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"Never forget the roots of your family"

A little serious of our mind:

Try to imagine, that your grandchildren can´t speak with you in your language......

Learn your family the language of the roots, so your family - children can speak their language from childhood!

Learn your family the culture of the roots, so your family understand and respect the roots e.g. Mano Po!
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So USE a computer - browser who understand THAT and have no problems to show all kind of files e.g. pdf - links.


Try to look the INFO, because maybe there´s informations about a site, file, album etc. which has been moved


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If you have made or clicked on a link to one of our pages in e.g. Facebook, Twitter etc. so remark that sometimes such a link is wrong, because

somewhere in the link there are

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 ... like you can look here in an example in our log from Facebook

or here in the link to the wanted page (marked with red):

Look an example from the log for the page "The address you have used don´t exist on this server" HERE

If you have used a link with something after the FIRST .htm (not .html) e.g. like here:

so that would never work,

in the examples the right should have been:

In all OUR link there will NEVER be anything after the FIRST .htm or other file-extension e.g. pdf, doc, jpg etc.

In the same way many link in the pdf files don´t work, because they refer to link in the ref. of the pdf file.


If you have used a link with the directory /Cebu/ e.g. so it´s WRONG, because that directory /Cebu/ has been closed.

The RIGHT is e.g.:


If you think that´s a missing link or an error, please send a Error Report.

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 For using many sites e.g. ALL albums with videos and photos in our video & photostation,  it´s nessecary to have SUN-JAVA installed on the computer. If you miss that, so you can download it HERE

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Just send a mail to us and tell if you miss something here on the homepages or you need help to use the link or what you like to get or need help for. Can we help you, we will do it..

But remark:

Sorry - in NO way, we can´t help you to get a job e.g. Au-pair or finding a comming spouse, so don´t contact us asking for such kind of help - You will get no response of that kind

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HELP for how to look Video- & Photostation & what´s nessecary to have for looking - Etc.

Look below about "Servicestatus for VideoStation"

When you open Overview Main-albums so:

First of ALL: Be patient it´s only a little server with 100 main-albums and more than 12600 videos - photos in the more than 4600 main- & sub-albums.

Because it's only a little server, so it can be nessecary to refresh the main-page with the 100 main-albums for getting the overview of all the 100 main-albums' covers shown.

Video-links will open the main-album for the subject. In the main-album look the sub-albums - videos with descriptions.

ALL albums are public, so don´t try to "Sign in" on the videostation, so your IP will be blocked

IMPORTANT: READ "About Me", on the left side of site, where you also can look links etc. to ALL the albums:

Remark that an album-cover is cover for many more albums & sub-albums than the cover shows e.g. the cover:

is cover for a main-album with 72 albums - sub-albums and close to 200 files.

The best display resolution for the screens, which we recommend, are e.g.:

2048x1152 - 150% zoom or 1440x900 - 100% zoom or 1366x768 - 100% zoom

BUT the best result

it depends also of which browser, you use, e.g. in:

Firefox 1366x768 use 110% zoom

IE 1366x768 use 125% zoom

or just zoom until you have only 2 main-albums in a row

so it would look so:

and you can scroll down and look all the main-albums in the best way!


Remark, many of the videos show a link for e.g. subscribe to - look more - etc., so sorry but all this links in the videos are not working.


Video Station is an online photo & video program for looking all the photos and videos from and ALL the subjectpages

Getting the BEST performance - so SELECT: When it opens, you can select in the upper right corner e.g. Timeline, for looking last updates. More possibilities for different ways to view, you can look too. Look the printscreen of the possibilities HERE. We recommend to use Photo wall for normal use!

Remark that in many albums, there are several sub-albums and in some of these also sub-sub-albums!

Remark that for looking the videos - flv and mp4 - in different devices e.g. TV and smartphones you need:

Direct streaming



Apple TV 4th

Windows Phones

Universal Windows Platform


Samsung TV

Browse and stream videos

All common formats with MX Player or better Adobe Flash Player installed on the device.

Look below HERE

All common formats with DS file 5.2+ installed on the device

See specs. of your Apple TV model for exact capabilites


All common formats with VLC Player installed on the device

See specs of your Roku player for exact capabilities

See specs of your TV model for exact capabilities

We recommend look our sites on a "REAL" computer - NOT a little smartphone!

