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Death Penalty

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Death Penalty

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Capital punishment

also known as the Death Penalty

is a government sanctioned practice whereby a person is put to death by the state as a punishment for a crime. The sentence that someone be punished in such a manner is referred to as a death sentence, whereas the act of carrying out the sentence is known as an execution. Crimes that can result in a death penalty are known as capital crimes or capital offences.

Look also

Catholic Church and capital punishment

After the Second Vatican Council the Catholic Church has been staunchly opposed to the death penalty.
More recently, Pope John Paul II appealed for a consensus to end the death penalty on the ground that it was "both cruel and unnecessary."

Look also

Archdiocese urges flock to oppose death penalty
January 22, 2017 By Elias O. Baquero
REP. JOSELITO ATIENZA (Buhay Party-List) yesterday rallied the Catholic faithful to oppose a bill that seeks to restore the death penalty

Catholic Church and capital punishment

Bishop vs death penalty: 'God did not cast the first stone!'
by Paterno Esmaquel II January 21, 2017
'Even if anyone has a sinful or scandalous past, remember, that person can still be redeemed and renew his life,' Balanga Bishop Ruperto Santos says

Catholics to stage 'Walk for Life' on February 18
incl. the video:
Death cannot solve our problems, bishop says
by Paterno Esmaquel II January 11, 2017

Called a 'grand procession,' the Walk for Life is set at the Quirino Grandstand Parade Ground in Manila.
Catholics will stage a "Walk for Life" on February 18 to oppose drug-related killings, the death penalty, and other measures labeled by the Catholic Church as "anti-life."


Atienza: Duterte pressuring lawmakers to pass death penalty bill
Published on Jan 11, 2017

An anti-death penalty lawmaker claims President Rodrigo Duterte is pressuring lawmakers to pass a house bill reimposing capital punishment.


What lawmakers say about reimposing the death penalty
Published on Jan 18, 2017

Senator Manny Pacquiao has referenced the Scriptures in his pitch for the death penalty in the Upper Chamber as the debates continue on whether capital punishment should be restored.


Umali on death penalty, Bilibid drug trade and justice Duterte-style
Published January 06, 2017

How will the House's justice committee thrive in the Duterte administration's iron-clad rule? Watch our interview with Umali.

Look also

Passage of death penalty, criminal liability age bills eyed in June
by Mara Cepeda January 16, 2017
House justice panel chair Reynaldo Umali urges the public to continue raising their concerns on the two controversial bills so lawmakers may consider them before they vote on the measures

Umali: Expect ‘compromises’ in death penalty bill after House debates
As he reiterates his support for capital punishment, Representative Reynaldo Umali says Filipinos can only choose between drug-related EJKs and the return of the death penalty.

'Change of heart': Umali supports death penalty due to drug use in PH
'I do support the pro-life stand. But after the Bilibid probe, I had a change of heart,' says Representative Reynaldo Umali on his support for the capital punishment's return in the country.

both by Mara Cepeda January 08, 2017

Next PH envoy to UN hits death penalty revival, extrajudicial killings
by Paterno Esmaquel II December 21, 2016
Ambassador-designate Teodoro 'Teddyboy' Locsin Jr criticizes the Duterte administration on the two controversial issues.
Philippine Ambassador-designate to the United Nations Teodoro "Teddyboy" Locsin Jr said he opposes the death penalty, which Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte vowed to revive as part of his war on drugs.
Locsin also said the spate of killings in the Philippines should stop.
UN on death penalty: PH will break int'l law
by Paterno Esmaquel II December 09, 2016
The UN human rights chief makes an appeal to 'uphold the international human rights obligations of the Philippines' against the death penalty.
The United Nations (UN) human rights chief warned that the Philippines will break international law if it revives the death penalty despite having ratified a protocol against the capital punishment in 2007.
Lawmakers urged to reject revival of death penalty
Published November 27, 2016

Amnesty International says bringing back the death penalty would be a 'major setback' for human rights and would also be a violation of the Philippines' obligations under international law.

Look also the Video:

Amnesty Int'l on death penalty push

Block return of death penalty in PH – Human Rights Watch
by Jee Y. Geronimo December 03, 2016
'The failure of the death penalty as a crime deterrent is globally recognized and the government should maintain the prohibition on its use,' says Human Rights Watch deputy Asia director Phelim Kine.

Look also

Int'l groups to Duterte gov't: Death penalty isn't effective
by Voltaire Tupaz December 05, 2016
The measure is one of the priority bills of President Rodrigo Duterte to help reduce crime in the Philippines.
"We categorically and absolutely oppose the death penalty in any and all circumstances and consider its use to be a violation of the right to life and freedom from cruel, inhuman, or degrading punishment," about 67 signatories of a statement released on Monday, December 5, said.
Below is a list of 67 individuals and international groups that signed the statement against the reimposition of the death penalty in the Philippines.

