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The Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines - general

Attire and Etiquette in the church and in the cemetery

Basilica del Santo Niño and the festivals: Sinulog St. Niño de Cebu and Kaplag

Roman Catholic Religious Orders

Monasteries, Abbeys and Convents


Churches - Shrines - Mass schedules - etc.

Music - Songs - Hymns - Organs - Choirs etc. for many occasions

Apparitions - Miracles - Pilgrimage sites - etc.

Bibles, Mass book, Missal, Catechism, Sacraments, Prayers, Prayer Book, Blessings

Filipino Saints, Patrons, Patronesses, Blesseds and Servants of God

Baptism (Binyag), First Communion and Confirmation


Divorce - Remarriage

How to Become a Roman Catholic Convert

Study theology - liturgy etc.


Links - informations - Good to know for the daily life

The Church & religious leaders vs Drug killings, Extrajudicial killings, Death penalty, Duterte admin & #WalkForLifePH

Catholic culture about Death, Wake, Funeral, Burial, Cremation & Mourning

The Pope and the Vatican:

Vatican's Commission for the Protection of Minors - etc.

Masses, messages and Blessings - examples

Papal Visit Philippines 2015


Filipino Holidays, Culture, Rituals and Traditions in the family and the church - Etc.

Catholic - Ect.: universities, colleges, highschools, elementary school & institutes, etc.

The Catholic church and other Christian Media - Etc. e.g. Radio- and TV-stations

Separation of Church and State

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Pros and cons of federalism

in Luzviminda - LuzViMinda
(a portmanteau of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, the names of the three major island groups - look Logo-photo in full size)

Mass celebrated again in Marawi cathedral
by Carmela Fonbuena October 01, 2017 - with video

A Mass is held Sunday, October 1 at the St Mary's Cathedral in Marawi

The first since war erupted in the city last May – amid sounds of gunfire

Hostaged Marawi priest Chito Soganub rescued
by Carmela Fonbuena September 17, 2017 - with Video

4.UPDATE Hostaged Marawi priest Father Teresito 'Chito' Soganub is rescued along with another hostage near Bato Mosque, one of 3 enemy strongholds that fell into government control over the past days.

Look also

Marawi priest Chito Soganub jokes: 'I am physically strong and handsome'
by Rambo Talabong September 18, 2017 - with Video
Despite being held captive for more than a hundred days in Marawi City, Fr Teresito 'Chito' Soganub is still able to crack a joke as he faces the media.

Fr. Chito Soganub: I am physically strong. Pray for me
September 18, 2017 - with Video
Fr. Chito Soganub, the parish priest who was rescued by troops in a mosque in Marawi, appealed to the media Monday, September 18, to pray for his recovery and assured them that he is "physically strong and handsome."


Propaganda shows Marawi priest echoing kidnappers' demand
May 30, 2017

Why Do Bishops Wear Purple and Cardinals Red and the Holy Father White?

Look also HERE, HERE

How to address members of the Catholic clergy


The Use of the Pallium
“The symbolism of the pallium is even more concrete: the lamb's wool is meant to represent the lost, sick or weak sheep which the shepherd places on his shoulders and carries to the waters of life.” Look also HERE and

Imposing the pallium
The Holy See Press Office explaining the new form of the rite for imposing the pallium on metropolitan archbishops, which takes place annually on 29 June, Solemnity of Sts. Peter and Paul Apostles.

the Videos:
2017.06.29 Holy Mass with the imposition of the Pallium
Pope Francis presides over the Holy Mass with the imposition of the Pallium on the Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul

Letter to Bishops on the bread and wine for the Eucharist
The English language translation of Circular letter to Bishops on the bread and wine for the Eucharist
July 08, 2017

The bread used in the celebration of the Most Holy Eucharistic Sacrifice must be unleavened, purely of wheat, and recently made so that there is no danger of decomposition.

The wine that is used in the most sacred celebration of the Eucharistic Sacrifice must be natural, from the fruit of the grape, pure and incorrupt, not mixed with other substances.

Look the letter full text

Pope Francis Private Audience - President Benigno Aquino III at the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican

Pope Francis asks Filipinos to pray for him

'Pag kaharap natin ang Papa ay humihingi tayo ng bendisyon, humihiling tayo na ipagdasal tayo. Pero siya, ‘yon lang ang kaisa-isang mensahe sa atin, na ipagdasal natin siya,' President Aquino says
It seemed like an odd request from someone who is always being sought for prayers and a special blessing: Pope Francis asked President Benigno Aquino III, and all Filipinos, to pray for him.
The Pope made the request to Aquino and all other members of his official delegation, when they met with him at the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican on Friday, December 4.

Pope Francis, Aquino exchange tokens at Vatican
POPE FRANCIS on Friday gave President Aquino a bronze sculpture of an olive branch holding two halves of a cleft rock, which symbolizes peace and unity, as well as a copy of his encyclical on the environment, Laudate Si.
December 05, 2015

Look also the Videos updated DEC 06, 2015


St. John Paul II’s relic gives message of hope, humanity to PH
Published on Apr 7, 2017
Twelve years have passed since his death, but the presence and influence of Saint John Paul II in the hearts of the Filipino faithful is still very much alive today. Video and editing by RYAN LEAGOGO, with YUJI VINCENT GONZALES
Pope open to studying ordination of married men as priests
March 10, 2017

Pope Francis said the church must study whether it's possible to ordain married men to minister in remote communities facing priest shortages.

Look also the Videos

Duterte writes letter to Pope Francis
January 18, 2017 By Ruth Abbey Gita

On Wednesday, the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP) released a photo of Duterte's letter to the Pope, which was carried by Dureza in his trip to Rome, Italy.

The Philippines: The Biblical land of Ophir?
Do you think Philippines is the Land of Ophir which can be found in the bible?
Ophir is a port or region mentioned in the Bible, famous for its wealth. King Solomon is supposed to have received a cargo of gold, silver, sandalwood, precious stones, ivory, apes and peacocks from Ophir, every three years.

Look also HERE, HERE


the Video The Philippines: The Biblical land of Ophir?

Remark this is an album in the album "Filipinos & the Philippines, Provinces, Cities, Etc. during old times and then"

LIST: 2017 Philippine Holidays

Malacañang has released the list of holidays for 2017.
It was released for public dissemination on Thursday, August 18.

Look also

Proclamation No. 50, s. 2016
Signed on August 16, 2016

Palace issues list of holidays for 2017
August 18, 2016 By Ruth Abbey Gita
MALACAÑANG on Thursday has issued Proclamation 50 listing the regular holidays and special non-working days for 2017.


Pagsilang ng Tagapagligtas
Dec 26, 2016 - Aired: December 24, 2016

This video entitled ‘Pagsilang ng Tagapagligtas’ features ‘nativity of Jesus Christ.’

Maglalakbay si Sandra Aguinaldo patungong Holy Land upang sundan at sariwain ang mga eksenang nasusulat sa Bibliya ukol sa kapanakan ni Hesukristo.

The Church & religious leaders vs Drug killings, Extrajudicial killings - EJK, Death penalty, Duterte admin &


Has got NEW address - Look HERE

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The Roman Catholic church in the Philippines - general

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Embassy of the Holy See (Apostolic Nunciature) in the Philippines

H. E. Archbishop Antonio Franco
Apostolic Nuncio
2140 Taft Avenue
Manila City 1004 Philippines
Tel. No.: (2) 521 0307
Fax No.: (2) 521 1235

Look Apostolic Nunciature in PH by/Reynaldo Santos Jr. Jan 15, 2015
The Apostolic Nunciature is home to Vatican City's representative – or nuncio
Most countries establish embassies in other countries for diplomatic purposes. But the Vatican City, for its part, installs an apostolic nunciature in select countries.

Look also HERE

Philippine Embassy in Vatican, the Holy See Vatican City
Mercedes Arrastia Tuason, Ambassador
Via Paolo VI, 29
00193 Rome
Holy See, Vatican City

Look more on page 148 in the document 

Philippine Catholic Church History Philippine Catholic Church History

The Cradle of the Philippine Church and Seat of Far-East Christianity

Limasawa remembers first Mass in Philippines
March 31, 2016
This island town celebrated the 495th First Mass on Thursday with thousands of pilgrims who flocked to remember how Spaniards introduced Christianity in the Philippines.
The Role of Deacons The Role of Deacons in the Catholic Church

Look also What Can (and Can't) a Deacon Do? and HERE

Catholic Church in Philippines - Catholic-Hierarchy
Roman Catholicism in the Philippines

Look also HERE

MAP: Catholicism in the Philippines
by/Michael Bueza Jan 18, 2015

See the extent of the Roman Catholic religion's reach in the country

It's widely known that the Philippines is a predominantly Catholic nation. But just how widespread is that religion in the country?

Look also The Position of the Catholic Church in Political and Social Relations of the Philippines by Cheryl Burkhardt

Since the arrival of Spanish colonists in the Philippines, the role of Catholicism has remained strong in various elements of Philippine culture. Despite the claim of the government that there exists separation between church and state, the Catholic Church still holds influence in political action that has significant consequences for much of the population.

Will Pope's visit boost Tagle’s chances as first Asian pontiff?
by/Aries Rufo Jan 19, 2015

To some, the papal visit provides a preview of the Catholic Church's future

Veteran Vaticanista John Allen cited Tagle's 3 strong points: “an effective communicator and missionary,” as the face of the “dramatic growth of Catholicism outside the West” and “pastoral experience” as administrator of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Manila

Then there was that hug that ignited the imagination of many Filipinos: Pope Francis embracing his Asian equivalent, Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle, at the tarmac.

