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Environment and climate change: Duterte owns the problems now
by Tony La Viña June 30, 2017

President Duterte has inherited problems from past administrations. He must lead us away from ecological apocalypse by being bold and visionary.

When are classes cancelled or suspended?
The rainy season starts about the same time that classes in the primary, secondary, and tertiary levels nationwide begin.
Get a refresher on when classes are cancelled or suspended during times of disasters.

Look also HERE and HERE

Editorial: Suspending classes
November 25, 2016
GOV. Hilario Davide III, after consulting with officials of the weather bureau Pagasa, suspended classes in all levels the other day and the whole day yesterday following the entry of tropical depression Marce in the Philippine area of responsibility and projections that it would pass by Cebu.
Marce, however, had other things in mind. While it momentarily strengthened into a tropical storm, it veered away from Cebu. The rainfall, which was projected to be heavy, was light and not sustained. This has led some sectors to question the correctness of the decision to suspend classes in many Cebu schools.

Weather Philippines: Private sector fills information gap
July 27, 2017

Weather Philippines Foundation has more than 800 automated weather stations around the country, generating localized data to help with disaster preparedness


Climate Justice

Aug 25, 2016 - Aired: April 2, 2016 - English subtitles
This video entitled ‘Climate Justice’ features ‘the fight of the Climate Justice activists to experience the real Climate Change.’
May tinatayang 6,000 katao ang nasawi dahil sa Bagyong Yolanda noong 2013. Natitiyak ng mga eksperto na mauulit pa ang ganito kalakas na bagyo sa mga susunod na taon bunga ng tinatawag na Climate Change. Climate Justice ang panawagan nga mga taong nagsusulong sa nagyon na maisakatuparan ang minimithing Climate Change.


Paris climate deal takes effect in PH, now what?
April 22, 2017
On Earth Day, Saturday at 2 pm, April 22, 2017 we discussed what Filipinos can do beyond the ratification of the agreement that seeks to curb global warming.

Look the FULL description on the video


How can tourism promote climate resilience?
March 17, 2017

Climate action and tourism advocate Rome Candaza talks about how Albay turns disaster risks into opportunities through tourism and #ClimateActionPH

COP 22: Energy is PH's 'elephant in the room'
by Renee Juliene Karunungan November 14, 2016
Environmental lawyer Antonio La Vina says that in order to tackle energy problems in the country, there is a need to reduce over dependence on one energy source like coal.

Look also

PH can be a venue to explore ways vs climate change
November 17, 2016
Environment Secretary Gina Lopez, at the COP22 in Morocco, also says the world does not need to give up economic growth to protect the planet.

PH in top 10 vulnerable countries to climate change for last 20 years
by Renee Juliene Karunungan November 16, 2016
The Philippines has been included because of both a single catastrophic event and the constant climate impacts that hit the country.

Bataan community asks Gina Lopez to close SMC coal plant
by Voltaire Tupaz February 15, 2017
Residents complain of health problems, including skin and respiratory diseases, that are allegedly caused by San Miguel Corporation's power plant in Limay
They claimed that many of them fell ill since the alleged ash spill near SMC's power facility in Barangay Lamao in Limay town in early January this year.

Look also

Franciscans to Bataan coal plants: Don't get rich at expense of public health
by David Lozada February 26, 2017
On Monday, February 27, affected residents will march to Limay municipal hall to call on the local government to shut down the coal-fired power plants.

Coal isn’t cool: Bataan students, residents take plight to Facebook
by Jules Matabuena February 24, 2017
The group ‘Coal is not cool’ serves as a communication hub for communities affected by coal-fired power plants and their supporters

Families near Bataan coal plant face displacement
February 21, 2017
The provincial government of Bataan says that it would provide housing for 250 affected families within the next 3 to 5 months.


#ClimateActionPH and Bataan's battle vs coal
February 21, 2017

MovePH's Voltaire Tupaz talks to a community in Bataan complaining of health problems allegedly caused by the power plants in their area.
There is a growing trend across countries to shift from coal to clean energy sources. The Philippines, however, is deviating from this trend, having approved 29 additional coal-fired power plants, which will be operational by 2020.
Coal is among the major sources of greenhouse gas emissions, one of the biggest culprits behind global warming and climate change.
This has sparked protests in communities where coal-fired power plants operate.


