embassy of the Philippines, Washington DC, USA
1600 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington, DC 20036
Philippine Embassy - Tokyo, Japan
The official Philippine representative in Taiwan

The MECO, exercising delegated functions.

Embassy of the Philippines in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Philippine Embassy - Kuwait
The Philippine Embassy in Amman, Jordan


Nessecary for visits of Philippine citizens in many countries e.g. Schengen - The host has to fill up and send such to the invited person

Look the form as doc HERE or as document template file (dot) HERE

Paperwork - Registrations - Certificates - Licenses - Etc.

IMPORTANT: Look also the above 2 Links

and about nessecary certificates, requirements - etc.:


Wedding, Marriage, Divorce, Annulment of marriage in Philippines and - or to a Filipino - Filipina

Health - etc.


Remark most of the videos in this section are albums in the album "Official Personal Papers e.g. Passport, Cerfiticates, Etc"

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Lawmakers push for national ID system to reduce red tape
by Mara Cepeda July 18, 2016

The Philippines is one of the few countries in the world without a national identification system, says a proponent

Look also HERE

How to Apply for UMID Card (Unified Multi-Purpose ID Card)
March 25, 2015

UMID stands for the Unified Multi-Purpose ID card that will serve as the single ID card of all SSS, GSIS, PhilHealth and Pag-IBIG members.

Look also HERE and the Videos

Confused about PH gov't services? There's now an app for that
by Shaira Panela August 30, 2016

Out of confusion and frustration over the basics of government services, a 21-year-old political science graduate develops a mobile app that aims to help people access these services

Look also the Video

Notary Public

How to Get a Document Notarized in the Philippines

Look also Notary Public

and the Video


You can now apply for NBI clearance online
Mar 30, 2015

The registration and appointment system for the NBI clearance will all be done online nationwide. Applicants may accomplish the application form at www.doj.gov.ph/nbi

Look also the Video

"NBI clearances - payment kiosk system"

MANDALUYONG CITY, Owie Haplasca, executive officer of the EDP division of the National Bureau of Investigation, explains how applications for the NBI clearance will become fully automated. NBI clearances are required for individuals seeking employment locally or abroad.

Philippine Center on Transnational Crime - PCTC

The PCTC address the requirement of putting strong and intensified focus against transnational organized crime in the course of the government’s anti-crime campaign.
The Executive Director, PCTC; the Chief, PNP; and the heads of other concerned government agencies shall undertake close coordination and cooperation to insure synergy in the over-all anti-transnational crime campaign.


Professional Regulation Commission (PRC)

"How to Change Your PRC Registered Name after Marriage"

by/Zero MD - Jan 22, 2014

For Filipino Female Professionals registered at the Professional Regulation Commission changing their registered name after getting married can be a chore. Find out how you can have a hassle-free time at the PRC. The Professional Regulation Commission is the Philippine governing body for certifying individuals as professionals in the various working groups. Renewal of PRC licenses can be done at SM Malls nowadays which makes it easy. However for women who recently got married, changing the status and registered name is a big hassle.

Look the full description of the video HERE

Look more about PRC HERE

Top 28 Valid ID's Required in the Philippines

Are you familiar with "NO ID, NO ENTRY' signs? Did you experience refusal from a Money Changer or from a "Kwarta Padala" institutions when you want to receive money from someone but you have no valid ID. Whether your a student, an employee, or an average Pinoy, a valid ID - Identification Card is always required when transacting business, accessing public/private institutions or opening bank accounts. So here's a list of the Top 28 Valid ID's required in the Philippines

Philippines BIR Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) card
Having a Philippines BIR Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) card can be advantageous when dealing with Filipino government officials and most financial institutions. A TIN card is handy, even if you do not pay taxes in the Philippines

Important: Look more informations HERE and HERE



"Former" National Statistics Office (NSO) now PSA

Look more about the possibility to get help from NSO HERE

 Look also HERE


NSO Birth Certificate Delivery - Remark videos both in English and Tagalog in the album

Have your NSO Certificates in just 2-4 days. Call NSO Birth Certificate Delivery (02) 737-1111 now! Available 24/7. Nationwide coverage.

Visit the facebook http://www.facebook.com/citizenservices


Civil registry: Update blank entries in birth certificate

The Manila Civil Registry reminds everyone to be alert in fixing their documents such as birth certificates.