Top Vatican reporter writes book about Cardinal Tagle
by/Paterno Esmaquel II September 19, 2015

Veteran Vatican journalist Cindy Wooden, Rome bureau chief of the Catholic News Service, CNS, has written a new book about the man described as “the Asian Pope Francis.”

The Role of the Church in the Philippines’ Nonviolent People Power Revolution
by/Jeff Boyd, June 29, 2010

Catholic churches in Mindanao are working actively to transform conflict and build peace. Churches are promoting interreligious dialogue, implementing peace education programs, assisting conflict victims, declaring peace zones, and contributing to peace advocacy with the government and other civil society groups.

Map of the Philippines showing the different archdioceses

List of the Roman Catholic dioceses of the Philippines HERE

Look also

Map of the Philippines showing the different apostolic vicariates

The Military Ordinariate of the Philippines, MOP
The Archdiocese of Cebu, CBCP

Read also HERE

Archdiocese of Manila, RCAM
Diocese of Parañaque

territories the cities of Parañaque, Las Piñas, and Muntinlupa

Look also HERE

Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro
Diocese of Borongan
Diocese of Cubao

Look also HERE and

Caloocan Bishop Pablo David: Shepherd of his slaughtered sheep
by Paterno Esmaquel II September 17, 2017 - with Video
The Jesuit-trained bishop is an intellectual heavyweight who puts his boots on – sometimes literally – to defend the rights of the poor.

The Video:
Caloocan bishop hits Catholics who support drug war killings
Sep 15, 2017
Caloocan Bishop Pablo Virgilio David criticizes Catholics who support drug war killings. David makes these remarks at the Family Rosary Crusade Marian Conference on September 13, 2017.
Video courtesy of the Diocese of Cubao Media and Communications Ministry.

The YouTube channel

The Apostolic Vicariate of Bontoc-Lagawe covers the two civil provinces of Ifugao and the Mountain Province
Archdiocese of Jaro
Diocese of Talibon

The Diocese of Talibon comprises half of the civil province of Bohol

The Diocese of Balanga

Look also HERE and HERE


Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines, CBCP

Look also the Video:

A second cursory look on the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines (CBCP)
Oct 1, 2008

Davao Archbishop Valles elected CBCP president
by Paterno Esmaquel II July 08, 2017

The Davao archbishop is set to lead the CBCP as his friend – President Rodrigo Duterte – pursues a bloody war on drugs that has alarmed Catholic bishops.

Look also

Incoming CBCP head views self as Duterte's 'friend-sinner'
by Paterno Esmaquel II July 10, 2017 - with video

UPDATED Davao Archbishop Romulo Valles says there was 'no conflict' between the local church and Rodrigo Duterte when he was Davao City mayor.

Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines-Episcopal Commission on Prison Pastoral Care, CBCP-ECPPC

"A People of Compassion"

Inquirer Conversation with Archbishop Soc Villegas

Socrates Buenaventura Villegas, D.D. is the current Archbishop of Lingayen-Dagupan in Pangasinan, and from 2013, President of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines

Jan 12, 2015 Video by's Ryan Leagogo


Catholic Priests and Bishops use social media to reach people

Pope Francis e.g. with 10 million followers on twitter

Remark this is an album in the sub-album "The Life in & with the Church, Etiquette & Why Do Catholics Do What They Do? - Etc."


Fr. Edu Gariguez on faith and resilience
September 02, 2016

Watch interview, Maria Ressa talks to Fr. Edu Gariguez, the Executive Secretary of Caritas Philippines, on why faith and resilience go hand in hand.

Remark this is an album in the sub-album "The Life in & with the Church, Etiquette & Why Do Catholics Do What They Do? - Etc."

The Couples for Christ
Foundation for Family and Life, CFC FFL

a Philippine-based Catholic charismatic lay community that emphasizes family life renewal and evangelization

It is led by an International Council, which operates in the Philippines under the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines and can report directly to the Vatican.

Look also HERE, HERE and the Video. Look the full description of the video HERE

Remark this is an album in the sub-album "Catholic Organizations and Communities"

Episcopal Commission

The Philippine Jesuits
The Pinoy Catholic The Pinoy Catholic - Rants, ramblings, raves and reflections of a Filipino Catholic
The Original Catholic Encyclopedia

The Apostles Filipino Catholic Community, AFCC

Remark this is an album in the album "Catholic Organizations and Communities"

Look also The Filipino Catholic and HERE

Catholic Churches in the Philippines
List of parishes in Cebu
List of Filipino Roman Catholic priests
How to find Philippines Church Records

While each church has its own policies on record keeping, most churches keep records of:


Baptismal And Confirmation Certificates Is There A Way Of Getting Copies Of Baptismal And Confirmation Certificates - Sorry not so easy

Look also HERE

Catholic Charismatic Renewal

The Charismatic Renewal as a movement within the Catholic Church has been acknowledged by two Popes, Paul VI and John Paul II. Speaking to the International Conference on the Catholic Charismatic Renewal on May 19, 1975, Pope Paul VI encouraged the attendees in their renewal efforts and especially to remain anchored in the Church.

Look also HERE and HERE

SAVE the chapel!

Saving the Asilo dela Milagrosa Chapel
Attire and Etiquette in the church and in the cemetery

go to overview

Proper Catholic Etiquette at Mass and Away

Look the article as pdf HERE

Look also the Video

Church Etiquette

walkwithfriends wrote on Jul 31, 2011: A video we made at Silay about proper church etiquette

Remark this is an album in the album "The Life in & with the Church, Etiquette & Why Do Catholics Do What They Do? - Etc."


'Put down those smartphones!' Pope Francis tells bishops
by Agence France-Presse November 08, 2017

The Pope says 'At a certain point the priest leading the ceremony says 'lift up our hearts'. He doesn't say 'lift up our mobile phones to take photographs'

Remark this is an album in the album "The Life in & with the Church, Etiquette & Why Do Catholics Do What They Do? - Etc."

Attire and Etiquette in the church

Look the article as pdf HERE look also

Reminders for the proper acts of respect inside the church


A clip from Why Do Catholics Do What They Do? In Church

Symbols and signs are essential to the Roman Catholic Liturgy and Ritual. Candles: - What do they represent? How and when are they used and how do they effect us? What is the meaning of the water? Why do we kneel? This program will help young people, catechumens and even life-long Catholics to better understand the important reasons for these traditions and how they help us grow in faith.

General about being a catholic.

Remark this is an album in the album "The Life in & with the Church, Etiquette & Why Do Catholics Do What They Do? - Etc."


Do's and don'ts in the cemetery

Aside from you and your family, there are others who will also pay respect to their departed loved ones. Know how to act properly in the cemetery with these reminders from Unang Hirit. Oct 27, 2014

Roman Catholic Religious Orders

Remark most of the below videos in this section are albums in the album:

Orders, Monasteries, Abbeys, Convents & Congregations - Etc.

go to overview

Roman Catholic Religious Orders This list contains both male and female Orders, Congregations and Houses, look also

Roman Catholic Religious Orders

What are the Differences Between Religious Orders?

Look the article as pdf HERE

Philippines' Catholic Directory Monasteries in the Philippines

The Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta also known as Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM), Order of Malta or Knights of Malta

Look also HERE


Sovereign Order of Malta - SOM

The Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and Malta, better known as the Sovereign Order of Malta, has a two-fold nature. It is one of the most ancient religious Catholic Orders, founded in Jerusalem in around 1048. It celebrated the 9th centennial of its official foundation in 1999. At the same time it has always been recognised by nations as an independent subject of international law.


Fra' Matthew Festing, Prince and Grand Master of the SOM

Official visits the Philippines MARCH 2015

Order of Saint Augustine, Philippines
Augustinian Order

The Augustinians in the Philippines

Church and Convent of Santo Niño

Province of Sto Niño de Cebu-Philippines
The Augustinians

named after Saint Augustine of Hippo (354–430), are several Christian monastic orders and men and women living according to a guide to religious life known as the Rule of Saint Augustine.

Look also HERE

Augustinians of the Assumption Inc. - Philippines
 Augustinian Contemplative Nuns of Bulacan

are members of the Order of Saint Augustine. As Augustinian contemplative nuns, we have responded to God's invitation to this life of loving prayer and contemplation through our vowed commitment in a monastic contemplative community.

Look the video "Augustinian Contemplative Nuns of Bulacan - Way of Life" HERE


San Agustin Center of Studies, SACS or San Agustin Major Seminary

History of San Agustin Center of Studies, established in 1985, is one of the formation houses of the Augustinian Province of Sto. Niño de Cebu - Philippines which houses the communities of Simple Professed Friars (Theology Students) and the College Seminarians (Philosophy Students). It also houses the Philosophy Institute of the Province, the St. Thomas of Villanova Institute of Philosophy affiliated to the University of San Agustin - Iloilo, College of Arts and Sciences where the college seminarians study for their bachelor's degree in Philosophy as a preparatory step for their theological studies. In 2010, SACS marked its 25th year anniversary of untiring formation of future Filipino Augustinian religious and priests in the service of the apostolate of the Order of St. Augustine and the Mother Church in the Philippines and abroad.

