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About Philippines - Our main-page
with many informations e.g.:
The Philippines, general information about Culture and Life - Etc., Maps
Citizenship, Residence permission, Passport, Visa, Embassies, Driver license, Orders
Have a "Stay" or Live, Retire, Be an expat
Postal system, ZipCode, Phone AreaCode - Ect.
HELP to locate missing children - friends etc.
WARNINGS & GUIDES about Disasters, Disaster preparedness and Recovery
Climate - Weather - Climate change - Met-forecast etc.
Progress - Poverty
Poverty, Progress and Development
Catholic Church
The Roman Catholic Church in the Philippine culture
"The Church", churches, massschedules, history
Music - Songs - Hymns for all occasions, Church Choirs and Organs - etc.
Monasteries, Abbeys etc.
Study Catholic theology - liturgy etc.
St. Niño de Cebu
St. Niño de Cebu, Basilica del Santo Niño and the festivals: Sinulog and Kaplag
Saints - etc.
Filipino Saints, Blesseds & Servants of God, Patrons, Patronesses: Life, History, Hymns & Orders
Catholic Church - liturgy
Liturgy, Bibles, Catechism, Blessings, Prayers, Sacraments - also in different languages of the Philippines
Baptism - First Communion and Confirmation (The first 3 Sacraments)
The Church & religious leaders vs Drug killings, Extrajudicial killings, Death penalty, Duterte admin & #WalkForLifePH
Regular holidays and Special non-working days - Culture, Rituals, Traditions in the family, the church etc.
The Pope and the Vatican
The Pope's statements on family - etc.
Vatican's Commission for the Protection of Minors
Investigation of sexual abuse of minors to face Church judgement.
Papal Visit Philippines 2015
Masses, messages and Blessings - examples
The Philippine Flag, Evolution, Flag days, National Symbols and Independence day
Philippine Culture general & Cultural heritage, Religions - etc.
Etiquette, Do's and Don't's, Whistleblowing
Dating, Courtship, Wedding, Rituals & Marriage, Monogamy, Polygamy, Divorce, Live-in relationship
Religious beliefs
Religions - outside the Catholic Church - and Atheism
Etiquette, Customs, Protocol, Do's and Don't's
Attire and Etiquette in the church and in the cemetery
Filipino table manners, etiquette and Dining and Drinking Tutorials - Etc.
WEB Etiquette - Social Media - Etc.
Sexuality, Sex Education, Family planning, Pregnancy, Abortion and Birth - Etc.
Maternity services - etc. & Fertility Centers
Open relationships, LGBT, Slut shaming, One-night stands - Etc.
Culture - etc.
Babaylan culture, Healers and Healing
Mythology, Legends, Fables, Folktales, Beliefs, Superstitions
Elderly Care
Elderly Care - Retirement and Laws - Rights - etc.
Death, Funeral, Burial & Mourning
Catholic culture about Death, the Dead, Wake, Funeral, Burial, Cremation & Mourning
Indigenous - Ethnic culture, Heritage about Death, the Dead, Funeral, Burial, Mourning and the Dead
Libingan ng mga Bayani - Heroes Cemetery - Etc.
Live In A Graveyard
Laws Funerals - etc.
Filipino - Tagalog - Cebuano - Hiligaynon (Ilonggo) - Chabacano varieties and many more
Dictionaries and lessons to learn the languages.
Traditional and Indigenous Literature - Libraries, Writers, Books, Novels - Etc.
Muslim Culture
Muslim culture general & laws
Martial law - Mindanao
Duterte proclamation declaring martial law in Mindanao - Marawi Clash - Etc.
Terrorism - Child soldiers - Private armies - Kidnapping - Etc.
Peace Talks - Bangsamoro Basic Law
Indigenous, Ancient, Colonial and Famous Architectural Heritage - etc.
Buy, rent, build present houses, property
Etc. architecture e.g. bridges, lighthouses, Etc.
Laws - Real Estate, Property rights, Building, Housing, Power supply, Fire etc.
Ferdinand Emmanuel Edralin Marcos, Sr.
President - Dictator - Martial Law - Etc.
Burying Marcos in Libingan ng mga Bayani - 'Heroes' Cemetery?
Never Again - Marcos is NOT a hero
History, Heritage, "Philippine Refugee Centers" and the refugees "The Boat People"
Historical Places, Landmarks
Historical Fortifications, Cebu Heritage
Martial Law and The People Power Revolution, the EDSA Revolution
The Spanish Era
Ancient Dynasties - Kingdoms and Sultanates of Pre-Colonial Philippines and much more
Museums and Art galleries - Etc.