Aug 31, 2014

Look also FAQ about ALL kind of civil registrations

POEA Overseas Exit Clearance for OFWs

The exit clearance come in the form of an E-Receipt (electronic receipt) or an Overseas Employemnt Certificate (OEC) certifying to the regularity of a workers recruitment and documentation and ensures exemption from travel tax and airport terminal fee. It is presented at the POEA Labor Asistance Center (LAC) and the Bureau of Immigration (BI) counter at the airports, prior to departure.

The E-Recipt or OEC serves as the worker's guarantee that he/she is covered by government protection and benefits.

Look also HERE and "POEA exec tells OFWs: Get exit clearance early" HERE

Barangay Clearance or Certificate of Residency

one the Philippine government issued identification documents needed for many important business, job, or personal transactions. You might need it for the following reasons:

Barangay Clearance is required when you apply a job/employment.
It's one of the documents required when you apply or open a bank account.
It's required for business establishment.
It's required for other business or financial transactions such as lending, loan or financing.
It's required mainly to certify that you are living or residing in a certain barangay.
And it's required for any other important transactions...


Driver License

New designs for driver's license cards out in August 2015
Ipinasilip ng LTO ang bagong disenyo ng drivers license card na i-isyu simula sa Agosto. Inaasahan ng ahensya na mapupunan ng bagong supplier ang higit sa kalahating milyong hindi pa nabibigyan ng bagong lisensya. Jul 8, 2015

Look the article Transportation office reforms issuance of driver’s licenses
The revised rules governing the issuance of driver’s licenses aim to ensure the capability of the driver as well as streamline the application process. by/Official Gazette, October 23, 2015

Look also:

LTO rolls out drivers' licenses valid for 5 years
by Aika Rey August 29, 2017
The entire application process for the new driver's license cards takes about 5 minutes, the transportation secretary says.

Duterte signs laws extending passport, driver's license validity
by Pia Ranada August 02, 2017
The law extending driver's license validity also imposes stricter measures on the issuance of licenses to ensure only deserving applicants get them. Look RA 10930


example of the old design front - rear

LTO Driver's License and NBI Clearance Renewal

article and examples about renewal of driver´s license for Filipino citizens abroad read HERE and HERE

Remark: Foreigners may drive for 120 days with an International Driving License, IDL or a valid license from countries reciprocating with the Philippines. After which a Philippine Drivers License is required and may be obtained at the Land Transportation office, LTO. ALSO important informations for non US citizens, who stay more than 90 days in Philippine. look ref. HERE

LTO Driver's License and NBI Clearance Renewal
Look the article and examples as pdf HERE

Look also above HERE

Do you know how to apply for a driver's license?
by Aika Rey August 21, 2016
Here's how to properly apply for a driver's license in the Philippines and avoid 'fixers' that help breed corruption

Look also

A disappointing story about getting a PH driver's license
by Janessa Villamera July 30, 2017
Much has been said but has LTO really done anything about these?

Automation in licensing can help screen responsible drivers
April 21, 2017
Former LTO spokesperson Jason Salvador says removing the discretionary factor among employees screening applicants can help ensure that only those fit to drive are issued licenses.

What to expect in LTO's practical driving exam
by Kimiko Sy August 24, 2017

To get a driver's license, applicants must pass both the written examination and the practical driving exam. The exam seeks to filter and guarantee responsible drivers on the road. Are the practical exams effective enough?
Applying for a license can take more or less one whole day. Applicants start with taking the written examination.


The Chancery Department of the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Manila is the Secretariat of the diocese. One of its functions is to receive documents and authorize changes and corrections in the registers of baptism, confirmation and marriage.

Citizen Services

Need a Birth Certificate? Want a Passport - Seaman's Book - Visa or ??? Citizen Services allows for convenient access to various government services from the DFA, NSO and POEA

Many good informations and more links

Philippine Legal Forms is the site to find the basic formats of standard and frequently used legal forms, contracts and agreements in the Philippines.


All Philippine legal forms and contracts are free for site visitors to copy and revise for single use.


Look also Available Forms by Agency - Authority

International Organization for Migration  -  Philippines

Live - Retire in the Philippines

General - nessecary to know

IMPORTANT: Look also the above 2 Links and the above section Citizenship - Residence permission - Visa

and Daily Life, Gun ownership, House - Property - Land - Architecture - Etc. and e.g. Expats Organizations, Etc.

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Make the Philippines your home when all is said and done.

The Philippine Retirement Authority allows foreign retirees to live and retire in the Philippines.
The Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV) opens the door to a range of opportunities and benefits.