Look also the Videos


Augustinian Vocation

San Agustin Center of Studies, SACS or San Agustin Major Seminary is a formation house or popularly known as a seminary of the Order of Saint Augustine affiliated to the Province of Santo Niño de Cebu - Philippines. Cebu Province is run by Filipino Friars since its foundation and separation from the Spanish Province in 1984. SACS is a home of the College seminarians and Theology students of the Order in the Philippines. Since the Augustinians is an international Order, it is also a home to other Augustinian friars abroad, who wish to study in the Philippines. If you are interested of becoming an Augustinian brother or priest, please don't hesitate to contact your nearest vacation office. The Filipino Augustinians are present all throughout the Philippine Islands, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

Look more on the above links

Augustinian Recollect Province of Saint Ezeqauiél Moreno

is a division of the Order of Augustinian Recollects that has jurisdiction over the Philippines, Taiwan and Sierra Leone.

It officially separated from the Province of Saint Nicholas de Tolentine on 28 November 1998. Today, the Provincialate House is located at Neptune Street, Congressional Subdivision, Project 6, Quezon City.

Look also HERE

Order of Augustinian Recollects - Philippines
The Secular Order of Discalced Carmelites

look also Nuns HERE and HERE -  Friars HERE

The Carmelite Third Order, TOC Philippines.
Index of Carmelite websites in various languages
Carmelite Nuns of the Ancient Observance, O.Carm. in Burgos, Pangasinan

Look also the Videos

Carmelite Nuns of the Ancient Observance in Burgos, Pangasinan

The Call to Love and Freedom: A Call to be a Carmelite Nun

and also the Videos

Carmelite Nuns of the Ancient Observance in Sta. Ignacia, Tarlac

of the Cistercian Order

Look also HERE

Sisters of Mercy

are an international community of Roman Catholic women religious vowed to serve people who suffer from poverty, sickness and lack of education with a special concern for women and children.

contact: M Carmela Cabactulan rsm - Sister Superior

B. Aquino Avenue, UTAP, PO Box 63
6500 Tacloban City, Leyte. Email:

Look also HERE and HERE


The Pink Sisters

also known as the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters

a group of nuns, who dedicate their life in adoration of the Lord. They do so by taking turns to worship the Blessed Sacrament 24/7. Not only is the habit of the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters unusual. Whoever joins the convent says goodbye to the world forever. The nuns can only communicate with the outside world through a grille.

They are a cloistered-contemplative missionary Congregation, living in community, whose members are entirely dedicated to the contemplative life in the service of perpetual adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Thus they offer intercessory prayer for the needs of all. The rose color of their habits, which they wear in honor of the Holy Spirit, symbolizes our dedication to the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity.

Addresses etc. for the convents in: Quezon City, Baguio City, Banilad - Mandaue City, Davao City, New Washington - Aklan, Tagaytay City

Look also HERE and the Videos

Pink Sisters of the Adoration of d' Divine Mercy in Tagaytay

Conventual Franciscans - Philippines


Franciscan Capuchins in the Philippines

Look also the Videos

Capuchin History in the Philippines

This short video is an adaptation of an article posted at the website of the Kapatirang Capuchino ng Pilipinas entitled ´Brief History´ at the ´About Us´ portion of the webpage. The naration used in the video is a copy of the said article. This is not an official documentation of the Capuchin Philippine Province. It is just a personal tribute to all our Capuchin brothers of the Philippine Province, both now and in the years past... JMDJ, OFMCap.

Remark the videos in the album are similar, but in English & Spanish


Stages of Dominican Formation

Information on how to become a Dominican Priest or Brother

The Dominicans in the Philippines
St. Benedict and the Holy Rule


The Society of Jesus

Philippine Jesuits

Look also

Saint Ignatius of Loyola

Remembering the Jesuits of Cagayan de Oro
by Tony La Viña August 02, 2017

and HERE and the Videos

The Philippine Jesuits - The Society of Jesus

To know the Jesuits and their mission in the Philippines - what it's like to be a Jesuit in the Philippines

Spaniard St. Ignatius of Loyola founded the Society of Jesus in 1548, with the goal of establishing a group of men under the Pope's service to go where they were needed.

As with other religious orders they take a vow of poverty, chastity and obedience. But the Jesuits add a fourth, to serve the Pope, whomever it may be.

Fr Romeo Intengan, priest exiled during Marcos years, dies at 74
by Paterno Esmaquel II October 10, 2017

The former head of the Philippine Jesuits, Father Romeo Intengan, is 'dead on arrival' at the Quirino Hospital a week before his birthday

The Camillians or Clerks Regular Ministers to the Sick

a Roman Catholic religious order of the type of Regular Clerks, founded by Saint Camillus de Lellis.

Claretian Communications Religious Women of the Philippines

Details of all orders, congregations etc.

Hijas de Jesús (Spanish) - The Daughters of Jesus

Latin: Filiae Iesu, abbreviated as F.I. is a Roman Catholic congregation of Religious Sisters founded on 8 December 1871 in Salamanca, Spain, by Saint Candida Maria of Jesus (1845-1912). Known as Jesuitinas or Jesuitesses in Spain, their work is primarily educational, and includes the administration of schools and colleges.

"IHS" are the first three letters of the name of Jesus in Greek: Iota, Eta, Sigma: It could also mean "Iesu Humanum Salvatore". The IHS is the identifying mark of the Hijas de Jesus found in their ring and in their necklace.

Look also the Video

Hijas de Jesus-Filipinas

A video tribute to Saint Candida Maria de Jesus, Foundress of the Hijas de Jesus on the occasion of her canonization as a Saint of the Roman Catholic Church by Pope Benedict XVI on October 17, 2010.




St. Clare of Assisi

(sometimes spelled Clair, Claire, etc.) (July 16, 1194 – August 11, 1253), born Chiara Offreduccio, is an Italian saint and one of the first followers of Saint Francis of Assisi. She founded the Order of Poor Ladies, a monastic religious order for women in the Franciscan tradition, and wrote their Rule of Life - the first monastic rule known to have been written by a woman.

St. Clare's Relic arrival and departure:
St. Clare's Relic arrival

Welcome Rite on the arrival of the Pilgrim Relic of St. Clare of Assisi in the Philippines, February 21, 2012, done at Monasterio de Sta. Clara, Quezon City on the occasion of the 800th year of the foundation of the Order of St. Clare.
St. Clare's Relic departure

The Pilgrim Relic of St. Clare returned to Italy on May 1, 2012 at 6:20 pm via Qatar Airways. Farewell Mass was on April 30 at 10 am in Monasterio de Sta. Clara, QC; presided by the Bishop of Cubao.
Look the articles St. Clare is here, don’t bring eggs

By Jocelyn R. Uy - Philippine Daily Inquirer

For the first time in 800 years, the relic - a fragment of the Saint’s cranium - left its home at Basilica di Santa Chiara in Assisi, Italy, in line with the octocentennial celebration of the Order of St. Clare, also known as the Poor Clares.

Following its arrival at Ninoy Aquino International Airport on Tuesday, the relic was brought to Monasterio de Sta. Clara in Quezon City, where it was kept overnight before it was flown to Cebu.


Look also HERE, HERE the Monasteries in the Philippines HERE

Sister Disciples of the Divine Master

PDDM, Philippine-Taiwan-Hongkong Province

Look also the Video PDDM Philippines celebrates its 58th year of Foundation!

Canossian Daughters of Charity
Daughters of Charity


St. Vincent de Paul


Look also the Video

Daughters of St. Paul - who are we?
Oct 8, 2013 by Daughters of St. Paul, Philippines (FSP - PMPT)
"We are call to serve the Church, to communicate JESUS CHRIST to the world... through the means of social communication."

and more below about "The Pauline Family" HERE



Salesian Sisters of St. John Bosco

FMA Philippines - Daughters of Mary Help of Christians (Pilipinas)

This video briefly shows the varied ministries of the Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco in the Philippines official name is Daughters of Mary Help of Christians or FMA - Figlie di Maria Ausiliatrice. The Congregation was founded by Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello in 1872 in Italy. The Salesian Sisters are present in 92 countries. It is the largest religious women congregation in the world with a membership of more than 14,000. The Salesian Sisters in the Philippines established the first FMA presence in Papua New Guinea in 2001.


Saint Francis of Paola and the Minim Nuns in Philippines

Minim Nuns in the Philippines. Our Founder: Saint Francis of Paola. Jun 29, 2014

The Order of the Minims, founded by St. Francis of Paola, is a religious institute of solemn vows. It is modeled on Christ who “gave up all he had, and assumed the nature of the servant”, and on His teaching: “Unless you change and become like a little child, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”


Discovering our Saint's - St. Francis of Paola

Francis of Paola was a man who deeply loved contemplative solitude and wished only to be the "least in the household of God." Yet, when the Church called him to active service in the world, he became a miracle-worker and influenced the course of nations. Apr 12, 2014

Look the full description af this video HERE


The Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer

Latin: Congregatio Sanctissimi Redemptoris – C.Ss.R. is a Roman Catholic missionary Congregation founded by Saint Alphonsus Liguori at Scala, near Amalfi, Italy for the purpose of labouring among the neglected country people in the neighbourhood of Naples.

Members of the Congregation, Catholic priests and consecrated religious brothers, are known as Redemptorists and minister in more than 77 countries around the world.

The first Redemptorists, belonging to the Irish province, arrived in Opon, Cebu on 30 June 1906, setting up missions in Compostela, San Francisco and on the Camotes Islands.

From 1914 to 1928 further communities were established, the most prominent being: Luzon (where the Redemptorists preached the first mission completely in Tagalog), Lipa, Iloilo, Tacloban and Cagayan de Oro on Mindanao.

Remark this link is often down, so try a little later

Redemptorist Congregation

Redemptorist Province of Cebu

Look also the Facebook and HERE

Oblate Sisters of the Most Holy Redeemer
Camillian Sisters - Philippines
The Benedictine Order
The Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd

also known as Religious of the Good Shepherd or Good Shepherd Sisters

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Monasteries, Abbeys, Convents

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Orders, Monasteries, Abbeys, Convents and Congregations - Etc.