Christian churches: 'Stop the killings, Mr President!'
by Paterno Esmaquel II December 13, 2016
The National Council of Churches in the Philippines asks why 'he who expressed disdain over Filipinos killing fellow Filipinos would now tolerate impunity'
The National Council of Churches in the Philippines (NCCP) joined the call for President Rodrigo Duterte to stop the killings under his watch, as more than 5,900 people have died in Duterte's war on drugs.
The NCCP also denounced the death penalty, which Duterte has vowed to restore through his allies in Congress.
LIST: Crimes punishable by death under House Bill 1
December 08, 2016
AT LEAST 21 "heinous" crimes have been included in House Bill 1, also known as the Death Penalty bill, which was approved on first reading by the House of Representatives justice committee on Wednesday, December 7.

Look Heinous crimes Included in Death Penalty Bill

A lethal mix? Death penalty and a 'flawed, corrupt' justice system
by Camille Elemia December 03, 2016
In People v Mateo in 2004, the Supreme Court says 71.77% of death penalty verdicts handed by lower courts were wrong. The SC reduced the sentences to life imprisonment and, even, acquittal.
With intensified calls to revive the death penalty, is the Philippines, particularly its criminal justice system, ready for it and its consequences?

Look the article as pdf HERE

House death penalty bill: How they voted
The House justice committee votes in favor of reimposing the death penalty for heinous crimes in the Philippines. Who voted for and against the measure?

Look also

House to extend death penalty debates to January 2017
Majority Leader Rodolfo Fariñas says more supermajority congressmen would be amenable to reimposing the death penalty if only applied to drug-related cases

both by Mara Cepeda December 07, 2016

Death penalty gets House panel's nod
December 07, 2016 by Jauhn Etienne Villaruel
The restoration of capital punishment in the Philippines is now slated for plenary debates, as the House justice committee on Wednesday approved a report containing the substitute bill that would allow death penalty back in the country's criminal justice system.

and the Video:

House panel approves death penalty bill
Published on Dec 7, 2016

Robredo, LP senators slam pace of death penalty approval
December 08, 2016
Vice President Leni Robredo has expressed alarm at the quick passage in the House committee level of the bill restoring death penalty in the country.
"Tila minadali ng komite ang pag-apruba sa panukalang batas na ito para lamang mapagbigyan ang kagustuhan ng Pangulo," she said.
Robredo questioned how the proposed bill was passed without any evidences or studies that would say that death penalty would be effective in suppressing crime
Robredo: Death penalty bill rushed to fulfill Duterte's wishes
Published December 08, 2016
The Vice President says no sufficient evidence was presented during the hearings that would support or refute claims that the death penalty would be an effective deterrent against crime.
Hontiveros: Death penalty in our 'Kill Bill' list
by Jee Y. Geronimo December 08, 2016
Two other lawmakers also condemn the proposal to revive the death penalty, as well as plans to lower the age of criminal liability in the Philippines.
Senator Risa Hontiveros on Thursday, December 8, said they have numbers in the Senate to "put up a good fight" against the death penalty bill which the House justice committee already approved.
Archbishops Tagle, Villegas denounce death penalty
by Paterno Esmaquel II December 12, 2016

'Every life has hope,' Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle says, while Archbishop Socrates Villegas pushes to reform the justice system.
The Philippines' two most influential Catholic bishops have spoken!

Cardinal Tagle: 'I will not give up on criminals'
by Paterno Esmaquel II December 14, 2016
'Tao 'yan, buhay 'yan! May pag-asa 'yan,' Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle says of drug addicts and others 'drawn into vices'
Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle made an impassioned appeal for criminals, including drug addicts, as he denounced the death penalty being pushed by President Rodrigo Duterte and his allies in Congress.
Bishop calls for prayer rally vs death penalty on December 12
by Paterno Esmaquel II December 06, 2016
'What a tragedy if this would be passed in this holy season of Christ's birth,' Archbishop Socrates Villegas says, referring to the death penalty bill.

Look also the below links about 'Prayer vs death penalty'


Church leaders oppose moves to revive death penalty
Published Dec 9, 2016
Catholic Church leaders oppose the revival of the death penalty now that a measure seeking its reimposition is submitted for plenary deliberations at the House of Representatives.

Look also

Manila Archdiocese releases prayer vs death penalty
The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Manila has released a prayer which aims to combat the reimposition of death penalty in the Philippines.

Look the Prayer as pdf HERE

Cardinal Tagle releases prayer vs death penalty
by Paterno Esmaquel II December 10, 2016
'Help us to work tirelessly against state-sanctioned death,' says the Archdiocese of Manila's prayer against the death penalty.