Being a Balikbayan - Getting a filipino Worker - Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) - Who is Balikbayan
Being - getting a filipina - filipino Au-pair, Maid, Housekeeper, Worker and Agencies
Think of what your relatives will say, if you will be a BALIKBAYAN
Balikbayan boxes and Door to door service
Laws about OFWs, Balikbayan, Passport, Immigration
Ethnic, Indigenous and Tribal Filipino Groups
Culture, which - where and MUCH more
Infomercials about having - keeping a good health - life
Authorities - Etc.
Special Infomercials about AIDS and HIV and
about heat stroke, tropical diseases and after disasters
Hospitals, Doctors and Health Practitioners etc.
Home care service
Hospice - palliative care service
Depression can insult in suicide
Dentists and Plastic Surgery
Traditional and Alternative Health Care - Alternative medicine
Alternative Medicine Practitioners and Clinics Etc.
Medicinal and Natural Cure Plants - Herbal medicine
Health centre e.g. holistic healing and wellness Spa
Health Insurance etc.
Vaccination - Vaccines - Medicine - Etc.
Organ Trafficking
Health Care - Etc.
Health, Disability & Medical Associations, Coalitions, Societies, Etc.
Study Medicine, Midwifery, Nursing, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Etc.
Abuse - Addiction: Drug and Substance e.g. alcohol, smoking, computer
Laws: Tobacco, Alcohol, Drugs, Etc.
Rehabilitation, Prevention, Education
War on drugs
War on Drugs
Extrajudicial Killings, Hearings - Etc.
For and about Persons with Disabilities (PWD)
Disability system – general, Authorities, Laws, Education, Organizations, and Etc. for - and about the life with disability & “Deaf and Blind cultures” Education, FLS and Braille Languages
Internet - telephone - Apps - etc. for deaf and blind - etc.
Filipino Folklore, Festivals & Events, Costumes, Dresses, Footwear, etc.
Death, the Dead, Wake, Funeral, Burial, Mourning, Beliefs, Rituals, etc. & Myths about it
"Filipino Traditions" e.g. Birthdays, general & "The Debutante", Games, etc.
Arts & Crafts
Arts e.g. Introduction, Painters, Bodypainters, Muralists, Sculptors, Ceramic artists, Woodcarvers, etc. and their works, Theater, Film, Design, Art Education - etc.
Crafts - Weaving, Textiles, Bamboo, Shells, Pearls and Jewelry.
Music - Songs - Dances
The National Anthem of the Philippines, Lupang Hinirang - Chosen Land, music, notes, videos and text
Traditional and Ethnic Dances
Musical Instruments, Organs, Music, Songs, Opera, Choirs and Ensembles
Nature, Environment and Ancestral domains general, Authorities, Laws
Fauna & Flora, Fruits, Farming, Forests, Forestry, etc.
Environment education: Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries etc.
Animals general, Veterinarians, Import - Export, Transport of Animals, Pet-animals, Etc.
Laws, Organizations and Study veterinary medicine
Great Places
Great Places and their traditions to Visit
National parks (nature and marine), Landscapes, Lakes, Rivers, Waterfalls, Dams, Caves, Mountains, Volcanoes, Reefs, etc.
Tourism e.g.: Great Places to see, Eco, Disability, Medical, DOs & DONTs, Travel Guides, Airport bus service, Where to stay, Booking agencies, More Activities to do, Etc. - Tourism educations - Institutes, Schools etc. of Tourism
Activities to do as tourist AND for education e.g. Cruises - and River Cruises - sports - fun - relaxing
and MUCH more
Doing Business in, Import to, Export from, Investment in and Outsourcing to the Philippines
Business and Management Education
Import - Export of Animals and Plants, Transport of Living animals e.g. Pets, Etc.
Banks - bank business, Peso Bills & Coins, Currency, SWIFT codes, Loan Sharks and informations
Water supply
Water supply, Safe Water to All and Sanitation
Live by Garbage
Garbage Dump, Wastes, Sanitary Landfills, Etc.
Filipino food culture and "Street Food Culture" and many Recipes
Seafood - Etc. and Recipes
Bread, Cakes
Recipes for Vegetarians, Diabetes & Renal/Kidney Patients
Study Food, Nutrition and Culinary Arts etc.
Study Wine in the Philippines
Hot drinks
Alcoholic drinks e.g. Drinks - Wine, Beer and breweries - etc.
NonAlcoholic Beverages e.g. Juice - etc.
Filipino table manners, etiquette and Dining & Drinking Tutorials - Etc.
Where to Eat - and - Romantic date destinations
Restaurants, Diners, Grills, Buffets, Cafés - Etc.