PhilHealth benefits for foreign retirees in PH starting July
June 16, 2017
This expansion of coverage is based on a memorandum of understanding signed by PhilHealth and the Philippine Retirement Authority in 2015 that aims to 'promote the country as a retirement haven for qualified foreigners'
Department of Tourism - Retirement Options
Kevin Sanders is a pastor, blogger, husband, and caffeine addict. He spent 11 years as a missionary in the Philippines before returning to America with Mare Cris, his wife. This includes videos on the Philippines with advice for e.g expats and other topics. Look more HERE

Aboutphilippines.ph recommend to look all the good advices for expats

Department of Foreign Affairs of Philippines (DFA)


Planning for the big R: Retirement
by/Rienzie P. Biolena, RFP October 04, 2015

A financial expert explains the essentials of retirement planning and how inflation can make a big difference.

Making a New Life in The Philippines
by Angela Cato

The Philippines is a perfect location for anyone in search of a new home where the climate is great year-round and where people are friendly everywhere you go. The Filipinos living in the islands are a friendly group of people who are family oriented and very nice to newcomers.



Why did Jerry & Family from Hawaii, choose to retire in Cebu?
Jun 3, 2017
Retiring in PH: Pros and cons

For those who are planning their financial future after retirement, one of the important things to determine is where to live. May 30, 2015
How to prepare for retirement in PH

Registered financial planner Randell Tiongson shared effective ways to plan for retirement in the Philippines on ANC's On the Money with Edric Mendoza. Sep 22, 2015
Monthly costs of living in Cebu City

May 6, 2016 by/Christopher Lane
Monthly costs of living for April 2016 for a family of 3 living in Cebu City
Remark these are albums in the album "Daily life, shopping, work, retirement - Etc."

Clark Green City eyed as ‘retirement haven’ for foreigners
Rappler.com July 17, 2015
Urban planners are looking at an elevated portion of the land within the Clark Special Economic Zone as a place to develop a retirement village for foreigners.
An eco-friendly retirement community for foreigners will be one of main features of Clark Green City, the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) said in a statement.
Why Retiring in the Philippines is Your Best Choice
Senior Citizen Benefits and Person With Disability Privileges in the Philippines

Look the Benefits and Privileges as pdf

Filipino Elderly Week: How to take good care of the elderly



Look also Elderly Care - etc. in Philippines

Retiree Associations
The Foreign Service of the Philippines

Tax exemption privileges of filipinos who are permanent residents abroad and returning to the Philippines for good and former filipino citizens who have acquired citizenships of other countries and are returning to the Philippines to settle permanently.

Look also

Continue to Philippine Immigrant Visa Non Quota 13(G) or 13(A)

Returning Resident, Balikbayan Shipment

Understanding Filipino Body Language
Philippines - An Expatriate Guide
goILOILO.com Reality Check: the Philippines – a tropical paradise for the retiree?
How local can a Foreigner become How local can a Foreigner become in the Philippines?
Dress codes for foreigners A Discussion about Dress codes for foreigners living in the Philippines

Living and Working in the Philippines

Remark these are albums in the sub-album "Daily life, shopping, work, retirement - Etc."


Philippines Life

People in the Philippines going about their daily activities.



by/Global Coach Center


Living and Working in the Philippines

Chris Ducker wrote: I get asked what it like to live and work in the Philippines, all the time...! So I thought I'd shoot this quick clip to give you a bit of an insight. Hope you enjoy it.


Philippines Expat Survival Guide - www.expat-survival-guide.info


F.A.C. - Foreign Assistance Center Philippines

is the first in the Philippines of its sort. The F.A.C. provide all legal residing Foreigners, Retirees, Guests and Investors with their given Rights under the Philippine Laws specifically Immigration Law

Look more about F.A.C. HERE


Typical Philippines

Life in Province

The Pros and Cons of Retiring in the Philippines

By emievil

Expat Advice about Moving to the Philippines and other International Relocation
Living, Retiring, Traveling and Doing Business in the Philippines
Big Jim´s Philippines Experience

Documentry style videos, hundreds of pictures, links to related websites, tourist visa information


is a non-profit, non-stock and tax-exempt non-government organization in the Philippines established in 1991. VF works for the welfare of marginalized migrants, especially those working in the invisible and informal sectors, like domestic workers, and trafficked women and children.