All video files will in the future be MP4/MPEG because Google Chrome is going to block Flash in September 2016

Sorry, but the present FLV files will not be changed.

If you use a mobile android device, we suggest: Select desktop version!

Servicestatus: When VideoStation is updating index after new albums etc. and converting videos and photos - more than 7000 in the main-albums and sub-albums so also mobile devices etc. can streame the videos etc., there will be periods without contact to some of the albums - photos - videos.

Sorry - but when it's WEB - Back-up server there's running, so the can be problems to open the right video-album, so please select the wanted album in the left column on Videostation. Sorry, but also descriptions can be missing (not yet added). Look Status for our servers, because maybe there´s informations about an album etc. which has been moved, so the link p.t. is wrong

Video Station has been controlled working in different browsers look above HERE

BUT - Remark:

If many visitors look albums - videos in the same time, it can be a little slowly to load. You can risk to get this message or a similar instead of the albums

So, please try again a little later


Limitations for looking the albums - photos - videos:

IMPORTANT - Browser requirement: For looking the albums - photos - videos, it´s nessecary to have <iframe> enabled and SUN-JAVA and Flash Player installed on the computer and enabled.

We know that many miss Flash Player installed on many Android and iOS devices, but it´s still possible to install Flash Player, look HERE, HERE and HERE how to do it!

Microsoft Internet Explorer requirement: ActiveX controls and plug-ins and Active scripting enabled


Descriptions of content in the albums in the "Short Description Popup (ToolTip)": There can be problems to look the descriptions of the content in the albums, but just keep the cursor over the desription, so you will get it in a little pop-up. If the pop-up with the full title or description disappear to fast, so just remove the cursor away and back again, so the pop-up will come again - BUT again SORRY, because if the description is long, something maybe will be missing in the pop-up - BUT - You can also look more description on the subject-page to which the album is appendix. The duration of the ToolTip Popup that is displayed when hovering over the album description is controlled by the browser rather than the website. For example using FireFox, the tooltip is displayed until the mouse is moved away from the description however the same description in Chrome is displayed 10 seconds and in Internet Explore and Safari is only displayed for 5 seconds.

Subject-pages & contents: You can look and - or download "Index with contents and WEB-addresses to - for ALL the subject-pages" where you can look much more descriptions og the content HERE - After you have look this,  use the address
Smart Albums: this link is dead, because just now we have no one!
Search Albums, Photos, and Videos:

Photo Station provides the search function from general to advanced for albums, photos, and videos.

(Please note that the search function is not available for Smart Albums, if we later will make such ones.)

To perform a general search: Enter keywords in the search field in the left panel. Albums, photos, and videos matching the search criteria will appear.

To perform an advanced search: Click the down arrow next to the magnifier icon in the left panel, and then specify your search criteria.

Use "Search" if you just came to the main-page, because your browser don´t support "long" links like such one here:


or the link was "dead".


We and many other are using 125% or 150% zoom in the browser for getting the text, photo and video bigger!


SO NOW LOOK Videostation
go to select Help Manuals

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Amateur contra Professional

If there´s wrong spelling and grammar, so please inform me, so I can correct!


You have to remember, that everything is easy, when you can and know how to do, maybe it´s very simple for you


a science for other


in many situations other can - know something, they think are simple, but you think it´s a science....


All you find here is our home-made web-sites, that are just an old amateur´s work, and I don´t know much about it, but would so much like to learn e.g. making much better web-sites ..... in spite of my age!


Do you find anything, which maybe is wrong in what I have written, wrong spelling etc. - and also in the way I have made the web-sites (I´m not super to do that), so I will be more than glad for getting help from you to correct the wrong thing and I´m still hoping, that the pages can be a help for some of you.... but


just give the remarks: "That´s wrong - That´s not right - That´s not working"

and if the economy can, we are ready to pay for your HELP.

Many regards


The "Balikbayan family-union - AboutPhilippines" far away from the beloved Philippines

PS. Look Human Rights & No to Sharia Law & Equality Rights for Man, Woman & Children - WORLDWIDE, click the icon:

If you share, so PLEASE control your link is right working

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