Malls, Sari-sari stores and Markets - stalls - culture
Be a Consumer, Consumer Rights – Laws & Organizations
The Philippine territory, Administrative divisions, Regions, Provinces - some Cities - Cebu Province "Special" - Etc.
Government Commissions, Committees and Authorities - Etc.
Political system
Political system
Constitution - etc. laws
The Three Branches' structure of the Government - Etc.
Charter Change? - Federalism in PH - Pros and cons of federalism - Etc.
Political parties
Political Dynasties - Families
Elections, general - Electoral violence - Democracy - etc.
Elections, Voting, Combatting vote-selling, Etc.
The President - Vice President
Their politics - "The Duterte administration - The Soap opera"
SONA: State of the Nation Address - Etc.
Foreign Policy - etc.
The Philippines (Pres. Rodrigo R. Duterte) vs US - UN & EU etc.
Cases about Baselines of the Territorial Sea of the Philippines
Human Rights
Human Rights in the Philippines and for filipinos abroad
Human trafficking, Child Prostitution and Pornography, Etc.
Organ Trafficking
Child Labor
Crisis Centers - where to seek, where to get HELP
Informations - Help to locate missing persons
Death penalty
Death Penalty
Might be on death row - IF...
OFWs on death row - abroad
Crimes - Etc. e.g.:
Organized crime, syndicates, 'Gangs'
Money Laundering and laws against Money Laundering
Graft, Corruption and Bribery
Laws against Graft, Bribery and Plunder
Transport systems - Laws, Maritime and Aviation education. Transport around in and to the Philippines - Etc.
Heritage Transport
Heritage of Transportation: Railway systems, Tramway systems, Maritime
Postal system - etc., Freight - Package, Door to door service
Shipping and Forwarding agents
Courts e.g. about
Court and Justice system and Study laws
Information about "Court system, Laws, etc."
Constitution, Citizenship, Authorities
State of lawlessness
Negros Island Region - NIR, Executive Order No. 183
Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM), Proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law
Indigenous, Ethnic People, Muslim Laws, Codes, Rules
Disaster risk reduction and management
Civil, Family, Marriage, Divorce, Retirement, Social Law, Funeral, Inheritance
Children, Youth, Adoption, Children in Armed Conflict
Health, Medicine, Disability, Food, Tobacco, Alcohol, Drugs
Human Rights, Privacy
Human trafficking, Sex tourism, Sex slavery, Prostitution, Sexual Harassment, Violence
Education, Work, Labor
Culture, Heritage, Art, Public Holidays, Amateur Sport
Penal, Criminal Law, Deportation of Aliens
Media, Internet Laws, Cyber Crime law, Communication
Tourism, Business, Import, Export, Consumers´ Rights - Etc.
Money, Banks, Financing Companies, Negotiable Instruments
Graft, Plunder, Usury, Interest rate
Traffic, Motor Vehicles, “Philippine Lemon Law”, Unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAVs)
Environment, Garbage, Waste
Agriculture, Fisheries, Aquatic Resources
Firearms, Firecrackers, Pyrotechnic devices
Filipino World War II Veterans
Statistical laws
Different law sites and Organizations
Filipino Children Culture
General information & authorities
Early Marriage, Children’s Shelter, Orphanages, Asylums for abandoned & street children
Adoption of a Philippine child
Help to locate missing children etc.
Filipino Youth Culture - Etc.
Amerasians - Forgotten Filipino-American Children - Youth
Swardspeak, Jejemon, Jeproks - etc.
Education general, authorities, organizations
Links about many kinds of educations
Laws - Codes - Rules, Regulations and Rights - Abuse
Educational Institutions - Etc.
also international, exchange & abroad, etc.
Education etc. for Indigenous and etc. groups
FOI - Freedom of Information
Social Media - Facebook and their "dictatorship"
Telephone & Internet systems, Laws, Cyber Crime, Abuse
Web-Safety, Etiquette for parents & kids
Cyber Scam, Bullying & Identity theft
Computer addiction, Etc.
Media - etc.
Radio, TV, Blogs, Newspapers, Journalism, Etc.
Examples of FAKE NEWS etc. for supporting the Duterte government
IMPORTANT about Media Killings - etc.
Filipino Organizations and Networks - general
Nature and environment organizations, Etc.
Sports Organizations - Etc.
Boy and Girl Scouts
Labor Unions Etc.
More about Non-Government Organizations - NGO
Filipino Organizations and Forums - Worldwide
Volunteer - Organization
Expats organizations and forums, etc.
Motor, Automobile Association, Motorbike clubs, Etc.
Lodges - etc.
HELP to YOU from us
Videos - About Philippines
VideoStation - The IMPORTANT appendix to all subject-pages with photos and videos.
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