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Differents between convents, monasteries and abbeys


Simala Sibonga Monastery

The Marian Monks of the Eucharistic Adoration

Marian Hills, Lindogon, Simala Sibonga, Cebu

Look also HERE

and this article HERE and

Virgin image in Simala ‘sheds tears’ again
September 10, 2016 By Herty B. Lopez
THIS is not the first time that the image of the Virgin Mary in Lindogon had “shed tears” after a lawyer and her fellow devotee witnessed the statue “crying” last Thursday.

and the Videos - Updated October 19, 2017

A visit of the magnificent and miraculous church - Simala Sibonga Monastery - The Marian Monks of the Eucharistic Adoration..... many people believed that prayers or wishes are favorably answered by mother Mary... people who can't walk, could walk again... students pass exams... many traveled already without hastles... etc... it is said to be miraculous...


Carmelite Monastery, Lipa City

Our Lady, Mary Mediatrix of All Grace

Look also the article about "Our Lady, Mary Mediatrix of All Grace" HERE

Look more about and the video The Miracle at Lipa Carmel - 1948 Marian Apparition below HERE

of the Cistercian Order

THE ABBEY OF THE PHILIPPINES is a monastery of the Cistercian Order that is located on the island of Guimaras

St. Benedict's Monastery - Digos City
St. Benedict's Monastery

Benedictines of the Sylvestrine Congregation.

St. Benedict's Monastery Corte Carmen 6005 Cebu City

Look also HERE and HERE


The Abbey of Our Lady of Montserrat, Manila

The church and adjoining San Beda College is run and taken care of by the Benedictine monks, who settled and put up the college and church in 1901. Prior to settling in Manila, they served as missionaries and pastors upon setting foot in Surigao, year 1895. The church serves two purposes: as a college chapel for the students of the college and as abbey church for the Benedictine monks. Benedictine Father Lesmes Lopez and Brother Salvador Alberich did the decorations and paintings on this church. This is one of Manila's pre-war churches that escaped the bombings of the city. Today, it still inspires and awes. Music: Panunumpa, as performed by the Philippine Madrigal Singers.
Addresses of the Carmelite Monasteries & Discalced Carmelite Nuns in Philippines
Franciscan Missionaries of Mary


Monastery of Transfiguration - Bukidnon

Look also the Videos


Santuario Del Sto. Cristo Parish
183 F. Blumentritt Street, San Juan City

The Sanctuario de Sto. Cristo and its adjacent convent were built in 1602-1604 by the Dominican Fathers of the Holy Rosary Province on a site donated by Captain Julian de Cuenca. Before the Sto. Cristo was enthroned, St. John the Baptist was the titular of the church. Hence the name of San Juan given to the town built around the Sanctuario. Both the building were burned during the Chinese uprising of 1639. Reconstructed again in 1639, they were set on fire in July 1763 during the British occupation of Manila and were rebuilt anew in 1774.

Look also the Video

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Read the full story of Sanctuario de Sto. Cristo, San Juan HERE


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Orders, Monasteries, Abbeys, Convents & Congregations - Etc.

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Congregation of the Mission

abbreviated as "C.M." in the Roman Catholic Church is a vowed order of priests and brothers associated with the Vincentian Family, a loose federation of organizations who claim St. Vincent de Paul as their founder or Patron. They are popularly known as Vincentians, or Lazarites, Lazarists and Lazarians.

Look also HERE and HERE


The Rogationists of the Heart of Jesus, RCJ

is a religious congregation of priests and brothers founded by St. Hannibal Mary Di Francia (1851-1927).

Look also HERE


Vincentian Vocation

Congregation of the Mission Philippine province



Look also HERE and HERE and the Videos

Scalabrinian Vocation

Congregation of Augustinian Recollect Sisters


The Congregation of the Religious of the Virgin Mary, RVM

The Congregation administers schools in the Philippines and also in the states of California and Hawaii in the United States

Look also - What is the difference between the universal church and local church? - HERE


The Congregation of the Religious of the Virgin Mary, RVM

The History

In 1684, the Venerable Ignacia del Espiritu Santo founded the Beaterio de la Compañia that three centuries later, would become the Congregation of the Religious of the Virgin Mary. Inspired by and faithful to the vision of the Foundress to seek the greater service and honor of God, the Congregation today serves the Universal Church and Gods people throughout the world.


Sisters of the Holy Cross
St. Raphael's Priory, Malimanga - 2212 Candelaria, Zambales

We are an international community with our Motherhouse in Austria, as well as convents in e.g. Philippines. Each individual community has its own particular character corresponding to the more contemplative or the more apostolically active mission of the convent.

Look also HERE and the Video

Sisters of the Holy Cross

Sisters of the Holy Cross live out Jesus gospel and mission by ministering in many different ways to people around the world. Addressing unmet needs in a variety of cultures and settings, we minister in large hospitals and small outreach clinics; in elementary and secondary schools and universities; in churches and parishes; in the streets of the inner city and remote rural areas of eight countries on four continents.

Philippine province of the Congregation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary -  CICM

The Congregatio Immaculati Cordis Mariae

Look also HERE and the Video

The CICM Legacy in the Philippines

The Pauline Family

a Roman Catholic congregation of nine Institutes of Consecrated Life (religious and aggregated institutes) and an association of lay collaborators, founded by Blessed James Alberione from 1914 onwards.

Look also HERE, HERE, HERE

Look also above about The DAUGHTERS OF ST. PAUL

The Knights of Columbus Fraternal Association of the Philippines, Inc. KCFAPI

Look also about Fr. George Willmann

Marians of the Immaculate Conception


Churches - Shrines - Mass schedules - etc.

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Basilica del Santo Niño

Monasteries, Abbeys and Convents

Filipino Saints, Patrons, Patronesses, Blesseds and Servants of God

General culture about The Dead and Cemeteries - etc.

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List of cathedrals in the Philippines

This is the list of cathedrals in the Philippines sorted by denomination.

Magellan´s Cross in Cebu City, read also HERE where there´s more link

and Visiting Magellan's Cross in Cebu, after heritage sites restored
by/Jona Branzuela Bering March 20, 2016
Heritage sites damaged in the 2013 Bohol earthquake were recently turned over. Writer Jona Bering reflects on faith, Catholicism, and history before the newly restored Magellan's Cross in Cebu


Santo Niño de Cebu & Magellan's Cross

a large Christian cross planted by Portuguese and Spanish explorers as ordered by Ferdinand Magellan upon arriving in Cebu in the Philippines in 1521. This cross is housed in a small chapel next to the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño on Magallanes Street (Magallanes being the Spanish name of Magellan), just in front of the city hall of Cebu City

Rebuilding quake-hit churches
October 16, 2016 By Justin K. Vestil

Repairs on most of the old churches in Cebu that were hit by an earthquake three years ago are done. In Bohol, work on 21 out of 25 churches is nearly complete.
Among the fully restored structures is Basilica Minore del Sto. Niño, which lost a large part of its belfry during the quake.

Three of the remaining four are considered national heritage churches.

These are the St. Peter the Apostle Church in Loboc, the Parroquia de la Santa Cruz in Maribojoc and the Nuestra Señora de la Luz in Loon.

Look also

Rebuilding the churches of Bohol
by Isabel L. Templo October 15, 2017

Four years after an earthquake leveled both the Loon Church and the Maribojoc Church, the reconstruction of the two historic structures has begun

Catholic Churches in the Philippines

with Mass Schedules

Look also HERE and HERE


Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod

Remark this is an album in the album "Blessed Pedro Calungsod"

Catch a glimpse of San Pedro Calungsod Chapel in SM Aura. May 23, 2014

Look more above about "The Blessed Pedro Calungsod" HERE

Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral

the ecclesiastical seat of the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Cebu in Cebu. Cebu was established as a diocese on August 14, 1595.

Look the 9 days Simbang Gabi masses from the church HERE

Remark these are albums in the albums "Simbang Gabi" in the album "Christmas in the Philippines"


Tabor Hill chapel
Published on Apr 11, 2017

The Chapel of Holy Relics in Tabor Hill, Barangay Talamban, Cebu City is now home to more than 4,000 relics, after the Vatican added 2,040 more artifacts.

Look also the article HERE

Catholic Churches in Cebu

with Mass Schedules

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Santa Ana Chapel

St. John Sahagun Parish

Toledo City, Cebu

New church opens in Toledo
July 18, 2017

A NEW church now stands at the mining village of Don Andres Soriano (DAS) in Toledo City.

The Archdiocese of Cebu formally inaugurated the new Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish in Barangay DAS last Sunday.

The Manila Metropolitan Cathedral-Basilica

also known as the Cathedral-Basilica of the Immaculate Conception and informally as Manila Cathedral

a prominent Latin Rite Roman Catholic basilica located in Manila, honoring the Blessed Virgin Mary as Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, the Principal Patroness of the Philippines.