#ClimateActionPH: Cebu's battle vs coal
November 28
On Rappler Talk, MovePH editor Voltaire Tupaz and advocates tackle climate change and coal.
Joining the discussion from Cebu City are anti-coal plant petitioner Sheida Salazar Henry and Climate Reality Project Philippines Manager, Rodne Galicha.
Coal is one of the major sources of greenhouse gas emissions, one of the biggest culprits behind global warming and climate change.

IMPORTANT: Look also

The real cost of coal power

Cebu City mayor against Sawang Calero coal plant
February 21, 2017 By Razel V. Cuizon
This is what Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña said on the revival of the 300-megawatt coal-fired power plant proposed in Barangay Sawang Calero.

and Cebu's battle vs coal

Timeline: PH's shifting climate actions
October 21, 2016

The Philippine government’s lukewarm stance today is a harsh departure from its aggressive position in the COP21

Look also

Duterte: Climate change real but Paris treaty unfair
by Pia Ranada December 09, 2016
While the President believes 'there is really climate change,' he thinks the treaty will only lead rich countries to bully poor ones.

DepEd reiterates guidelines for class suspensions during typhoons
July 08, 2016
In the absence of storm signals, local government units have discretionary powers.
During typhoons, classes in affected areas are automatically suspended based on storm signals declared by the PAGASA.
But in the absence of storm signals, it is the local government units (LGUs) – not the DepEd – that decide whether or not to suspend classes.

Millennials in Disaster Preparedness and Climate Action
Published on Jul 7, 2017

Paul Pangilinan, National Youth Commission's Commissioner at Large presents a report on disaster preparedness and climate action of millennials


Technology, disasters, and climate change
September 16, 2016

Rappler talks to Dr. Alfredo Mahar Lagmay, executive director of Project NOAH, of Project NOAH to discuss the role of technology in disaster preparedness and addressing climate change

Coping vs adapting: How Aetas face climate change threats
by Anjela Era and Bea Orante August 10, 2017

Farming income of the Aetas is highly seasonal and vulnerable to typhoons, prolonged drought, and excessive rain.

Climate - Weather - Climate change

Met-forecast for the Philippines

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Vernice Victorio on Duterte's approach to climate change

What convinced Duterte to sign Paris climate pact REVISED:
Climate Change Vice-Chairperson Vernice Victorio explains what convinced President Rodrigo Duterte to sign the Paris climate pact

Look also the articles

Senate concurs in Paris climate deal ratification
by Camille Elemia March 14, 2017
UPDATED Voting 22-0, senators seal the Philippines' ratification of the landmark international agreement on climate change

Senate to OK Paris climate deal before March 18 – Legarda
by Camille Elemia
Senator Loren Legarda, who is set to sponsor the measure, is confident they have the numbers to concur with the ratification of the Paris climate deal.

Duterte signs Paris climate deal
by Pia Ranada
UPDATED The Office of the President submits the signed 'Instrument of Accession' to the Senate for concurrence on March 1

All published March 01, 2017

The power of truth: The U.S., Philippines, and the Paris Agreement
by Tony La Viña and Hannah Tablan August 15, 2017

Climate change is too big an issue for us to allow one country to hold the global community hostage and paralyzed in inaction.

Climate change: Why PH should care
Aug 23, 2016
We’re in the second half of the year and that means the rainy season is here. But it’s not the usual wet season - experts warn of La Niña, a natural phenomenon that’ll make rains more frequent and stronger. It’s the flip side of El Niño, which brought the drought we’ve just witnessed across the country, especially in Mindanao.
El Niño and La Niña will be made harder by the effects of climate change. Filipinos should understand that while they bear the brunt of the effects of climate change, they can also do something to mitigate it.
Why it’s time to act on climate change
February 09, 2017

You can make a difference in the fight against climate change. Be informed and take a stand.
Climate change is here.