Prayer rally, idinaos kontra pagbabalik ng death penalty

Nagdaos ng prayer rally at signature campaign sa Pangasinan, ang mga grupong tutol sa death penalty. Sa Ilocos Sur, ipinaskil naman ang mga tarpaulin sa mga simbahan, bilang pagtutol sa extrajudicial killings. Nagpa-Patrol, Michelle Soriano. TV Patrol, Huwebes, 15 Disyembre 2016

Suarez wants death penalty under Duterte admin only
by Mara Cepeda December 14, 2016

House Minority Leader Danilo Suarez says this could be a way to 'appease' the Church, which is strongly opposing the proposed revival of capital punishment in the country.
House Minority Leader Danilo Suarez, a co-author of the measure seeking to reimpose the death penalty for heinous crimes, only wants capital punishment to be implemented under the term of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Death penalty bill hurdles House committee
by Mara Cepeda December 07, 2016

Advocates of the death penalty bill are hoping that the measure would be passed on 3rd and final reading before Congress goes on Christmas break.

Alvarez to ostracized pro-death penalty Catholics: Change your religion
by Mara Cepeda December 06, 2016
Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez says if Filipino Catholics who support the death penalty are ostracized by the Church, they should instead find another religion.
Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez advised Filipino Catholics to look for a new religion should they be ostracized for supporting the reinstatement of the death penalty in the country. says: We are angry - NEVER death penalty!

Capital punishment in the Philippines

has a varied history and was suspended on June 24, 2006 - the second time since 1987.
Filipinos have mixed opinions about the death penalty, with many opposing it on religious and humanitarian grounds, while advocates see it as a way of deterring crimes.

Look also


Looking back: Death penalty in the Philippines
By TAPAT. Ang Balitang Totoo June 13, 2016

Look also
Return of death penalty in PH 'violates' international law
President Rodrigo Duterte and some lawmakers have called for the return of the death penalty as a way to strengthen the rule of law. But the Philippines could violate international law if it brings the punishment back.

Duterte: Death penalty for heinous crimes in case there’s no God
By: Gil C. Cabacungan September 26, 2016

President Duterte wants to reimpose the death penalty to ensure that criminals pay for their sins in case God does not exist.

Look also

Duterte seeks death penalty in war on crime
by Ted Regencia 27 September 2016
Philippine president seeks restoration of capital punishment in his fight against drug traffickers and users.
Duterte had promised to re-impose the death penalty during his campaign.

House panel wants to reimpose death penalty for drug cases
by Mara Cepeda October 18, 2016

The House justice committee wants to put the BuCor and the BJMP under a single department for the 'rationalization' of the jail management system

Look also

Alvarez: We’re not rushing the death penalty bill in the House
by Mara Cepeda November 29, 2016
Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez says that should the measure be passed into law, President Rodrigo Duterte would have the political will to implement the death penalty.


Will the Philippines reinstate the death penalty?
Published May 16, 2016 by euronews

President-elect Rodrigo Duterte who says he plans to bring back the death penalty in the Philippines.
"What I would do is urge Congress to restore the death penalty by hanging," Duterte told reporters.
More crime, corruption ahead if death penalty revived
Published on Dec 12, 2016

Reviving the death penalty will only “aggravate” the crime situation and will worsen corruption in the country, a party-list representative said Monday.
De Lima to Duterte: Rethink stand on death penalty

Senatorial aspirant Leila De Lima, who is currently in the 'Magic 12', has urged presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte to rethink his stand on death penalty, as she emphasized that Philippines still has a weak justice system.
Published May 17, 2016
More Senators in Favor of Death Penalty in the Philippines to Come Back Soon

The proposal of incoming President Rodrigo R. Duterte to reimpose death penalty continues to gain support. Yesterday, more senators expressed support to various calls for an intensive debate on the proposal which the Senate is expected to take up immediately upon the opening of the 17th Congress.
Senate President Franklin Drilon had earlier expressed his readiness to engage in debates on the death penalty even though he said he is against the proposal due to a flawed justice system in the country.
Published Jun 11, 2016
Published Jul 13, 2016
Duterte urged to rethink death penalty!

A former chairperson of the Commission on Human Rights appealed to President Rodrigo Duterte to rethink his position on death penalty. - The World Tonight, ANC, August 3, 2016
‘Balik Bitay?

This video entitled ‘Balik Bitay’ features the argument on returning death penalty for heinous crimes in the Philippines.

Isinusulong ng parating na administrasyon ni President-elect Rodrigo Duterte ang pagbabalik ng bitay sa bansa. Pero dapat na nga bang ibalik ang death penalty? Published Jun 27, 2016
Sen. Manny Pacquiao VS. Sen. Leila de Lima - Debate about Death Penalty

(FULL VIDEO) Sen. Manny Pacquiao VS. Sen. Leila de Lima - Debate about Death Penalty @ Senate of the Philippines!
Published Aug 9, 2016
Chinese woman with 4kl. Shabu first to face death penalty under President Duterte

Carrying contraband is strictly prohibited in the Philippines and the Chinese Woman Carrying Shabu in Cebu on July 20 might face Death Penalty under President Duterte.
She might be the first to be executed for drug trafficking. Published on Jul 24, 2016

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