Look also HERE and the Videos e.g.:

Manila Metropolitan Cathedral-Basilica

Bells of Manila Metropolitan Cathedral-Basilica

Relics of Saints Peter and Paul at Manila Cathedral
Published on Jul 1, 2017

Look also the article Relics of Saints Peter and Paul at Manila Cathedral

Diocesan Shrine and Parish of Nuestra Señora de Aranzazu
General Luna Street
1850 San Mateo, Rizal

Many good links also to videos

Look the Facebook

Look also Our Lady of Aranzazu
e.g. the Canonical coronation on 31 May 2017

National Shrine of Our Mother of Perpetual Help

Filipino: Pambansáng Dambana ng Ina ng Laging Saklolo

 also known as Redemptorist Church and colloquially the Baclaran Church, is a prominent Latin Rite Roman Catholic parish church in Metro Manila

Look also HERE

Look more about The Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer known as the Redemptorist Congregation above HERE

Quiapo Church

located at Plaza Miranda along Quezon Boulevard, Manila, is home to the 17th century life-sized image of the Black Nazarene

Look also HERE

and the Videos:

Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene, Quiapo Church

the Video Feast of St. John the Baptist - Quiapo Church, Manila Jul 14, 2014. Look more about the Feast HERE

and the Videos Simbang Gabi 2016

and the article

Exploring the relics at Quiapo’s Ocampo Compound
by/Alecs Ongcal January 09, 2016
FORGOTTEN ICONS. Don Peping's treasures are abandoned at the Ocampo Compound.
The Black Nazarene isn't the only icon in Quiapo – the Ocampo Compound is a treasure trove of relics, myths, and legends

The Church of the Gesù

is the Roman Catholic church of the Ateneo de Manila University campus in Quezon City in the
Philippines. The landmark was designed by Jose Pedro Recio and Carmelo Casas. The edifice’s massive triangular structure symbolizes the Holy Trinity, as well as the three-fold mission and vision of the school.

Look also HERE

Look the 9 days Simbang Gabi masses 2014

History of the Holy Cross Parish Church in Sta. Cruz, Lubao, Pampanga

Immemorially, the people of Sta. Cruz and Lubao and its devotees lovingly called the sacred image as Apu Santo Cristo de Lubao, or simply, Apu Santo Cristo, or “Apu.”
If the black image of Sto. Nino de Cebu was Ferdinand Magellan’s present to Rajah Humabon on April 7, 1521, the black Crucifix of the Apu Sto. Cristo de Lubao was Martin de Goiti’s gift to Datu Macabulus to the “Capangpangans” on September 14, 1571.

Look the article as pdf HERE

Look also the Video

"National Museum declares Apung Santo Cristo a cultural property"
One of the oldest crosses in the country has been declared a cultural property of the National Museum. Sep 14, 2015


CBCP declares Padre Pio shrine a national shrine

Devotees are flocking to a shrine in Sto. Tomas, Batangas recently declared a national shrine by the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines. This report takes us to the Padre Pio shrine. - ANC, The World Tonight, August 4, 2015

Remark this is an album in the album "Special Catholic Shrines & churches"


Las Piñas Nature Church

The famous Las Piñas Nature Church of the Parish of Mary Immaculate. The church was constructed in 1986 and was conceptualized by former parish priest, Fr. Pierino Rogliardi and executed by noted architect Francisco “Bobby” Manosa and landscapist Linggoy Alvarez., the church is famous for its organic elements - from its anahaw roofing to its benches made from star apple trunks. The church complex is built on a 4000 square meter mango orchard.

Remark this is an album in the album "Special Catholic Shrines & churches"

Look the full description of the video HERE

The Divine Mercy

a Christian devotion to the endless merciful love of God towards all people.

The National Shrine of The Divine Mercy in Marilao, Bulacan is the major church dedicated to Divine Mercy in the Philippines. The Divine Mercy Shrine in El Salvador City, has a 15-meters statue of Merciful Jesus (look the below link & video)

Look also HERE and HERE


The Archdiocesan Shrine of the Divine Mercy

Home of the 50-foot Divine Mercy Statue

LOCATED in the tranquil Hills of PSB Ulaliman, El Salvador City, Misamis Oriental, Divine Mercy Hills is fast becoming a popular pilgrim site in Mindanao. Discovered in 2003, Divine Mercy Hills used to be planted to coconut trees and sineguelas. Today, it is the home of the 50-foot Divine Mercy Statue, so far the tallest Divine Mercy statue in the world

Look also HERE and below Dancing Sun Miracle - Divine Mercy Hills

Look also the Video

Remark this is an album in the album "Special Catholic Shrines & churches"

Mary the Queen Parish
San Juan City

Aware of its role in the salvific mission of the Holy Church and of its special apostolic mission concerning the Chinese-Filipino, the Mary the Queen Parish Community shall promote and foster the total Christian formation of its parishioners.

Our lady of Piat basilica

For more than 400 years the pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Piat has been a significant event in the lives of devotees of the people in the Cagayan

Look more above about "Our lady of Piat" HERE

Our Lady of Mt Carmel Traditional Roman Catholic Church Philippines

Sitio Romlon, Quiot Pardo Cebu City

A Traditional Roman Catholic who propagate celebrating the Tridentine Mass throughout the world especially in the Philippines Mission.

Baguio Churches & Parishes
Complete list of Churches, Chapels, Shrines & Missions in Baguio City & Benguet with addresses etc.
The "City of God": Historical Churches, Convents and Monasteries

In the Philippines, the baroque churches of the Spanish colonial period constitute the most emblematic element of the country's architectural heritage.

Look the article HERE

Church realities: 1900 - 1965 Church realities: 1900 - 1965
Shrine of Our Lady of the Rosary of Manaoag

Look also HERE and HERE

Paoay Church

also known as the St. Augustine Church in Paoay is a historical church located in Paoay, Ilocos Norte.

Look also photo gallery HERE


Paoay Church by Ed Antonio

UNESCO's World Heritage

The Church and Fortress of Miagao

Santo Tomas de Villanueva Church

Look the article HERE Look als the Video

Miagao Church

by Ed Antonio

One of the four barouque churches in the Philippines is the Miagao Church or the Church of Santo Tomas de Villanueva declared as one of UNESCOs World Heritage Sites. It has an amazing structure that stood the test of time. Built in 1787 and later damaged by fire and earthquake and restored in the 1960s

Moalboal In My Mind

Stone churches were meant to withstand time but this one in the town of Moalboal did not. Well it did not because it was not made of stones in the first place.
Century Old Churches of Southern Cebu

St. Gregory The Great Church, Ginatilan
St. Michael Archangel Church, Samboan
St. Francis Xavier Church, Alegria
St Michael the Archangel, Argao
St Francis Of Assisi Church, Dumanjug
San Guillermo el Ermitaño, Dalaguete
San Nicolas de Tolentino, Malabuyoc
Patrocinio de Maria Church, Boljoon
Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Church, Oslob


Works and art in and out of the churches in Cebu

Churches are not only the center of faith. They also manifest another side of artistry. With this episode of Kabilin entitled BALAANONG MUGNA, together let us appreciate art in and out of the different churches in Cebu. Host: Archaeologist and Professor Jojo Bersales.

The Great Churches of Bohol

Sibonga Church in My Mind

Sta. Monica Parish

Panay Capiz


Mass schedule

Look also the Videos

A tour of the Famous Sta Monica Church in Panay City

The bell's inscription, of course, is in Spanish, and says: "I´m the voice of God Which I will carry and exalt from one extreme to the end of this town of Panay an so those faithful in Jesus Christ will come to this house of God to receive the heavenly grace"


Our Lady of the Assumption Church Maragondon - Cavite

One of the oldest churches in the Philippines, this was erected by the Jesuit friars in the year 1618 and was made a parochial church in 1627. It was declared a national heritage by the national museum in July 31, 2001.

The wooden altar, pulpit and main portal are fine examples of early Filipino craftsmanship.


The Church of the Assumption in Santa Maria, Ilocos Sur is one of the four baroque churches of the Philippines inscripted in the UNESCO World Heritage

by Ed Antonio


Molo Church, Molo, Iloilo

Video featuring highlights of the Molo Church dedicated to Sta Ana/St Anne in Molo, Iloilo, Philippines. Besides its well-preserved Gothic Renaissance architecture, the church is also interesting for its renown as 'The Church of Women', 'Simbahan ng Kababaihan' in Tagalog/Filipino for the 16 statues of women saints set upon columns that flank the church pews.

Architecturally Unique Churches in the Philippines

Both modern and Historical

San Agustin Church

under the auspices of The Order of St. Augustine, located inside the historic walled city of Intramuros in Manila

The Oldest Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines. In 1993, San Agustin Church was one of four Philippine churches constructed during the Spanish colonial period to be designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, under the collective title Baroque Churches of the Philippines.

Look also HERE and the Video

San Agustin Church Museum - Manila

will keep you busy for hours. If you like delving into the past then you have to put the San Agustin Museum Manila on your itinerary!

Look also HERE and the Video

Historic church of Balangiga in Eastern Samar

Read also HERE


Barasoain Church

also known as Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish built in 1630 in Malolos City, Bulacan. Having earned the title as the Cradle of Democracy in the East, the most important religious building in the Philippines, and the site of the First Philippine Republic, the Church is proverbial for its historical importance among Filipinos.

Look also the Video
Barasoain Church and Museum

Malolos, Bulacan, Central Luzon - Open Hours: 8:00am - 12:00nn, 1:00pm - 5:00pm Monday to Friday

Look also HERE

The Immaculate Conception Church

(Spanish: Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Inmaculada Concepción de María) is a Baroque church located in Poblacion, Upper Jasaan in Misamis Oriental. It was declared by the National Museum as a National Cultural Treasure in Northern Mindanao due to its artistic design and cultural values.