There are bigger battles outside the Paris Agreement
by Leon Dulce November 04, 2016
'It is actually commendable how President Duterte asserts our people’s right to develop as the foundation of his argument, a right of vulnerable and poor nations that is given only tokenisms in the agreement'
There are the bigger battles outside the Paris Agreement that need to be fought, as these are the ones winning the struggle against the global system that perpetuates climate injustice. Let these stories of struggles in the frontlines be at the core of the climate talks
WATCH: Advocates urge PH Senate to ratify Paris climate deal after Duterte nod
by Voltaire Tupaz November 07, 2016

Nearly 100 countries ratify or accept the landmark agreement that seeks to curb global warming, but the Philippines is not among them

Ramos, Duterte, and the Paris Agreement
by Tony La Viña November 04, 2016

While I agree mostly with President Ramos, I actually understand where President Duterte is coming from. He is asking the right and good questions.

Look also

Paris Agreement enters into force: Celebration and reality check
by Patricia Espinosa and Salaheddine Mezouar November 04, 2016
'Its early entry into force is a clear political signal that all the nations of the world are devoted to decisive global action on climate change'

Ramos to gov't: Ratify climate deal or Filipinos will suffer
by Mara Cepeda October 30, 2016

Former President Fidel V. Ramos wants President Rodrigo Duterte to approve the climate deal so the Senate may ratify it, because it would 'advance the interests' of Filipinos

Look also

La Viña: Paris climate deal aligns with Duterte's 10-point agenda
by Gwen de la Cruz October 30, 2016
In time for the upcoming Morocco climate talks, the Ateneo School of Government and the SSG Advisors present the reasons why the Paris Agreement on Climate Change should be ratified by the Philippines

Why forests are a crucial weapon
8:42 AM, July 02, 2016

Find out more about forests and their role in mitigating climate change in this infographic

How reducing your waste can mitigate climate change
June 04, 2016

Your trash contributes to climate change. It’s time to clean up!
Think about all the items you dispose of every day: that styrofoam coffee cup, the leftover of the meal you had for lunch, the pile of used paper on your desk, and the plastic packaging or cardboard box that came with your newest gadget.

Look also How you can reduce your carbon footprint
by Krista Garcia July 23, 2016
Small but conscious changes in the way we eat, live, and work can help reduce our carbon emissions

How does food production contribute to climate change?
June 10, 2016

The agriculture sector accounts for the second biggest share of the country's greenhouse gas emissions, according to latest data. But addressing the problem is easier said than done

Hotter climate causing lower worker productivity – study
by Jee Y. Geronimo July 19, 2016

The global economic cost may be more than $2 trillion by 2030, according to the study on the impact of climate conditions on occupational health

COP 21 - Paris Agreement on climate change

The historic deal is signed on December 12 2015 in Paris

Philippine statement on adoption of Paris climate deal
by/Philippine Delegation to the UN climate change conference December 13, 2015
'Despite diversity and divergence, we have found common ground. The Paris Agreement is a monumental feat of humanity,' says head of Philippine delegation Emmanuel de Guzman

Look also

PH welcomes historic Paris Agreement – Palace
The Philippines also pledges to bring Filipinos together and engage them in building disaster-resilient communities, Communications Secretary Coloma says

Look the full text COP 21 - Paris Agreement on climate change
Duterte now open to ratify Paris climate deal
August 18, 2016 By Ruth Abbey Gita
PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte has expressed openness to ratify the Paris agreement on climate change, after initially saying he would not honor it, a Palace official said on Thursday.
Duterte: Addressing global warming is top priority
by Jee Y. Geronimo UPDATED July 26, 2016
President Rodrigo Duterte says the fight against climate change 'must not stymie our industrialization'
Duterte, don’t get caught in the fog of global warming
by Rolly Calalang July 31, 2016
Duterte won't honor int'l pacts on carbon emissions
by Pia Ranada July 18, 2016
The Philippine president says he wants to kick an ambassador for asking if the Philippine government would honor its commitments to reduce greenhouse gases
"You are trying to stifle us in an agreement na ganito lang kayo (that you will stay this way)...That’s stupid. I will not honor that. Sabi niya (He said), you signed. That was not my signature," said the Philippine president
Duterte on Paris climate pact: 'I won't honor that'
By Ruth Abbey Gita July 18, 2016
PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte said Monday that he will not acknowledge the Paris agreement on climate change, which he called a "stupid" treaty.