Look also the Video

Remark this is an album in the album "Etc. Organizations working in the Philippines"

The do's and don’ts of practical living
by/Adrianna Mejia October 07, 2015

Make practical choices everyday

goILOILO.com Crime against foreigners in the Philippines

many other good informations too about daily life in the Philippines in link on the site



East Service Road, South Superhighway, Taguig City, Metro Manila

Inheritance law of property - land - also about foreigners inheritance tax and law The Global Property Guide looks at inheritance from two angles: taxation, and what inheritance laws apply to foreigners leaving property in Philippines: what restrictions there are and whether making a will is advisable

Look also Landlord and Tenant

Philippine law is generally PRO-LANDLORD in the luxury segment but it is NEUTRAL as between landlord and tenant for the rest of the market.

Water supply and sanitation in the Philippines
National Transmission Corporation (TransCo)

is a Philippine government corporation created in 2001 by the Electric Power Industry Reform Act currently operating the nation's power grid. It assumed all of Napocor's substation and transmission assets.

Look also HERE

The National Power Corporation

also known as the NPC or Napocor, is a state-owned company that serves as the largest provider and generator of electricity in the Philippines. It is also the principal power provider for Manila Electric, the only power distributor in the Metro Manila area.

The National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP)

is a private corporation that maintains and operates the power transmission network of the Philippines.

National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) have taken on a crucial mandate of bringing light to every Filipino home, energizing industries, and turning the country’s wheels of progress.

Cebeco II - Cebu II Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Meralco since 1903 has fueled the growth of the Philippines and its people. As a premier electric service distributor

Read also about Pay your Meralco bill online, Introduting the e-meralco bill

The Yellow Canvass - Philippines

Find ??? what you are looking for :-)

Philippine Standard Time, PST, also known as Philippine Time (PHT) and informally Juan Time, is the official name for the time in the Philippines.

Look also HERE and Republic Act No. 10535 , The Philippine Standard Time (PST) Act of 2013

Look also Filipino Time

Time Zone Converter - Time & Time Zone Conversion
World Time Zones

look list of time zones HERE

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Libingan ng mga Bayani - Heroes Cemetery - Etc.
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Ferdinand Emmanuel Edralin Marcos, Sr.
President - Dictator - Martial Law - Etc.
Burying Marcos in Libingan ng mga Bayani - 'Heroes' Cemetery?
Never Again - Marcos is NOT a hero
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Think of what your relatives will say, if you will be a BALIKBAYAN
Balikbayan boxes and Door to door service
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Laws against Graft, Bribery and Plunder
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Court and Justice system and Study laws
Information about "Court system, Laws, etc."
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Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM), Proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law
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Disaster risk reduction and management
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Children, Youth, Adoption, Children in Armed Conflict
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Media, Internet Laws, Cyber Crime law, Communication
Tourism, Business, Import, Export, Consumers´ Rights - Etc.
Money, Banks, Financing Companies, Negotiable Instruments
Graft, Plunder, Usury, Interest rate
Traffic, Motor Vehicles, “Philippine Lemon Law”, Unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAVs)
Environment, Garbage, Waste
Agriculture, Fisheries, Aquatic Resources
Firearms, Firecrackers, Pyrotechnic devices
Filipino World War II Veterans
Statistical laws
Different law sites and Organizations
Filipino Children Culture
General information & authorities
Early Marriage, Children’s Shelter, Orphanages, Asylums for abandoned & street children
Adoption of a Philippine child
Help to locate missing children etc.
Filipino Youth Culture - Etc.
Amerasians - Forgotten Filipino-American Children - Youth
Swardspeak, Jejemon, Jeproks - etc.
Education general, authorities, organizations
Links about many kinds of educations
Laws - Codes - Rules, Regulations and Rights - Abuse
Educational Institutions - Etc.
also international, exchange & abroad, etc.
Education etc. for Indigenous and etc. groups
FOI - Freedom of Information
Social Media - Facebook and their "dictatorship"
Telephone & Internet systems, Laws, Cyber Crime, Abuse
Web-Safety, Etiquette for parents & kids
Cyber Scam, Bullying & Identity theft
Computer addiction, Etc.
Media - etc.
Radio, TV, Blogs, Newspapers, Journalism, Etc.
Examples of FAKE NEWS etc. for supporting the Duterte government
IMPORTANT about Media Killings - etc.
Filipino Organizations and Networks - general
Nature and environment organizations, Etc.
Sports Organizations - Etc.
Boy and Girl Scouts
Labor Unions Etc.
More about Non-Government Organizations - NGO
Filipino Organizations and Forums - Worldwide
Volunteer - Organization
Expats organizations and forums, etc.
Motor, Automobile Association, Motorbike clubs, Etc.
Lodges - etc.
HELP to YOU from us
Videos - About Philippines
VideoStation - The IMPORTANT appendix to all subject-pages with photos and videos.
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