Look also the Video

National Shrine Sacred Heart


Look also HERE

National Shrine of the Sacred Heart - Makati - Mobile applications (App)
HeartShrine is the Philippines’ first-ever parish mobile application, pioneered and created by the National Shrine of the Sacred Heart - Makati.
The mobile app is designed to give public access to parish and Catholic Church-related information, services, events and religious readings through smartphones and digital devices. This will enable convenience to relevant broadcast and promote interactivity among parishioners and other Sacred Heart devotees around the world.
More than the app’s functionality, it is also an efficient tool to strengthen the devotion to the Sacred Heart, and encourage more people to the devotion.
Baguio Catholic Cathedral
dedicated to Our Lady of Atonement. During World War II it became an evacuation center and withstood the Japanese carpet bombing of the city in 1945, thereby saving thousands of lives.




By Leonardo Y. Medroso, D.D.

The Bells of Balangiga: Resonances of the Anti-Imperialist Armed Resistance
July 3, 2012 by saludabenedicto in Philippine Society and Revolution

Look also HERE, the Videos and

Return Balangiga bells, Trump told ahead of PH trip
by Paterno Esmaquel II November 09, 2017 - with Video
US President Donald Trump should order the return of the historic Balangiga bells to the Philippines as he visits Manila from November 12 to 14, a former Philippine top diplomat said.
"I personally believe that President Trump should, once and for all, return the Balangiga bells," former Philippine foreign secretary Roberto Romulo told on Wednesday.

US pledges to return Balangiga church bells
September 05, 2017
The United States ambassador to the Philippines has pledged that Washington will return three church bells seized by American forces as war spoils more than a century ago.

Duterte to US: Return Balangiga bells
July 24, 2017 By Laureen Mondoñedo-Ynot
PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte called on the United States government on Monday, July 24, to return to the Filipino people the church bells that American soldiers took from Balangiga, Samar, in 1901. The bells were taken by the American soldiers as war trophy during the Balangiga massacre, where a number of Filipinos and Americans were killed.

U.S. vows to help resolve Balangiga bells issue
by Paterno Esmaquel II July 27, 2017 - with Video
UPDATED 'We will continue to work with our Filipino partners to find a resolution,' the US embassy in Manila says

The latest NEWS about the Balangiga Bells´ return

June 24, 2011 House to Obama: Return 3 Balangiga church bells and House Resolution 236


Forgotten Filipinos - The Filipino genocide
US to return century-old bell taken from La Union church
May 02, 2016

The return of the bell is facilitated by two US Navy veterans who are also working to return the Balangiga bell of Eastern Samar

Look also HERE and the Videos

‘Ang Kuwento ng Kampana,’ dokumentaryo ni Sandra Aguinaldo (full episode)
This video entitled ‘Ang Kuwento ng Kampana’ features ‘The Return of the San Pedro Church Bell in the Philippines’
Jun 6, 2016 - Aired: June 4, 2016
Samahan si Sandra Aguinaldo sa pagtuklas ng kuwento na kung papaanong ang isang kampana ay may malaking bahagi sa kasaysayan ng Pilipinas at ng Estados Unidos.

Historic San Pedro bell to be returned to PH

Festive return of the San Pedro Bell in La Union
Malapiyesta ang pagsalubong ng mga taga-Bauang, La Union sa ibinalik na San Pedro Bell matapos itong manatili nang mahigit isang siglo sa West Point's Most Holy Trinity Chapel sa New York.

St. Joseph Cathedral

Butuan City, Agusan Del Norte, Caraga

The First Easter Mass was held in 1521. A Mission was founded by the Jesuits in 1596. It was blessed as the First church built in Mindanao in 1597.
The present church was consecrated in 1954 and was elevated as a cathedral by Pope Paul VI in 1967. Patron: St. Joseph

Look also HERE and Roman Catholic Diocese of Butuan


Spanish Colonial Churches in the Philippines


Baroque Churches of the Philippines

These four churches, the first of which was built by the Spanish in the late 16th century, are located in Manila, Santa Maria, Paoay and Miag-ao. Their unique architectural style is a reinterpretation of European Baroque by Chinese and Philippine craftsmen.


The Pilgrimage Tour of Ilocos Sur

Hosted By Gov DV Savellano

Look more about the Ilocos Region HERE



Central Visayas Heritage Pilgrimage

For its pilot run last Heritage Month of May 2011, Filipino Heritage Festival, Inc., FHFI started with the 7-Days Central Visayas Heritage Pilgrimage covering the churches in Boljoon, Lapu lapu, Mandaue, Cebu Tri Cities, Dumaguete City, Bacong, Siquijor, Lazi, Larena (Bohol), Tagbilaran, Maribojoc, Loon, Loboc, and Baclayon. Msgr. Cris Garcia, SAP, HP is the pilgrimage Chaplain.


South Churches of Cebu - Tour with Balbino Guerrero

Business Administration Students from the University of Visayas, Cebu, and Australian documentary filmmaker Dunc Coleman, board a bus for a one day tour to the southern east coast of Cebu Island to visit five ancient catholic churches in their equally old and pastoral country towns.


The Old Churches of Bohol
Some mortuary chapels in Luzon and the Visayas
Famous Historic Shrines And Monuments in The Philippines

Music - Songs - Hymns - Organs - Choirs etc. for many occasions

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Songs - Hymns (general)

Wedding & Birthday Songs - Hymns etc.

Organs & Organ music

Choirs - Colleges - Etc.

Tributes to Santo Niño

Filipino songs and lyrics for Holidays Traditions - Culture & Rituals etc. in the family and the church

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Songs - Hymns general

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List of Roman Catholic Church musicians
Philippine Liturgical Music
Manuel P. Maramba, OSB

"Tell The World of His Love"

and the story behind the song

When Pope John Paul II came to the Philippines for the World Youth Day in 1995, he was welcomed by the Catholic faithful with a song called "Tell The World of His Love."

Jan 5, 2015

Remark this is an album in the album "Organs, Music & Choirs - For different occasions etc."

Look also this article "'Tell The World of His Love': Remember this song?" by/Marga Deona Jan 07, 2015


New English Entrance Song for Mass in the Philippines

Sing To The Lord

This new choral composition English Entrance Processional Song for the Mass in the Philippines entitled, "Sing To The Lord" based on Psalm 96 is an original music work of Filipino songwriter Lloyd Luna.

This is not to be sung fast but rather gracefully and moving while the priest and the entourage are on processional march. If you'd like to get the choral arrangement, please send Lloyd Luna a message and he will be happy to give it to you. May 2, 2014

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The Bukas Palad Music Ministry

Holy Week Music Special
For Holy Week 2017, Bukas Palad serenades us with songs for reflection and of praise

Filipino Mass songs Filipino Mass songs with chord symbols
Catholic Songbook

Liturgical Songs - Praise & Worship Songs - Complete with Lyrics and Chords

HYMNS - Mobile applications (App)

Christian hymns are often written with special or seasonal themes and these are used on holy days such as Christmas, Easter and the Feast of All Saints, or during particular seasons such as Advent and Lent. Others are used to instill reverence to the Holy Bible or to celebrate Christian practices such as the eucharist or baptism. Some hymns praise or address individual saints, particularly the Blessed Virgin Mary; such hymns are particularly prevalent in Catholicism.


Asin Ug Kahayag, Visayan Liturgical Song

A popular and meaningful Cebuano Bisaya Catholic liturgical song.

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Warrior is a Child in Filipino Sign Language

Famous prayer song "Warrior is a Child" sung by Gary Valenciano in Filipino Sign Language by Ervin Reyes of MCCID

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Music for the Catholic liturgy, music for the Christian heart

This website collects the Catholic Mass songs -- especially the weekly Responsorial Psalms -- plus all other reflection songs that I've written through the years. Feel free to use and copy all materials you find here. Glory to God!

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Songs, Choruses, and Hymns for Communion

collected by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson

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CanticaNOVA Publications - Traditional Music for the Contemporary Church
Top Catholic Songs

Download Songs. Discover Artists. Burn Your OWN CD.

Christian song lyrics
Catholic Funeral Hymns

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Libera Me

Funeral Hymn

This beautiful, solemn hymn is a part of the Requiem Mass prayer service, the Office of the dead.

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Look the full text for both versions in Latin and English HERE

Hi-Fi Hymn Book

provides FREE downloads of pipe organ recordings of Christian hymns and service music.

We hope you'll want to be a part of our ecumenical movement to make this music available to missionaries, smaller churches, military personnel in the field or just anyone who loves hymns by becoming a Hi-Fi Hymn Book supporter.

the catholic choirbook

with link to download to choirbook and songs and look video

Catholic Choirbook with notes
Choirbook 1 with notes

Look also Choirbook II with notes

Includes many works especially appropriate for Lenten

Choirbook III Cantate with notes

Catholic Choirbook IV Locus Iste with notes

The Catholic Choirbook V

Gratia Plena

The Catholic Choirbook Anthology 1

An Anthology of Hymns from The Catholic Hymnal

Eucharistic Hymns

Benediction Hymns

Hymns to Mary

Look another version of the same HERE

A Beginner's Guide To Singing Gregorian Chant Notation, Rhythm and Solfeggio

Look another version of the same HERE

If you can sing “Joy to the World”

you can learn to read and sing Gregorian Chant.

Written for people who do or do not read music.

by/Noel Jones, AAGO

Look as pdf HERE

Parish Book of English Hymns - CMAA
A Gregorian Chant
Coloring Book
A Gregorian Chant
Coloring Book
For Children & Adults (teacher)

Look for students HERE

Sheet Music, Chant Books, Hymns

to download

A great collection of  sacred catholic music - hymns - songs

Many kinds of hymns to all liturgy

Apostles Filipino Catholic Community Music Room
The Jesuit Music Ministry The Jesuit Music Ministry

New Sounds for the Present Generation

The Bukas Palad Music Ministry

(Filipino for Generous, literally translated as Open Palm in English)

is a Roman Catholic community of young people who compose, record, and perform original Filipino religious music.