and the Videos

Duterte says 'no' to climate change pact

Senate won’t ratify Paris climate pact

Energy Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi defends Duterte's stand on Climate Change pact and vows to lower power rates.
Duterte willing to talk about Paris climate change agreement
by Pia Ranada July 22, 2016
The Philippine president says he still has 'misgivings' about the international climate pact but is ready to talk if the agreement takes into consideration his plans for the country's economy
8 reasons why PH should honor UN climate commitments
by Renee Juliene Karunungan July 19, 2016
'The whole world has started to recognize that environment and development go hand in hand. Why can't we?'
Environmental groups, advocates to Duterte: ‘Let us talk’
Raisa Serafica July 19, 2016
Environmental groups and advocates urge the president to look at the vital role the Philippines plays in the global climate pact

and the Video PH delegation on signing of historic COP21 deal. Dec 12, 2015 in the album COP 21


Philippines signed the Paris deal. What’s next?
July 13, 2016

Watch our interview with Christian Monsod.
A few months after the Philippines signed a global pact to mitigate climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, how is it making good on its promise?

Climate Change Commission - CCC

The Philippine Climate Change Commission is an independent and autonomous body that has the same status as a national agency and is attached to the Office of the President.

Look also HERE and the Videos

Philippine's Climate Change Commission, CCC Video - Teaser

CCC Commercial

Children and Youth Workshop on Climate Change - Pinoy + Youth + Power in a Changing Climate

4-Greeneration Challenge - Call for Youth-led Climate Change Initiatives

Remark this is an album in the album "Government Authorities - etc."

Poverty pushes young Filipino to fight for the environment
by/Fatima Reyes June 11, 2016

Arnel Alipao believes that more than being vulnerable in times of disasters, children are capable of helping society minimize the effects of climate change

Batanes: Facing the new normal of climate change
with video
March 01, 2017
For remote communities in Batanes, weathering typhoons is nothing new, but climate change threatens to uproot their homes and destroy their livelihoods. Watch this 360 video on how communities in Itbayat are facing their new normal.

Look also

Beyond the postcards: Batanes and climate change
by Airah Cadiogan March 01, 2017
'We need to view Batanes in a different light: less glossy than in travel magazines yet less desperate than in weather reports; a real place where people affected by climate change live'


Philippines and Climate Change

A Climate Change Documentary by Senator Loren Legarda & Direk Brillante Mendoza

Climate-related disasters rising in PH: ADB
Typhoon "Yolanda", "Glenda", and even Habagat. All of these caused great effect in the country. According to the study made by Asian Development Bank, the climate-related disaster in the country continues to rise in number. Sep 2, 2014

ADAPTAYO - Our Nation's Call for Climate Change Adaptation
ADAPTAYO promotes courage, flexibility, strength, and resiliency among Filipinos amid the perils, dangers, and impact of climate change: droughts, typhoon, flooding, and extreme weather conditions

Look full description about ADAPTAYO

Pagasa - Mactan Chief Oscar Tabada on Climate Change
Pagasa-Mactan Chief Oscar Tabada discussed about hydro-meteorological hazards in the Philippines, weather forecasting, and facts about climate change with Sun.Star employees. Jai Sandoval/Sunnex Dec 20, 2013

National Publication of Lessons Learned on Climate Change Adaptation in Demonstration Projects

Sea level rise
Sea level rise and possibly cause extreme flood and storm surge. Apr 9, 2014

Look also the articles:

Global heat, sea level hit record highs in 2015
by afp August 02, 2016 y
The record heat that the planet experienced last year is driven partially by global warming, and is exacerbated by the ocean heating trend known as El Nino

1991 Pinatubo explosion slowed down sea level rise – study
by KD Suarez August 23, 2016
Sea level rise temporarily slowed down because of the massive 1991 explosion, but it is again speeding up, scientists say
The 1991 explosion of Mount Pinatubo in Zambales slowed down the gradual rise in sea levels due to global warming – and its effects are now waning, scientists said in a study. Look also HERE

Is the Philippines sinking?