Look also

Holy Week Music Special
For Holy Week 2017, Bukas Palad serenades us with songs for reflection and of praise

and HERE

Catholic Music Catholic Music
Ayyeng: Indigenous Music in the Liturgy

No mas amor que el tuyo

a Filipino song for the Sacred Heart of Jesus

both in Tagalog, English and Spanish

Look the texts HERE Look the chords HERE

Apostles Filipino Catholic Community Music Room



Hindi Kita Malilimutan - Song for the dead

Every year, Filipinos gather with their families to pay respect to their departed loved ones. As with the other stages of life, death is traditionally commemorated through customs and rituals that usually involve music. In recent times, popular love songs are being sung or played during funerals as people say goodbye to their departed. Perhaps the most popular is Hindi Kita Malilimutan popularized by Basil Valdez and composed by Manoling Francisco, SJ in 1979, with lyrics based on the Book of Isaiah from the Old Testament.

Remark this is an album in the album "Organs, Music & Choirs - For different occasions etc."

Look also HERE

Wedding & Birthday Songs - Hymns etc.

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Catholic wedding music and reading ideas
A helpful guide to selecting appropriate scripture readings and music for a Catholic wedding ceremony.

The Best Catholic Wedding Ceremony Songs

What are the best Catholic wedding ceremony songs?


The Prayer by Pauline Empeynado

Prayer during my debut

Remark this is an album in the album "Debut - Explanation & Examples"

Organs & Organ Music

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Organs & organ music

Remark these are albums in the album "Organs, Music & Choirs - For different occasions"


Manila Metropolitan Cathedral-Basilica organ

The recently restored 2006 Pels & Sons four-manual pipe organ of 104 ranks at the Manila Cathedral, Basilica Minor of the Immaculate Conception, Intramuros, Manila, Republic of the Philippines. This is the largest pipe organ in all of Southeast Asia.

Marcel Lanquetuit's 'Toccota en Re Majeur'

Remark this video is in an album in the album "Palm Sunday, Easter, "Holy Week", Ascension Day & Whitsun"


Historical Organs in the Philippines

To mark the launching of the four (4) CD Collection of the Historical Organs of the Philippines, Zuellig Building and the Embassy of Switzerland sponsored a concert featuring Guy Bovet, the leading authority in Spanish organ building. This was also made possible in cooperation with the Department of Tourism, UBS, and Diego Cera Organ Builders.

Cebu’s Pipe Organs Cebu’s Pipe Organs


Las Piñas Bamboo Organ

The National Museum of the Philippines declared the Las Pinas Bamboo Organ as The National Cultural Treasure being the finest and the only one in the 19th century that is still working in the Philippines

Read much more about it HERE and HERE

Look also the Videos

Remark this is an album in the album "Organs, Music & Choirs - For different occasions"
The Las Piñas Bamboo Organ
Las Piñas Bamboo Organ Festival

look this full article about the Bamboo Organ Festival
PAKINGGAN: 200-taong Bamboo Organ
Feb 19, 2016
Las Piñas Bamboo Organ replica

Las Piñas Bamboo Organ in all Its Majesty!

By Tess Maquera

Choirs - Colleges - Etc.

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PH choirs dominate int'l competitions in Europe, Japan
July 29, 2017

Philippine church-based choirs Imusicapella and Kammerchor Manila win top prizes in international choral competitions


MAKE A STAND - Archdiocese of Cebu

The official theme song and dance animation of the CBCP Year of the Youth 2011

Remark this is an album in the album "Organs, Music & Choirs - For different occasions etc."

College of Music

The Universidad de Sta. Isabel, USI

a private Catholic Vincentian university owned and run by the Daughters of Charity in Naga City

look also HERE

Cecilia Choir of Toledo City, Cebu St. John Sahagun Parish

on Facebook

St Cecilia Choir is an Religious Organization it´s composed of different member students and professionals.

Look also the choir on Twitter HERE


St. Cecilia Choir of Toledo City, Cebu St. John Sahagun Parish

Remark this is an album in the album "Organs, Music & Choirs - For different occasions etc."

Look also the video:

Gozos ni Sr. San Juan Sahagun

by the St. Cecilia Choir Toledo City Cebu

Remark this is an album in the album "Patrons & Patronesses - Etc."

Look the full description of the video of Gozos ni Sr. San Juan Sahagun and the life of Sr. San Juan Sahagun HERE

The Bukas Palad Music Ministry

(Filipino for Generous, literally translated as Open Palm in English)

is a Roman Catholic community of young people who compose, record, and perform original Filipino religious music.

Look also the Video:

Holy Week Music Special
For Holy Week 2017, Bukas Palad serenades us with songs for reflection and of praise

and HERE

Apparitions - Miracles - Pilgrimage sites etc.

Remark most of the videos in this section are albums in the album "Apparitions - Miracles - Pilgrimage sites - Etc."

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The Miracle at Lipa Carmel - 1948 Marian Apparition

Our Lady of Mediatrix of All Graces (Tagalog: Aming Inang Tagapamagitan ng lahat ng Biyaya) is an alleged Marian apparition that took place in the Carmelite Monastery of Batangas, Philippines, to a religious postulant, Teresita Castillo. The apparition is known in the Philippines for the rose petals which showered within the vicinity of the monastery, some bearing religious Catholic imagery which believers hold to be miraculous.

Initially declared by a local bishop as non-supernatural in 1951, the case was reopened in 1991 and is pending investigation by the Holy See while the Metropolitan Archbishop Ramon Arguelles of Archdiocese of Lipa find "no objection in the veneration of Mary and its doctrine" under this title. Presently, the Marian veneration is tolerated and endorsed by the Archdiocese of Lipa and the Archdiocese of Manila.

On March 3, 2011, Pope Benedict XVI was presented a Mediatrix statue by Bishop Guillermo Afable during the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines Ad Limina visit, to which the pontiff was photographed and exclaimed ''La Madonna!" in a surprised happy gesture. On March 9, 2011, a life-sized Mediatrix statue brought by Filipino bishops was publicly displayed in the general Wednesday papal audience at Pope Paul VI Audience Hall.

The religious image described and sculpted according to the vision of Teresita Castillo is licensed and approved by the Archdiocese of Manila for public veneration in various Filipino religious communities. Philippine Ambassador to the Holy See, Madam Mercedes Arrastia Tuason is a known devotee of the Marian title and displays a large statue in her consulate office in Rome.

Read more HERE and look the video "Carmelite Monastery, Lipa City - Our Lady, Mary Mediatrix of All Grace" HERE 


Apparition of St. Joseph in the Philippines
Uploaded on Mar 24, 2009
The Miraculous lifesize statue of St. Joseph heals the sick filipino people with cancer, leukemia and other form of diseases. St. Joseph apparition in the Philippines happened in March 22, 1975 at the rooftop of Dr. Albert Elementary School in Dapitan, Manila, Philippines to Blessed Master John now 59 years old. The Glorious Apparition day was celebrated last March 22, 2009 attended by devotees of St. Joseph Mission.

Look also

The statue of St. Joseph sleeping that Pope Francis keeps in his room


Virgin’s Well: Faith and healing in Manaoag, Pangasinan

The season of Lent is a time for healing, both physically and spiritually. In Manaoag, Pangasinan, the healers and the sick come together for the miraculous water of the Virgin’s Well.

Apr 2, 2015


Dancing Sun Miracle - Divine Mercy Hills
Oct 10, 2013
Over 10,000 devotees witnessed the inexplicable solar phenomenon — truly, a Divine, and Supernatural Manifestation that occurred in El Salvador city, during Feast Day of the Divine Mercy (Mercy Sunday).
Look the FULL description of the video HERE

Mt. Banahaw:

Pilgrim Site Every Holy Week


Sta. Lucia Falls - The Healing Waters of Mt. Banahaw
Devotees visits Mount Banahaw
Mt. Banahaw's Suprema De La Ciudad Mystica De Dios
Thousands set on pilgrimage to 'New Jerusalem', Mt. Banahaw
Jul 21, 2015
As the Philippines observe Holy Week, thousands of Catholics set out on a pilgrimage to a volcano in an area they call the 'New Jerusalem'.

Mt. Banahaw is a famous traditional pilgrimage site for the locals and native tourists especially during the Holy Week, when psychic energy is said to be dominating the area. It is also the said place where faith and spiritual healers get their mystic powers during the divine intervention on Holy Week.

Mount Banahaw is one of the active volcanos in the Philippines. The mountain and its environs are considered sacred by the local residents because of its "holy water", which allegedly have beneficial qualities, issuing forth from local springs and its "puwestos, or the "holy sites". Their location having been revealed to a man in the Spanish Era by the "Santo Boses" or the "Holy Voice".
Look more about Mt. Banahaw HERE and HERE

Look also HERE and look The Altar of Mt. Banahaw and more about the Mystic Mountain


The Inner Secrets Of Banahaw by Tingting Cojuangco


The Case of the Ciudad Mistica de Dios by/Floro C. Quibuyen

and Mount Banahaw : The Power Mountain - From Ritualism to Spirituality
by/Vitaliano R. Gorospe, S.J.


Water is flowing again within Mount Banahaw, noted someone who intends to visit the "Holy Mountain" on Holy Week.

Mt. Banahaw: The Mystic Mountain and Pilgrim Site Every Holy Week

Mt. Banahaw is a famous traditional pilgrimage site for the locals and native tourists especially during the Holy Week, when psychic energy is said to be dominating the area. It is also the said place where faith and spiritual healers get their mystic powers during the divine intervention on Holy Week.

Look the article as pdf HERE

Archbishop Camomot's Pilgrimage
and remains are enshrined within the compound of Congregation of the Daughters of St Teresa de Avila Chapel in Villadolid, Carcar.

Look MUCH more and videos HERE

These 7 beautiful pilgrimage sites are just a few hours from Metro Manila
by/Rhea Claire Madarang Mar 29, 2015

Whether you'd like to pray, reflect, or just take in the beauty of the surroundings, these locations may be for you.

There may be times when you want to commune with God not just inside a church, but outside, in the beauty of nature.

Look also
Visit these 12 pilgrimage sites close to Metro Manila
by Jillian Cariola Published: March 17 2016
During your pilgrimage don’t forget to include these sites to your spiritual journey.

6 Pilgrim Sites in Mindanao You Should Visit
by Ida Damo Mar 22, 2016

Trash dumping in pilgrimage sites 'inexcusable'
April 16, 2017

EcoWaste Coalition posts photos of mounds of trash in popular Lenten pilgrimage sites


IMPORTANT look also The Pope's statements on family - etc.

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Look MUCH more about Courtship, Wedding, Marriage Culture and Traditions

Filipino Courtship - Filipino Wedding - Filipino Marriage

Wedding Culture - Marriage in the Philippines and - or to a Filipino - Filipina
Culture, Paperwork, Rules, Guidelines, Requirements
Catholic Church - Wedding Guidelines, Requirements
Civil registration - Wedding Guidelines, Requirements
Marriage - Wedding Guidelines, Requirements - other religions,  Ethnic groups
Thoughts on Marriages between Muslims and non-Muslims
Dating and “Live-in” relationship

Many good advices

Read also Child Spouses - Early Marriage

Your Wedding

In the Catholic Church

Look also HERE


Traditional Catholic wedding ceremony and wedding liturgy

by Rev. Fr. Patrick Joseph Martin at the Redemptorist Church in Cebu.

Wedding of Wendell Auman and Ivy Doncillo on June 19, 2008 at Redemptorist Church. Traditional Filipino Catholic Wedding or nuptial rites: Scrutiny of the bride and Groom, I Do, Wedding Vows, Confirmation of the marriage Bond, Blessing of the Wedding rings, coins and Bible


Uploaded on Mar 16, 2010 Prenuptial Flashback  and Wedding Video Tease.


Remark this is an album in the sub-album "Romance, Dating, Courtship, Wedding, Anti Mail-Order Bride Law, Etc."

Look much more about this wedding as pdf HERE

Cebu Archdiocese’s new guidelines for church weddings

To stop wedding planners’ extras, Catholic Church in Cebu lays guidelines for weddings

Ritual of Marriage
Filipino Catholic Wedding Ceremony Filipino Catholic Wedding Ceremony

Ceremony is 40 minutes long as presented here.

Marriage Cultural Adaptations Archdiocese of Santa Fe

Rite of Marriage Cultural Adaptations

Blessing of Arrhae (Arras)
Marriage Convalidation Marriage Convalidation Ceremony in the Catholic Church

Divorce - Remarriage

IMPORTANT look also The Pope's statements on family - etc. and

MUCH more about Divorce - annulment of marriage

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Marriage, Annulment & Divorce in the Catholic Church

Remark this is an album in the album "Romance, Dating, Courtship, Wedding, Anti Mail-Order Bride Law, Etc."

Important to read for a divorced who want to be remarried:

Religion and divorce

e.g. No Catholic Church will remarry divorced persons, unless they previously have their marriage annulled, which is only possible in some circumstances.

How to Become a Roman Catholic Convert

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How to Become a Roman Catholic Convert
The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, RCIA

The purpose of this site is to fill a gap.  There is a lot of information about the RCIA on the web. 

However, here are free teaching material gathered in one place that is appropriate for each of the periods of the process.

I am proud to be associated with the very comprehensive Wikipedia article on the RCIA, much of which I have written and formatted.  I have used the content of this article to explain the Periods & Steps involved in the RCIA Process. I hope you find this site of some use. God Bless, Chris Sloan
The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

Look the article HERE

Catholic Converts
Association of Pastors Converted to the Catholic Church of the Phil.

This organization is the organization of Pastors converted and became committed to serve the mother church, the Roman Catholic Church

Study theology - liturgy, etc.

Look also Catholic - Ect.: universities & institutes, etc.

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Maryhill School of Theology
A Catholic theological institute of the Congregation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, CICM in Quezon City

Look also HERE

Barrio San Jose, Malaybalay City,

In January 1990 the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines approved the establishment of the Institute. In March 1991 the Institute received recognition from the Pontifical Liturgical Institute of San’t Anselmo in Rome

Loyola School of Theology, LST
an Institute for theological and pastoral education conducted by the Philippine Province of the Society of Jesus. The School is open to any qualified student, lay, religious, or clerical desirous of pursuing theological studies at the graduate level. LST's programs are also designed to provide the theological preparation for those intending to serve as priests of the Catholic Church.

Catholic Faith Education Catholic Faith Education
Episcopal Commission on Catechesis and Catholic Education
Biblical Seminary of the Philippines
Asia Pacific Theological Seminary is a cooperative ministry of the Assemblies of God national churches of Asia, Pacific Oceania, and the Assemblies of God World Missions-USA
The State of Theological Education
by/Melanio L. Aoanan

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Blasphemy law

a law limiting the freedom of speech and expression relating to blasphemy, or irreverence toward holy personages, religious artifacts, customs, or beliefs. Blasphemy laws are sometimes used to protect the religious beliefs of a majority, while in other cases, they serve to offer protection of the religious beliefs of minorities

Look also Blasphemy law, Philippines

Links - informations - Good to know for the daily life

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Religion and our state
by Fr. Ranhilio Callangan Aquino August 04, 2017

When 'secular state' becomes the reason that religion can no longer publicly manifest itself, that is most assuredly a threat to liberty

The National Council of Churches in the Philippines (NCCP)
a fellowship of ten mainline Protestant and non Roman Catholic Churches in the Philippines denominations, and ten service-oriented organizations in the Philippines
Festivals - Fiestas Many of these "Festivals - Fiestas - Events" are catholic festivals e.g. Sinulog

Sex and Religion in Manila

Take A Look. This video shows how hard the life of these peoples are in the Philippines! Uploaded on Nov 27, 2011

Remark this is an album in the album "Poverty - etc." thinks: not much have changed here in 2015


The moment has come for the laity to put forward a unified response to the need to preserve Catholic values.

YMCA Manila

Young Men's Christian Association ("YMCA" or "the Y")

Look also HERE

YWCA Philippines

Young Women’s Christian Association

Holy Family Monastery

Many good link and informations

Catholic Information Service
Teachings and Beliefs of the Catholic Church
Department of Tourism - DOT promotes pilgrimage tourism through liturgical music

By Lynda B. Valencia

MEFP, Marriage Encounter Foundation of the Philippines

the umbrella organization of about 100 parish based and trans-parochial marriage encounter communities.

It is an accredited National Lay Organization of the Council of the Laity of the Philippines

Remark the link in the facebook to their website is dead


Catholic Church, Iglesia Católica

look also HERE

Society of Saint Pius X - District of Asia SSPX

Philippine - Filipinas

Catholic Youth Organization in the Philippines

Look also HERE


Through the supervision of Masbate Bishop Joel Baylon, chairman of the CBCP Episcopal Commission on Youth, ECY, and Msgr. Pedro Quitorio III, director of the CBCP Office on Mass Media, a group of youth ministers, missionaries and coordinators was organized to work in the setting up of a website that will serve as a rich information portal of the events, updates and activities in within the youth apostolate. - The group has come to be called YouthPinoy

Filipino Chinese Catholic Youth Adults, FCCYA - Manila

Look also the Video

Remark this is an album in the album "Catholic Organizations and Communities"

Pondo ng Pinoy small things, given with great love and concern for others, can change the world for the better, specially the poor...

Look also HERE

Catholic Orphanages Catholic Children´s Shelter - Institutions - Orphanages and Asylums

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Basilica Shop del Sto. Niño

If you know an e-mail address or link, please SEND a MAIL, so many ask for such ones

Malteser International

The Order of Malta’s International Relief Corps

Look also HERE

Manila St. Andrew's Society

St. Andrew is e.g. the patron saint of Manila and many more parish  cities in the Philippines

Auxiliary - Associate Missionaries of the Assumption (AMA) - Philippines
Defensores Fidei Foundation DFF

a Roman Catholic non-stock, non-profit, lay foundation comprised of 10 businessmen and professionals, devoted to explaining and defending Catholic doctrine.

OTWOMD - Bluepanjeet.Net - On The Wings Of My Dream
+ CATHOLIC ANSWER + Many good link
The Miraculous Medal

also known as the Medal of the Immaculate Conception, is a medal originated by Saint Catherine Labouré following her reported vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Jesuit Communications Foundation
The Alliance of Filipino Catholic Charismatic Prayer Communities (AFCCPC) is an umbrella and networking organization of Catholic prayer groups or communities, with Filipino membership, in the USA and Canada.
Traditional Roman Catholic in the Philippines Mabuhay! Welcome to this blog dedicated in spreading news regarding related happening concerning the restoration and promotion of orthodox and traditional Roman Catholic customs, traditions, practices, music, sacred art and liturgy in the Philippine setting.
What's the difference between Christian catholic and Roman catholic religion?


East Asian Pastoral Institute, Philippines

A multicultural Catholic community


by/ Jose Mario C. Francisco, S.J., current EAPI director

read as pdf HERE

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