"Waterworld", a documentary by Jay Taruc
A recent study commissioned by the government shows that up to 80% of the country will be underwater in 80 years. Are we prepared to live in a waterworld? Date aired: Oct. 18, 2014

Why rich countries need to talk about the Philippines
by/Renee Juliene Karunungan and Andreas Sieber, May 25, 2015

Will other G7 countries follow Germany's commitment to double climate finance for adaptation?

Nature doesn't negotiate: Climate catastrophe is with us now
by/Kumi Naidoo Dec 17, 2014

'Understand that climate change is not a future threat to be negotiated but a clear and present danger that requires urgent action now'

Women and climate change: Vulnerable, but not helpless
by/ Kathryn Leuch March 13, 2016

Women's voices 'are indispensable in arriving at strategies and policies regarding adapting and mitigating impacts of climate change'

How vulnerable is Mindanao to El Niño?
by/Gwen de la Cruz April 03, 2016

Because of its proximity to the equator, Mindanao is the region most vulnerable to El Niño


on Climate Change in the Philippines

Current Status of Climate Change
Mitigation and Adaptation
by/Philippines, Climate Change Commission

Look also Climate Change in the Philippines

A Contribution to the Country Environmental Analysis

Draft for discussion

Climate change in the Philippines

Climate Projections in 2020 and 2050 in provinces

How the climate change scenarios were developed
How were the downscaling techniques applied using the PRECIS model simulations or run?
How were uncertainties in the modeling simulations dealt with?
What is the level of confidence in the climate projections?
What are the possible applications of these model-generated climate scenarios?

Climates of the Philippines
How's the weather today? Check it in your smart phones!
by/ August 03, 2015
WeatherPhilippines app is now available for Android and iOS
The Manila Observatory

a non-profit research institute housed in the campus of the Ateneo de Manila University in Quezon City, Philippines.

Look also HERE

Gov’t adopts new strategy for climate change resiliency

by David Lozada on 08/08/2014

El Niño

How can Filipinos better understand it?
by/Gwen de la Cruz Mar 14, 2015

Summer is fast approaching and it is expected to be hotter than usual.

State weather bureau PAGASA announced on Wednesday, March 11, the onset of El Niño, causing reduced rainfall and higher temperatures in some parts of the country.

With El Niño causing a dry spell in the country, farmers, who may find scientific terms difficult to understand, are expected to be most affected by this phenomenon.

How is government preparing for El Niño?

Look also the Videos

PAGASA: El Niño is here

Mar 9, 2015
We are now experiencing a mild El Niño. This is what the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration, PAGASA confirmed earlier. The dry season may extend because of this phenomenon.

Pagasa: Expect below normal rainfall due to El Niño

Mar 11, 2015
NewsLife: Pagasa: Expect below normal rainfall due to El Niño Reported by Christine Santos

Reforma – Cebu:

A Community based Resource Management

Initiative and Climate Change

by/ Huberto  C. Zanoria

RCE Cebu Board Member ; Community Extension and Development Director - Southwestern University, Cebu City, Philippines

Weather-forecast from

PAGASA - The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration

Look also the article:

After 150 years, time to upgrade PAGASA
We want a modern PAGASA that can warn us about typhoons and weather disturbances coming our way and which has a working environment which prevents forecasters from leaving the Philippine area of responsibility, Senate President Pro Tempore Ralph Recto said in a statement Saturday, March 28 2015

Look also

Weather-forecast from PAGASA Mobile App

This application provides the daily weather forecast, satellite image, severe weather bulletin and forecast track of typhoon in the Philippines. Offers free quick access to the latest weather bulletin and storm warning issued by PAGASA. It shows the current satellite image and path of typhoon including its forecast track. You can see your distance from the storm's location relative to your position. Also available in iPhone and iPad as a web application.

PAGASA unveils improved smartphone app
by Adrian Jimenea June 16, 2016
The app provides users key information on weather, flooding, and hazard which can help them during times of disasters and typhoons

and HERE and the Video PAGASA mobile app. Remark this is an album in the album "Government, Authorities - Etc."

Weather-forecast Cebu
Weather forecast and the weather to-day - Toledo City, Cebu
Tropical storm vs super typhoon

This infographic shows the difference between 4 types of tropical cyclones

Look also the article Weather 101: Tropical storm vs super typhoon Dec 03, 2014

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